Southern Districts CC 91/9 (20 ov)
Waratah Cricket Club 92/7 (17.1 ov)
Waratah Cricket Club won by 3 wickets
Well, that brings us to the end of the coverage of the Darwin T20 league. Hope you enjoyed the coverage brought to you by my colleague Habil Ahmed and I, Kartik Iyer.
Do join us for the live coverage of the Finnish T20 league later in the day.
Waratah Cricket Club are the champions of the inaugural CDU Top End T20
In a low-scoring final, WCC just managed to scrape through in the end by 3 wickets courtesy a captain's knock from Isaac Conway (42*). He held the innings together as wickets were falling at the other end. The Southern Districts CC bowlers made it hard for WCC to chase a below-par score. Matt Hammond (4 wickets) and Dean Fry (2 wickets) were the pick of their bowlers, but in the end Conway had the last laugh.
17.1 M Ninneman to I Conway, hits it through the onside for two runs and that's the end of the match and the end of the CDU Top End T20 here. Waratah Cricket Club are the champions, and deservedly so! Captain's knock by Conway.
WCC are 90/7 after 17 overs. 2 more required from 18 deliveries. Looks like they have one hand on the trophy.
16.6 T Pemble to I Conway, he plays it down to mid on for an easy single.
16.6 T Pemble to I Conway, slower ball but way too far outside off for a wide.
16.5 T Pemble to I Conway, attempts to cut it and the bowler's appeal for caught behind is turned down.
16.4 T Pemble to I Conway, played straight back to the bowler. Dot ball.
16.4 T Pemble to I Conway, down the leg side and that's called wide and they run two as well. Only 4 more required.
16.3 T Pemble to I Conway, outside off and he nods that through slips for four. That is an exceptional shot under the circumstances.
16.2 T Pemble to M Weerasinghe, plays it into the leg side for a single. One run.
16.1 T Pemble to I Conway, short and outside off and he cuts it to deep extra cover for a single.
WCC are 79/7 after 16 overs. 13 more required from 24 deliveries. Fry - 2/12 from 4 overs. Is it all down to Conway now?
15.6 D Fry to M Weerasinghe, blocks it to the man at offside and Conway is sent back by his partner after he came halfway down the pitch.
15.5 D Fry to M Weerasinghe, goes down the track and tries to heave but only gets it to the man at mid on. No run.
15.4 D Fry to M Weerasinghe, it's blocked to the man at cover.
15.3 D Fry to S Madushan, flatter and the ball has gone through Madushan's defence. BOWLED! This is getting very interesting. This is turning out to be a cliff-hanger.
15.2 D Fry to S Madushan, pushed straight to the fielder.
15.1 D Fry to I Conway, full and outside off and it's driven through the covers for a single.
WCC are 78/6 after 15 overs. 14 more required from 30 deliveries. They should make it easily if they don't lose wickets.
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