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Watan Zalmi CC 71/5 (10 ov)
Kristianstad CC 51/7 (10 ov)
Watan Zalmi CC won by 20 runs.
0.4 Umesh Yadav to Rishabh Pant, sprayed down the leg side
0.3 Umesh Yadav to Rishabh Pant, full length ball clipped to deep mid-wicket
0.2 Umesh Yadav to Rishabh Pant, length ball guided to Moeen Ali at point
0.1 Umesh Yadav to Shreyas Iyer, full ball outside off, knocked down to long on
That's all my colleague Abhinav Singh and I, Kartik Iyer have for you from this match. Do stay tuned to Sportskeeda as we bring you the live updates from the next match between Watan Zalmi CC and Linkoping CC starting in less than 15 minutes from now.
Comprehensive win for Watan Zalmi CC
KSS finished at 51/7 in their allotted 10 overs to lose by 20 runs.
They never seemed to be in the chase, losing wickets regularly with the required run rate mounting all along. None of their batsmen could make a substantial contribution with Ihsanullah Wafa top-scoring with just 11 runs.
Taimur Khan was the most successful bowler for WZC, finishing with 3/15 off his 2 overs. All the other bowlers played their part as well, with the captain Abdul Haq-Khan also pitching in with two early wickets.
9.6 W Iliyas to F Khawri, Iliyas really bending his back on this one and the batsman can't fend off that rising delivery! Another swing and a miss for Khawri. That was the final ball of the inning and KCC side has been beaten convincingly here
9.5 W Iliyas to F Khawri, short and the ball rises a lot and the batsman misses it completely and comprehensively 
9.4 W Iliyas to K Khawri, pitched straight onto the pads and nudged to midwicket for a single
9.4 W Iliyas to N Sahil, short, batsman tried to make some room and bowler followed him and the ball hits him flush on the abdomen, he's hurt, Meanwhile, No ball is called by the umpire. 
SAHIL is retired hurt!
9.3 W Iliyas to N Sahil, delivered on the pads and turned around to square leg by the batsman for a couple
9.2 W Iliyas to N Sahil, another fast and pacy delivery on a back of a length line, batsman tried to shuffle across but ended up missing it
9.1 W Iliyas to N Sahil, short ball and it really rises up on the batsman who can't get his bat onto it. Superb start to the final over from Iliyas
KSS are 48/7 after 9 overs. Need 24 runs from the last over.
8.6 T Khan to F Khawri, short and bowled within the stumps, the batsman misses it comprehensively 
8.5 T Khan to F Khawri, short delivery and the batsman tries to cut it ferociously but ends up top-edging to the third man region for a boundary  
8.4 T Khan to F Khawri, slow and bowled wide outside off, batsman Khwari misses this one by a countrymile
8.4 T Khan to N Sahil, WIDE called and they take a bye.
8.3 T Khan to N Sahil, good length ball and it just misses the stumps by a whisker
8.2 T Khan to N Sahil, similar ball and this time he goes to backward point for a brace
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