Zurich Nomads CC 118/7 (10 ov)
Winterthur CC 89/7 (10 ov)
Zurich Nomads CC won by 29 runs.
That should be it from Sportskeeda's live coverage of Match 19 of the St Gallen T10 League. Don't forget to tune in again at 8.30 PM IST for the next game between WIC and POCC. Goodbye from Momin and Karthik!
A comprehensive, 29-run victory for the Nomads.  WICC will be disappointed with their batting performance after getting off to a flyer. They were 30 for no loss after the end of 2 overs but it all fell apart like a house of cards from there on. Shikare and Tiwana were the picks amongst the batsmen for their fighting knocks.

As it turns out, 118 runs were more than enough for ZNCC. Farid Din and Azeem Nazir, the skipper, dragged things back with their two-wicket hauls and economical bowling spells. Once again, Nazir leads his pack from the front, not only top-scoring in the first innings but also being their best bowler while defending the total.  
9.6 N Khan to R Singh Tiwana, finishes the innings with a straight six. ZNCC win by 29 runs.
9.5 N Khan to D Banneheka, that's a great catch running backward at cover.
9.4 N Khan to D Banneheka, big swing and misses.
9.3 N Khan to R Singh Tiwana, lofted to long-off and a single taken.
9.2 N Khan to D Banneheka, lofted but drops short of long-on, they take a single.
9.1 N Khan to D Banneheka, lofted over deep midwicket for a six. Gives it a real hoick and it just evades the fielder stationed on that side of the boundary.
A couple of boundaries in that over for WICC but it's too little too late. They need 44 from the last over and that should be the game for ZNCC.
8.6 F Nazir to D Banneheka, played to long-off for a single.
8.5 F Nazir to D Banneheka, smashed to long-on for a boundary.
8.4 F Nazir to D Banneheka, flicked to fine leg for a boundary. No chance for the fine leg fielder to cut that off.
8.3 F Nazir to D Banneheka, edged and excellent stop by the keeper.
8.2 F Nazir to D Banneheka, played straight back to the bowler, no run.
8.1 F Nazir to R Singh Tiwana, flicked to square leg for a single.
A Nazir concludes his spell with figures of 2 wickets for 11 runs. WICC require a further 54 runs off 12 balls.
7.6 A Nazir to R Singh Tiwana, sensational fielding at sweeper cover keeps it to a single.
7.5 A Nazir to D Banneheka, lofted to long-on for a single.
7.4 A Nazir to R Singh Tiwana, pulled to deep midwicket for a single.
7.3 A Nazir to R Singh Tiwana, cut over cover for a boundary. Slightly short and outside off, flays it away with disdain and it darts away from the deep cover fielder.
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