Indian CC Vienna 106/8 (10 ov)
Vienna Danube 103/4 (10 ov)
Indian CC Vienna won by 3 runs.
Player of the match: Mehar Cheema
What a terrific game and what a finish in the end! Indian Vienna CC winning the game by a margin of three runs in the end, defending the target that looked like ti would be chased down until those last few deliveries from Daud Zardan. Vienna Danube got off to a terrific start in the powerplay, racing along courtesy the start by Kailash, scoring 43 off just 19, almost batting till the end to see his side home, could not finish it for them unfortunately. Vital contributions from Aziz and Omari as well and they will not be able to believe how they lost this game! 

Wickets for almost all the bowlers in a combined effort from Indian CC Vienna. They needed wickets after that start that Vienna Danube got and they did get them at the right times to claw their way back in the game. Two wins out of three games for them now riding high on confidence going ahead and to wrap up close games like these only make it better for any side. 

High drama as this game went down the wire, with the total eventually being defended. More action from the day coming your way with the games lined up. Stay tuned to catch in all the action. This is Rishab and my colleague Navjeevan taking your leave for the moment!
What a dramatic end to this chase! Oh dear! It looked like this game was going Vienna Danube's way but Daud Zadran doing the job for Indian CC Vienna in the end to defend the total and what a victory for them this is! Two wins out of three games for them now.
Over: 10 | Summary: 1 6 2 1 W 0 Bowler: Daud Zadran Score: 103/4
9.6 Daud Zadran to Obaidullah Omari, bowled on the full, Omari swivels and looking heave that one over the on-side boundary, swings hard and misses the ball, it's a dot ball.

Indian CC Vienna come out victorious in the end!
9.5 Daud Zadran to Klair Kailash, OUT CAUGHT!! Full and on the stumps, Klair looking to slog this one down the is too early into the shot and slices it high, Daud makes a run for it and takes the catch of his own bowling. 4 needed of the final ball, can Omari facing the final ball find another boundary?
9.4 Daud Zadran to Obaidullah Omari, full and outside off, Omari pushes that one straight mid-off and dashes for a single. 4 runs needed in 2 balls now
9.3 Daud Zadran to Obaidullah Omari, full and outside off, Omari works this one towards on-side and sprints back for a second. Down to 5 runs needed in 3 balls now
9.2 Daud Zadran to Obaidullah Omari, BANG SIX RUNS!! Back of a length on the body, a half-tracker really and Omari just muscles that one into the boundary ropes for a maximum. 7 runs needed in 4 balls now
9.1 Daud Zadran to Klair Kailash, DROPPED!! Full and whacked down the ground, the wind play its part as the long-off fielder comes in but not able to hold on to that one
This game right in the balance as Vienna Danube manage to get in a good over here. This could go anywhere from here and it's about who will hold their nerves in the final over!
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 6 1 0 6 0 Bowler: Kunal Joshi Score: 93/3
8.6 Kunal Joshi to Obaidullah Omari, back of a length once again, Omari looking to play the same shot misses out this time
8.5 Kunal Joshi to Obaidullah Omari, SIX MORE!! Back of a length outside off, Omari fetches for that one and hits it flat batted over long-on and keeps this contest alive
8.4 Kunal Joshi to Obaidullah Omari, full and outside off, Omair gives it a heave and misses it
8.3 Kunal Joshi to Klair Kailash, full and outside off, Klair works that one towards square leg and takes off for a single
8.2 Kunal Joshi to Klair Kailash, SIX!! Full and outside off, Klair gets under the ball, keeps his balance, and sends the ball sailing over extra cover boundary
8.1 Kunal Joshi to Obaidullah Omari, full and on the off stump, Omari clears his front leg and slogs this one straight back to the bowler who gets a hand to that one but is unable to catch it
Now this is some brilliant hitting, just what Vienna Danube needed and this could very well be the game changing over for them. Keeping themselves in this chase and this could go down the wire as well. 28 off the final two overs needed! 
Over: 8 | Summary: 1 1 6 1w W 6 1 Bowler: Wasif Saluja Score: 79/3
7.6 Wasif Saluja to Obaidullah Omari, tossed on the full and picked towards mid-wicket for a single and will keep the strike
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