Vinohrady CC 101/7 (10 ov)
Prague CC Kings 103/2 (8.3 ov)
Prague CC Kings won by 8 wickets
Prague CC won by 6 wickets to lift the ECS T10 Prague 2020 trophy!

Vinohrady CC scored 101 runs in their allotted 10 overs. Ritik Tomar led their batting attack and notched up a half-century for his batting side without further support from the other batsmen. He single-handedly tried to guide his team past the line but his contribution didn't see enough. PCC's bowlers were too good today as they held the opponent to a below-par score and kept on adding pressure over their players. Keyur Mehta and Sameera Maduranga scalped two wickets each during the first innings and finished with figures 2/11 and 2/13 respectively.

In response, Prague CC's top 3 batsmen contributed a handful of runs for the side to guide them past the line with 9 balls to spare. Hilal Ahmad contributed 20 runs for his side while Sharan Ramakrishnan Sundareswaran scored 29 runs along with a wicket he picked during the first essay. The notable key performer of the day was Sudesh Wickramasekara. He played a brilliant knock of 33 runs from just 16 balls and remained unbeaten too.

That brings us to the end of this mouth-watering clash of ECS T10 Prague 2020. Unit next time, this is Farzan along with Gaurav singing off. Bye!
8.3 A. Yousafzai to A. Parmar, SIX and that's the game! The bowler keeps it straight and Parmar gets on top of it and smashes it over the mid-wicket region for a huge one to close out the chase!

Prague CC beat Vinohdrady CC by 8 wickets
8.2 A. Yousafzai to A. Parmar, dot ball to follow that up as Parmar misses the line 
8.1 A. Yousafzai to A. Parmar, outside off as Parmar drives it past the point fielder, who fumbles allowing the batsmen to steal two runs.
8.1 A. Yousafzai to A. Parmar, WIDE! A poor time to bowl a wide as the bowler strays down the leg side!
Sharan Ramakrishnan's brilliant knock comes to an end! PCC 94/2 after 8 overs. It's just a matter of a few balls now as Prague CC requires EIGHT runs.
7.6 R. Tomar to A. Parmar, pitched full as the batsman drives it to the mid wicket region for a single to end the over.
7.5 R. Tomar to S. Ramakrishnan,WICKET! Slow and full this time as the batsman misses the line in his attempt to flick it towards the leg side and the umpire's finger goes up. Too little too late for the bowling side!
7.4 R. Tomar to S. Ramakrishnan, FOUR! on the pads by Tomar as the batsman flicks it towards the mid wicket region for a boundary!
7.3 R. Tomar to S. Wickramasekara, slower one and full, the batsman digs it out from the blockhole towards mid off for a single.
7.2 R. Tomar to S. Wickramasekara, outside off and the batsman swings but misses this one. Dot ball for Tomar!
7.1 R. Tomar to S. Wickramasekara, SIX! A big one to start off the over as the ball was directed at the pads and the batsman uses the pace well to loft it over to the fine leg region! 
Excellent start to the over! The batting side get 15 runs off it with the game slipping away from VCC's hands. PCC 82/1 after 7 overs. 
6.6 S. Rakshit to S. Ramakrishnan, short and outside off as the batsman reads it well and smashes it to long on for a boundary beating the fielder with ease.

Prague CC need 20 runs in three overs!
6.5 S. Rakshit to S. Ramakrishnan, outside off and short as he gets the inside edge back to the bowler
6.4 S. Rakshit to S. Ramakrishnan, a bit short and outside off as the batman tries to cut it but finds the fielder
6.3 S. Rakshit to S. Wickramasekara, pitched short and outside off as the batsman scamper for a quick single to mid off.
6.2 S. Rakshit to S. Wickramasekara, FOUR! The bowler keeps it on the pads as the batsman smashes it towards the fine leg for a boundary! Two big shots to start the over!
6.1 S. Rakshit to S. Wickramasekara, SIX! Pitched full and in the slot as the big man heaves it over the cow corner for a maximum!
Six singles from six balls this over! PCC 67/1 after 6 overs. They require 25 runs in 24 balls. It can be anyone's game from here!
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