Vinohrady CC 67/7 (10 ov)
Prague Spartans Vanguards won by 5 runs.
After 4 matches today and with PSV's 2 victories in 2 days, the ECN Czaech T10 has got off to an entertaining start. But for today, I, Sarthak Karkhanis and my colleague, Habil Ahmed sign off. Adios!
Tomar played a spectacular knock and single handedly gave VIR a chance of winning this one. With 4 overs to go, one would have totally anticipated PSV to finish this off before the last ball but the 30 off 20 balls by Tomar meant that the match result wasnt decided until the final delivery. Captain Neeraj Tyagi bowled an economical spell giving away only 4 runs and taking 2 crucial wickets at the start of the innings and laid the foundation of victory of the Spartans. The Vanguards now are the only unbeaten side of the tournament.
9.6 F Shaik to R Tomar, full toss outside off and the batsman is unable to get enough on it. Hits that in the air towards deep cover but they only get one run. That's the end of the game!
9.5 F Shaik to V Margasahayem, tries the ramp shot and he didn't play that well at all. The man at short third man takes that easily.
9.4 F Shaik to V Margasahayem, swing and a miss!
9.3 F Shaik to R Tomar, swing and a miss and the batsman run a bye
9.2 F Shaik to R Tomar, hit that on the offside and they get two out in the deep.
9.1 F Shaik to V Margasahayem, hit back to the bowler but some lazy bit of fielding sees the batsmen cross over for a run
We are inching towards a nail-biting finish with 11 runs needed off the final over. An edge of the seat encounter this has turned out to be.
8.6 K Venkataswamy to R Tomar, batsman has smashed that over the deep midwicket region and into the trees behind the boundary there for a HUGE SIX!
8.5 K Venkataswamy to V Margasahayem, chipped over the infield to deep cover for one
8.4 K Venkataswamy to P Taylor, bowled on the leg stump but he plays that straight back to the bowler for an easy catch in the end
8.3 K Venkataswamy to R Tomar, comes down the pitch and plays that towards midwicket for a single
8.2 K Venkataswamy to R Tomar, bowled at a good length and he smashes that over the infield for four through the square leg boundary
8.1 K Venkataswamy to K Gilham, fuller and it is hit up in the air and into the hands of the man at long off. Out!
VIR are 50/4 after 8 overs. 23 needed off 12 balls. Can they achieve what seemed it impossible few overs ago?
7.6 V Jagannivasan to K Gilham, played down to the man at mid off for a single to end the over
7.5 V Jagannivasan to R Tomar, played and missed by the batsman
7.5 V Jagannivasan to R Tomar, wide down the leg side
7.4 V Jagannivasan to R Tomar, full toss and it is played down to deep midwicket for one again
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