302/9 & 176/6 (27.2)
150/10 & 219/10 (83.2)
Pakistan won by 109 runs.
Player of the match: Shaheen Afridi
It's been a good visit for Pakistan, who managed to win the T20I series 1-0 after 3 off the 4 games were washed out due to rain, and they won the only game that gave us a result. They started the Test Series in a similar fashion, dominating proceedings, but West Indies showed their determination and will to fight at the end, scraping through to victory. This test was a completely different story, as the Pakistani batsmen took it up a notch, which was no match for the hosts.

A long home season for the West Indies Team comes to an end, but cricketing action from the Caribbean is far from done. The Caribbean Premier League starts in a few days time, so do make sure to join us for all the entertainment then. That's all from us here! Along with Pratyush Rohra, I have been Ankit Sharma, bidding you a goodnight! Take care and stay safe! 
Unlike the first test match, where Pakistan's batting failed to dominate proceedings, this match saw a much more pleasing performance from the Asian side. Fawad Alam led the way with a fantastic century, dealing through an injury, and the skipper, Babar Azam bailing his team out from 2/3 in the first innings. A partnership that laid the foundation for the game, and reduced the burden of the bowlers. 

With 302 on the board, Pakistan decided to give West Indies a chance with the bat, but to their surprise, the hosts walked into a brick wall called Shaheen Afridi, who picked up 6 wickets, and with the help of his other pacers, knocked out West Indies for a paltry 150. 

Advantage was with Pakistan, as they come out to bat again and managed to score quickly to declare with a score of 176/6. As we had lost over a day's play, Pakistan were desperate for a win, and knew they would take roughly an entire day to get rid of the hosts' batting line up. 

Seeing that West Indies crumbled for 150 in the first innings, scoring 328 in the second, was a lot to ask from the hosts. Pakistan came out as favorites, with a lot of time on offer, and a lot of runs on the board. Safe to say they knew the result already, but they had to still continue to pick wickets. 

A fifth day's pitch with a lot of footmarks and rough areas, brought in Nauman Ali into the game, who proved to be extremely useful, as he picked up 3 crucial wickets to get breakthroughs at important times. But yet again, it was Shaheen Afridi leading from the front, with 4 wickets in the second innings, to make it a nice round 10 wickets for the game. 

A pretty much one sided affair this one, as the visitors outplayed the hosts in every department and level the Test Series 1-1. West Indies would have believed they could draw this game, but their batting yet again failed to live up to the challenge, and the lower order, this time, could not force a way through. 
This session was bound to be a short one, but it has still lasted over 15 overs, as West Indies tried to grind it out, but Pakistan were the better side, and they win this game by a comfortable margin. Shaheen had got the better of Mayers just before rain hit us, and early Tea was taken. He continued after the break, but was only given a couple of overs, as the new ball was due soon.

Nauman Ali continued to chip in from one end, and eventually forced Jason Holder to mistime his shot to cover where Fawad was positioned exactly for the drive. Holder did well to attack the bowlers and pick up quick runs, but the asking rate with respect to runs and overs to bat through was too much at the end, and Holder ended up falling to the left arm spinner. 

Da Silva had joined Holder at the start of the session, and had stitched together a useful 40 run partnership, before the latter gave away his wicket. Da Silva continued to grind it out with Roach for a while, but the scoring rate had reduced by now. 

With the new ball now available, it was obvious who was going to come into the attack. Shaheen Afridi marked his run up and on the last ball of his first over, got the better of Roach, who was caught plumb in his crease. A review taken, but the decision was pretty straight forward. 

Pakistan had by now crossed the finish line, but just one wicket separated them from a win. Seales joined Da Silva in the middle, but it was only a matter of time, before one of them paved way and succumbed under pressure. It was the latter who folded first. 

With an almost impossible chance for West Indies to win, Da Silva decided to take the attack to Shaheen Afridi. He picked up a boundary on the first ball of the new over, but the very next ball, Shaheen got one to dip into the right hander, who chipped the ball straight to the man at mid on to wrap up the game. 

It's been an exceptional game and series for Shaheen Afridi, who picks up his first 10 wicket haul, and seeing that he is only 21, and the potential he possess, we can expect at least a few more from him. He is a gem and Pakistan will want this weapon to fire every time he takes the field. 
Babar Azam (Pakistan captain): A very important game for us, and a very crucial win for us, coming on the back of a loss in the first game. My partnership with Fawad was extremely important in constructing the innings, along with Fawad going on to bat throughout as well. The exceptional spell from Shaheen was key for us, to be on top of the game, as he picked up 6 wickets. We only went from strength to strength since then, and continued to be on top. The idea for declaring then was to charge in and pick up all the wickets. We knew we had it in us to come out and take all 10 wickets. We had enough on the board to play with, and obviously the way the bowlers bowled, especially Nauman Ali on a fifth day wicket was crucial, and all credits to them for us to win here today. We knew the pitch will turn on the final day, and after lunch the pitch seemed to generate some turn, and that's where Nauman came in and played his role. Shaheen is an exceptional talent, and is very young as well. He is improving day by day, and he is one for the future. 
Shaheen Afridi: Player of the Match & Series: It's a team effort and I've delivered to what the team needs. It's good for me, but it's all for the teams win at the end. It's tough to bowl on the last day, especially with the heat. But we knew that one wicket will bring another, so we were motivated to come in and continue bowling in the right lines. All credits to my brother who has also been a father figure to me, and to my family for the constant support. It's a very important win for us, going ahead in the Test Championship and picking up crucial points. 
Kraigg Brathwaite (West Indies captain): I think we need a lot of confidence to bat better, and mindset is key in test cricket. As soon as we get into the right mentality we will do much better. We're a little low on confidence but we'll come back stronger. It's been a very good series for us, and a learning curve for us, with respect to the approach of the game. Credits to all the bowler, Holder, Roach, and young Seales to come in and do a tremendous job. Seales has a lot of potential, and has a big future ahead, he is surely a future star. As a bowling group, Pakistan were really consistent, and with the bat as well in this game, they were pretty dominant and consistent. That is something for us to learn and adapt. 
Shaheen gets the 10-fer! That's the game, and Shaheen Afridi emerges with a career best match figure of 10/94! Pakistan make this game look easy and come back strong to win the game and level the series after losing the first game. Pakistan win by 109 runs. 
83.2 Shaheen Afridi to Joshua Da Silva, OUT! PAKISTAN HAVE LEVELED THE SERIES! It's Shaheen, who gets the final nail in the coffin. Of course it is. Full and straight with some shape into Da Silva, who made his intentions clear as he tried to bunt a drive downtown, but he's ended up just chipping it to Faheem at mid-on, who made no mistake! The series ends level on 1-1 as both sides share the spoils. It was a thoroughly entertaining series between two unpredictable sides, and it certainly didn't disappoint. 
83.1 Shaheen Afridi to Joshua Da Silva, FOUR! Good length delivery outside off-stump, Da Silva doesn't move his feet too much, just whacks this through the line, up and over the covers for a boundary.
Not a lot of pace from Abbas, but he does well to keep the batsmen on their toes. He gets the ball to seam away, and come into the pads, but does not get lucky enough to force a leading edge. Only a matter of time now, before Pakistan take the last wicket and emerge victorious. 
215 /9 score
cricket bat icon Joshua Da Silva
11 (50)
cricket bat icon Jayden Seales *
0 (2)
cricket ball icon Mohammad Abbas
0 /42
82.6 Mohammad Abbas to Jayden Seales, back of a length delivery angling into Seales, tried to turn it around the corner but failed to do so, as this one looped off his thigh pad and into the hands of forward short leg
82.5 Mohammad Abbas to Jayden Seales, back of a length delivery angling in from round the wicket, Seales stays behind the line to defend off the backfoot
82.4 Mohammad Abbas to Joshua Da Silva, back of a good length delivery outside off-stump, Da Silva waits on this one before steering it towards point for a quick single
Abbas has been wicketless this innings, and he'll be aiming to finish with one here
82.3 Mohammad Abbas to Joshua Da Silva, back of a good length delivery on the fourth stump line, Da Silva shuffles across to defend this off the backfoot
82.2 Mohammad Abbas to Joshua Da Silva, good length delivery outside off-stump with a hint of shape away, Da Silva shuffles across to drive this through the covers to collect a couple 
Three slips, a gully and a short leg in place for the right arm pacer
82.1 Mohammad Abbas to Joshua Da Silva, back of a length delivery on the stumps, Da Silva stays on the backfoot and moves inside the line to nudge this to mid-wicket, no run
Mohammad Abbas, comes into the attack
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