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Watan Zalmi CC 76/6 (10 ov)
Seaside CC 78/1 (6.2 ov)
Seaside CC won by 9 wickets
Key/In-form Players to look out for
Watan Zalmi CC
  • Abdul-Haq Khan
  • Sabaun Shirzad
  • Mohammad Askari
  • Seaside CC
  • Usman Sarwar
  • Mokhtar Ghulami
  • Rubal Pathak
  • Key Points
  • The last match of the day and you couldn't have asked for a better contest to sign off. Skipper Abdul-Haq Khan from the WZC outfit will be looking to lead his side from the front yet again as he has done in th previous two matches from the bat and the ball. As for SCC, they will be relying on their bowlers to deliver the goods. All in all, this one promises to be an enthralling contest.
  • Expert Comment
    Abhinav Singh
    SCC and WZC both will be playing their second game of the day. The teams have looked super-impressive up until now and have raked some impressive performances. It will be a showdown between two favorites of the tournament as WZC's batting prowess faces SCC's fiery bowling attack.
    WZC had a slow start to the game and the wickets started falling from the 4th over. Fahd took charge of the game and scored 30 runs to build a total of 77 on the board for the loss of 6 wickets. All the bowlers had been up to the mark to contain their opposition. Come out the bat to chase 78, SSD lost the wicket of Mokhat of the first ball of the innings. Zawwar Hussain and Harinder Koranga took charge of the game from there and didn't let their team down. They single-handedly scored all the runs and guided their team to a victory.

    Watan Zalmi CC has made it to the semi-finals. Another day, another interesting match. It's me, Mohamed Farzan and my colleague, Dwijesh Reddy signing off. That's it from the days action. Join us tomorrow for the last few matches before the semis. Till then, Good Bye!
    Seaside CC beat Watan Zalmi CC by 9 wickets (with 22 balls to spare)
    6.2 Imran Khan to Zawwar Hussain, FOUR! A full ball outside off and Zawwar has clinched the winning runs with a fierce cut shot through point! Seaside continues its merry way as they beat Watan Zalmi CC by 9 wickets and they also become the first team to make it to the semi-finals!
    6.1 Imran Khan to Harinder Koranga, full ball on off-stump, Harinder plays it to long-on for a run
    Another costly over in the innings by Nabil. The match is almost done. SDD are 73/1, they require 5 runs from 24 balls.
    5.6 MD Nabil to Zawwar Hussain, full ball on leg stump, Zawwar looks to go big but the ball raps him on the pads. End of another expensive over and Seaside needs only five more runs!
    5.6 MD Nabil to Zawwar Hussain, WIDE! This is poor bowling from Nabil
    5.6 MD Nabil to Zawwar Hussain, another wide, this time outside off
    5.6 MD Nabil to Zawwar Hussain, wide down leg side!
    5.5 MD Nabil to Zawwar Hussain, SIX! Straight as an arrow! It was bowled in the slot and Zawwar lifts it over the bowler's head for his first six!
    5.4 MD Nabil to Zawwar Hussain, Zawwar cuts a wide ball towards point, where the fielder cuts it off nicely!
    5.3 MD Nabil to Zawwar Hussain, FOUR! Stand-and-deliver stuff from Zawwar, who frees his arm and launches a full ball outside off towards the cover region for a four! Moves on to 30 now! 
    5.2 MD Nabil to Harinder Koranga, low full-toss on middle stump, Koranga sweeps it for a single
    5.1 MD Nabil to Zawwar Hussain, full ball on off-stump, Zawwar gets down on one-knee and heaves it to long-on for a single
    A costly over by Abid has taken the match away from Watan Zalmi. End of 5 overs, SDD are 56/1. They require another 22 runs in 30 balls.
    4.6 Abid Khan to Harinder Koranga, FOUR! Harinder has absolutely smashed a length ball on the hips towards deep square leg, where it bounces just before the boundary line! This is turning out to be a very one-sided affair!  
    4.6 Abid Khan to Harinder Koranga, wide down leg side! The keeper collects it nicely to prevent any extra runs
    4.5 Abid Khan to Harinder Koranga, a full ball angling into the batsman, beats Harinder's off drive!
    4.4 Abid Khan to Harinder Koranga, SIX! Harinder gets into the act now as he picks up a length ball on leg stump and deposits it over the square leg boundary for a massive six! 
    4.3 Abid Khan to Zawwar Hussain, a full ball on to the stumps, Zawwar plays it to covers for a single
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