Prague Spartans Vanguards 57/10 (9.1 ov)
Vinohrady CC 59/1 (5.2 ov)
Vinohrady Rossos won by 9 wickets
That brings an end to our coverage of this exciting ECS contest. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for live commentaries as well as the latest news. This is me, Avik Bose and my colleague, Pradeep Somashekar, signing off.
Winning the toss and electing to BAT first, PRS never really got going. Losing 3 quick wickets, PRS were reduced to 21/3 after the first 3 overs. They kept losing wickets at regular intervals and no partnership got going. The batsman seemed to lack intent and got no rhythm as such. Opener Satyajit top-scored with 18 from 11 balls and Arman Bhuiyan contributed 14 off 10 balls. Others did not bother the scorers much. Bowlers from VCC, were exceptional from ball 1. Bowled with a plan and executed it to perfection. Skipper Goud showed the way, taking 3 wickets for 12 runs and Ritik Tomar and Hassan took 2 wickets each. They dominated the proceedings and bundled out PRS for 57 from 9.1 overs.
Chasing a target of 58 from 60 balls, VCC started cautiously. Opener Pearce departed for 6 with VCC on 21/1 after 3 overs. Skipper Goud held one end while Ritik Tomar dictated the proceedings. Smacked it all around the park and made a mockery of the chase. Ritik Tomar remained unbeaten on 39 off 17 balls while Goud managed 10 off 8 balls. For PRS Neeraj Tyagi took 1 wicket while for others, it was indeed a pretty low target to fight with. VCC quite easily reached 59/1 in 5.2 overs and completed a dominating display.

VCC win by 9 wickets and record their 1st win in the tournament.   
VCC 59/1 from 5.2 overs
Finishing the game in style by hitting a maximum,
VCC win comfortably by 9 wickets
5.2 Javed Iqbal to Ritik Tomar, SIX! GAME OVER! Ritik finishes this match in a canter. It was touch short and CLUBBED this one over deep square leg region for a maximum! Vinohrady CC outplayed completely the Spartans in this time and have won this comprehensively!
5.1 Javed Iqbal to Siddarth Goud, back of a length, Siddarth on the front foot chips it away towards deep backward point region, single taken
Halfway down the innings
VCC 52/1 after 5 overs
6 runs needed from 30 balls. It's just a matter of time before VCC clinch the win!
4.6 Karthik Ekambaram to Ritik Tomar, back of a length, shaped in a bit and Ritik once again for the big hoick and misses it
4.6 Karthik Ekambaram to Ritik Tomar, NO BALL! Full toss, above waist high, Umpire calls that a no ball! FREE HIT COMING UP!
4.5 Karthik Ekambaram to Ritik Tomar, FOUR! Full delivery, slower one, Ritik tries the paddle sweep this time and once again gets good bat on that and scoops this one over the keepers head and that runs away to the fine leg boundary, FOUR MORE!
Fortune favours the brave. It's all going in favour of VCC.
4.4 Karthik Ekambaram to Ritik Tomar, on the good length, Ritik goes for the big hoick and misses it completely
4.3 Karthik Ekambaram to Ritik Tomar, SIX! Short, angling into Ritik as he just helped it along the long leg boundary and he pulls this one all the way for a maximum! He's not wasting any time here. Too short and too slow, got the treatment it deserved,. Another maximum!
4.2 Karthik Ekambaram to Ritik Tomar, full delivery, Ritik just dabs it back to the bowler, Karthik falls off on his follow up
4.1 Karthik Ekambaram to Siddarth Goud, Full toss, Siddarth punched it down the ground to long for a single
At the end of the 4th over
VCC 40/1
Ritik Tomar just took charge in his own hands and smacked it all over the park. He has just dashed on 23 runs from 10 balls. What a gallant display! 
18 runs needed from 36 balls
3.6 Arman Bhuiyan to Ritik Tomar, FOUR! Poor bowling, it was short and was a slower ball as well, Ritik adjusts to it and plays another paddle sweep and that runs away for another boundary, there was no one there! Terrible bowling and the batsman is making full use of it, making a mockery of the chase.
3.5 Arman Bhuiyan to Ritik Tomar, touch full and it was wide outside off, Ritik managed to drill it straight to the mid off fielder, but they don't take a single
3.4 Arman Bhuiyan to Ritik Tomar, FOUR! Full toss on to his pads, all Ritik had to do was just flick it on the on side and he did exactly that, races away to the long leg boundary, Vinohrady are coasting here!
3.3 Arman Bhuiyan to Ritik Tomar, SIX! Full and was in the slot, Ritik gets into position and SMOKED this one over the deep square fielder's head and goes all the way for a maximum, brilliant hit! Ritik Tomar is taking no prisoners! What a hit.
3.2 Arman Bhuiyan to Ritik Tomar, FOUR! Touch short and Ritik turns down that one fine towards fine leg and there's no one there to stop it, another boundary. Ritik Tomar looks in a hurry to finish the chase!
3.1 Arman Bhuiyan to Siddarth Goud, touch full, angling into Siddarth, flicks this one nicely towards mid wicket and they scamper for a quick sisngle
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