160/5 (20)
118/10 (18.3)
SCO won by 42 runs.
Player of the match: George Munsey
Alright! Don't give a favourites tag to any team in this Cricket world cup after whatever transpired in the last 24 hours. Geez, how many more surprises and shocks are in store for us? We have to wait and watch

Now, more Cricket coming your way as Zimbabwe and Ireland are set to battle it out in the same venue. Do join us for the LIVE coverage, but for now, it's time to wrap up things here as this is Pragadeesh and Bidipto signing off
Richie Berrington (Scotland Captain): It's a special win for us. A lot of hard work has been put in the last 12 months and we took belief in the games that we played. We haven't had a lot of T20 cricket but we played a lot of 50 overs Cricket and it's important for the guys to adjust to a new format. At one point, we felt we could've added more but the bowlers were exceptional in the second innings. The spinners have done for us whenever they stepped in at the key moments. Watt started off well and always picks up the key wickets, while Leask bowled fours on the trot too
Nicholas Pooran (West Indies Captain): Tough loss for us. It's disappointing. Two games left and we have to do the hard work and win both. 160 is a par score on this wicket but our batting wasn't good enough. It's been disappointing and we have to win the next two games. When you lose these games you want the next game faster to show who you are. Kyle, Evin and Brandon gave a good start but it was disappointing in the middle overs
George Munsey has been adjudged the Player of the Match! 

I think I'll be fine going forward, the injury does not seem to be too serious. Always a happy feeling to contribute to a winning cause. It felt good to start the way we did, but then the rain came and changed things up a bit, still, we got enough on the board to defend, and we did what was required in the end to get the job done. 
It is time for the post-match presentation! 
Scotland beat West Indies by 42 runs
George Munsey 66(53) | Jason Holder 38(33)
Mark Watt 3-12(4) | Jason Holder 2-14(3)

Two surprise results in two days. Did anyone see this coming? Believe it or not, Scotland beat the two-time World T20 champions West Indies comprehensively in the end.

It was a disappointing batting performance from West Indies as their batters took the Scotland bowlers lightly and played some irresponsible cricket shots and got perished. The scorecard tells you the entire story. The all-or-nothing approach from the batters backfired badly but credit should go to the Scotland bowlers for keeping things tight throughout the match.  

The top 3 got the start but failed to convert it into a big score before the middle order fell prey to some canny bowling from the spinners Watt and Leask. Jason Holder showed some fightback in the end but it only helped the team to reduce the deficit of the defeat
A new feather in the Scottish cap as Scotland bowls out West Indies for 118 and get a historic win. It's a well-deserved victory for the Scotts as their bowlers bowled out of their skin to pin the West Indies batters right from the word go
18.3 Safyaan Sharif to Jason Holder, IT'S SCOTLAND'S TURN NOW TO PULL OFF AN UPSET! WEST INDIES ARE DEFEATED! Full outside off, Holder goes for the lofted hit on the front foot, miscues it ever so slightly, it goes high up in the air to wide long-off, and the fielder there dives to his left to take a sharp low CATCH! The celebrations can start now for the Scots!

Jason Holder c Greaves b Sharif 38 (37m 33b 4x4 1x6)
18.2 Safyaan Sharif to Obed McCoy, over the wicket, full on off-and-middle, McCoy slogs over mid-wicket, gets a thick outside edge over short third man, for a single down to third man. 
18.1 Safyaan Sharif to Jason Holder, over the wicket, full toss on middle, heaved away to deep mid-wicket from the crease, and only a run is there for the taking this time. 
Safyaan Sharif (3-0-21-0) comes back into the attack

As the rest of the batters fell prey to this Scottish bowling attack, Jason Holder hasn't given up as he is carrying this fight single-handedly
116 /9 score
cricket bat icon Jason Holder *
37 (31)
cricket bat icon Obed McCoy
1 (2)
cricket ball icon Josh Davey
1 /34
17.6 Josh Davey to Jason Holder, short and slow outside off, pulled away to deep mid-wicket off the back foot, for a single to keep strike. 
17.5 Josh Davey to Jason Holder, full on off and driven down to wide long-off off the front foot, for a couple of runs on this occasion. 
17.4 Josh Davey to Jason Holder, FOUR MORE! Full toss outside off, too wide and this gets placed away to the right of backward point, for a boundary down to deep backward point! 
17.3 Josh Davey to Jason Holder, FOUR RUNS! Fuller on middle, a nice hoick on the front foot with the front leg cleared to the right of long-on, for a boundary! 
17.2 Josh Davey to Jason Holder, short and slow outside off, pulled around to deep mid-wicket off the back foot, for a single this time but Holder has refused it. 
17.1 Josh Davey to Jason Holder, fuller on leg, Holder goes for the big heave over mid-wicket, misses out and there is no leg-bye on offer either. 
Josh Davey (2-0-23-1) comes back into the attack

That's the end of an incredible spell from Mark Watt. He set the tone by bowling a tight first start over at the start of the innings and now, his team is on the verge of creating an upset
105 /9 score
cricket bat icon Jason Holder
26 (25)
cricket bat icon Obed McCoy *
1 (2)
cricket ball icon Mark Watt
3 /12