Zimbabwe 118/9 (20 ov)
Pakistan 99/10 (19.5 ov)
Zimbabwe won by 19 runs.
Player of the match: Luke Jongwe
That's all from this low score thriller, but do join us on Sunday for the series decider, where both teams have something to prove to the cricketing world! For now, along with Pradeep Somashekar, I have been Ankit Sharma as I take your leave! Do stay safe and stay at home! 
Both teams need to improve their batting performances. Pakistan's middle order suddenly looks fragile, with no one performing, which will be a concern for them. Pakistan are rated one of the best teams in the world, and they need to stick that tag and have a strong unit going into the T20 World Cup later this year. Expect them to fight back and come in with everything they got on Sunday. 
It's a historic win for Zimbabwe, beating Pakistan for the first time in this format. Something they will cherish, but something they will use to boost their confidence come Sunday when the third T20I takes place. It's all tied up at one a piece and Zimbabwe will be eyeing for a series win before the Tests. They have a golden opportunity on their hands, and rest assured, they have it what it takes to win it. We saw them today, being a dominant force. Every person in the team has played their role today and they will be looking to do the same on Sunday. 
Following Babar's dismissal, no other batsmen looked to take responsibility and Pakistan ended up crumbling for a double digit score off 99! All credits to the Zimbabwe bowlers. Jongwe, Muzarabani and Ngarava came in hard in the powerplay and did an excellent job to restrict Pakistan to 26, a similar score to that of Zimbabwe who made 25. But their spinners joined forces as well, and made it impossible for the batsmen to produce runs. Tight lines, aggressive field set, but most importantly, today Zimbabwe did not drop catches and did not fumble the ball even once. They say catches win you matches, and today it has done the same for Zimbabwe. 
Rizwan could not manage to get a good score today and was dismissed early on in the innings. Zaman and Hafeez, two experienced batsmen got out to horrible shots, looking to clear the large boundaries of 73 meters, but playing it into the fielders hands. With three of their best four batsmen back in the hut, Pakistan were getting worried, but their best batsman was out in the middle fighting a lone war at that moment. The debutant Aziz joined him in order to set things back on track. After having spent a couple of overs in the middle, it was Babar Azam who miscued a shot, and was caught at deep cover. This was probably the last straw Zimbabwe needed. 
At the halfway mark, Pakistan would have been happy and confident with the score on the board and their target. Two of their most in form batsmen to open, with Zaman and Hafeez to come, it should have been a walk in the park for them. But Zimbabwe came in hard, stuck to the basics, and one by one dismissed the entire Pakistan line up, to win the game by 19 runs. 
This is Cricket, and this is why we love this game! Zimbabwe defending a modest total of 119 against a formidable in form Pakistan team, and coming out on top to win it. No one would have given them a chance, with the likes of Babar Azam, Mohammad Rizwan and Mohammad Hafeez in the side, but Zimbabwe against all odds, have done the impossible and have emerged victorious over Pakistan in a thrilling low scoring encounter. 
Babar Azam: We played very poor cricket as a bating unit, and all credits to Zimbabwe to comeback strong. We are struggling in the middle order, and we need to come back, and for sure we will in the next game. The pitch was double paced, and the ball was just stopping before coming on the bat, but it's no excuse for us. We will be back better for sure.

Brendan Taylor:
A big turn around from the first game. That's what you ask from your players, compared to the first game. I'd be lying saying I was confident at half time, but we stayed intact to our plans, and made sure we took the chances we for. All credit to the bowlers for performing so well, and as a team we gave our everything and we've come out on top. As a batting unit, we need to improve, be a little more aggressive in the powerplay to set the platform for a 150-160 score which is good enough to defend.

Man of the Match: Luke Jongwe:
I want to thank the Almighty, my team mates and my coaches first of all for letting me play. The pitch was supporting the bowlers, I kept changing my pace along the innings and that did the trick for me. About the celebration, I have copied from Shamsi, in South Africa (on removing his shoe, dialling a number and calling)
99 is the lowest total in Harare and Zimbabwe have defended the lowest total of 118. They win their first T20 at home after 2.5 years. 
Ryan Burl: Can't believe what just happened, it all went by in a flash. It was a good outing for me picking up a couple of crucial wickets early on. It was after the third wicket we started believing we had a chance, when they were going slow and under par with the required rate. We took all the catches today and did not even fumble the ball once, and that's made a difference for us today. 
ZIMBABWE HAVE DONE IT! THEY'VE CAUSED THE UPSET AND HAVE EARNED EVERY BIT OF THIS VICTORY! Their first win against Pakistan in this format, and they've won a game at home after forever. Brendan Taylor back at the helm owing to an injury to Williams and he's taken the team through. Jongwe the hero after all, picks his fourth to clinch victory! 
19.5 Luke Jongwe to Arshad Iqbal, OUT! CAUGHT! ALL OVER! Zimbabwe win their first T20I against Pakistan and one cannot believe this! Another slower one, full delivery into Iqbal as he looks to loft it over the inner ring and has a swing at it and skies this one straight up as the mid-off fielder runs across and holds on to it. Zimbabwe level the series and how well they did, thriller of a contest in the end!
Off comes the shoe for the third time today and Jongwe gets the slower delivery to deceive Rauf who chips it straight to cover. One wicket for Zimbabwe from knocking out Pakistan completely. 
19.4 Luke Jongwe to Haris Rauf, OUT! CAUGHT! The wickets are tumbling and Pakistan are going down here. That was another slower one, Rauf too early into the shot and hands an easy catch into extra cover fielder!
19.3 Luke Jongwe to Haris Rauf, short delivery, slower one as well and Rauf backs away and looks to pull and misses it again. Unbelievable this from Pakistan!
Mohammad Hasnain, right hand bat, comes to the crease. 
19.2 Luke Jongwe to Haris Rauf, full delivery on the fourth stump line as Rauf has a huge swing at it and misses it again, another DOT BALL! 
Miscommunication between the two batsmen in the middle, and Qadir has been sold at the non striker's end, as Rauf wants strike. 
19.1 Luke Jongwe to Usman Qadir, RUN-OUT! Pakistan are committing suicide here, another wicket for Zimbabwe and they are closer to victory and can smell them very well. Slower delivery, full on the outside off as Qadir fails to get any bat on it and misses. Rauf wanted to get back at the strikers and both the batsman are stranded there as the keeper throws the ball to the bowler and he whips the bails off in the end!
This is Cricket of the top class. Drama all around Harare. Muzarabani picks up a wicket, Danish Aziz runs himself out calling for a suicide second run, and Haris Rauf launches a maximum to keep some hope for the visitors. But today is Zimbabwe's day and they will not let this one slip, I'm certain of it. 20 needed off 6. 
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