Zurich Nomads CC 132/4 (10 ov)
Winterthur CC 68/8 (10 ov)
Zurich Nomads CC won by 64 runs.
Zurich Nomads CC have won the game by 64 runs and qualify for the Final!!
Winterthur CC were out of the game right from the start as they kept losing wickets at regular intervals. None of their batting stars from their previous game against Power CC scored big runs. Diyon Johnson was the leading run scorer with a run-a-ball 14 while Murali and Prafull scored 13(11) and 12(8) respectively. The batting performance by Winterthur CC today was nothing to write home about.
As for the bowling, Zurich Nomads bowled great, constricting lines and did not allow the batsmen to go for the big hits. Shijo Joseph starred with 4-10 while Idrees picked up 2 wickets. Farid got a solitary wicket but that of Cheema.None of the bowlers except Farid had economies over 9.
With that, an all-round performance by Zurich Nomads CC ensures that they qualify for the finals where they will face off against the undefeated and seemingly undefeatable Olten CC. Do join us at Sportskeeda for the third place match followed by the the Final later today. Till then, this is me, Maanas Upadhyay, and my partner, Habil Ahmed, signing off. Stay safe!
9.6 A Nazir to M Aqular, for some reason we're playing an extra ball. But it'll only be 9.6 cause 9.7 cannot be a thing. He hits that in the air towards deep midwicket and into the fielder's hands. The Nomads are in the final!
9.6 A Nazir to D Banneheka, played to long on for a single.
9.5 A Nazir to M Aqular, comes down the track and drives that to deep midwicket for one
9.4 A Nazir to D Banneheka, outside off and he hoicks that towards covers for a single
9.3 A Nazir to D Banneheka, swings at this one and it only hits him on the pads.
9.2 A Nazir to M Aqular, played that to long on for a single
9.1 A Nazir to M Aqular, loopy full toss that Aqular misses with the swing
Winterthur CC are 64/7 at the end of 9 overs. They now need 69 runs from 6 balls at 69 Runs Per Over.
8.6 N Khan to D Banneheka, played and missed!
8.5 N Khan to M Aqular, swings at it and he takes the top edge. Put down by the man at short third man
8.4 N Khan to D Banneheka, played that away towards long off for a single
Right, so we're back underway!
8.3 N Khan to M Aqular, outside off and he hits it in the air there has been a collision as the fielders converged to take it. Looks like there's a bad injury on the field. The umpire has called for the medics. This should illustrate the importance of calling for catches. The teammates carrying the injured fielder out of the playing field.
8.2 N Khan to D Banneheka, slapped towards mid on for a single. No power in the shot by the batsman.
8.1 N Khan to M Aqular, short and it is cut away in the offside for a single.
Winterthur CC are 59/7 at the end of 8 overs. They now need 74 runs from 12 balls at 37 Runs Per Over. Just the formalities remain now!
7.6 I Tariq to M Aqular, hoicked that away into the leg side and the man at midwicket stops that easily
7.5 I Tariq to D Banneheka, he dabs that to point. No run though!
7.4 I Tariq to S Lakshitha, swings at it on the offside and he only gets the top edge. Goes high in the air and it is taken easily by the man at point. Tariq on a hat-trick now!
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