Zurich Nomads CC 133/5 (10 ov)
Zurich Crickets CC 48/7 (10 ov)
Zurich Nomads CC won by 85 runs.
ZNCC beating ZUCC by 85 runs. What promised to be an exciting contest at the end of first innings turns out to be a one-sided affair in the end. ZNCC absolutely steam-rolled the opposition in all three departments. Gave away only a single boundary to ZUCC batsmen in the course of 10 overs. The opening batsmen Faheem Nazir joining the party by picking a wicket on the first ball of the second inning in addition to his power hitting in the first inning. Man of the Match performance from him. ZUCC need to go back to the drawing board and contemplate where did they went wrong. As for ZNCC, they have sent a stern warning to the oppositions about their capabilities! They are the team to look out for in this tournament.
And that brings to an end to the first match of the European Cricket league. Until next time, I Abhinav Singh and my partner Habil Ahmed signing off. Hope you all had fun See you all very soon. Cheers!
9.6 A Nazir to D Pariaug, slightly overpitched and the reverse sweep attempt comes to nothing as he misses the ball completely. No run!
9.5 A Nazir to A Safi, gets an outside edge this time but it is dropped by the man at slip. Nazir could have had his third wicket of the over!
9.4 A Nazir to D Pariaug, slightly overpitched and it is lofted over the bowler's head for a single. No power in the shot, the batsmen hitting it off the end of the blade
9.3 A Nazir to A Safi, loopy delivery and it is lofted just over the bowler's hands for a single. Misses the catch by inches!
9.2 A Nazir to G Das, tries to drag it into the legside from wide outside the off stump and he only succeeds in lifting it straight into the bowler's hands. Nazir's on a HAT-TRICK!
9.1 A Nazir to E Wardle, bowled on a good length on the leg stump and he simply plays that into the fielder's hands at short midwicket. Azeem Nazir, the other opening batsmen of ZNCC getting a wicket off his first delivery. Faheem already has a wicket under his belt.
Final 6 deliveries remaining, ZUCC need an impossible 89 off 6 balls
8.6 S Hussain to D Pariaug, looks to sweep that away but he gets an outside edge behind the keeper for a couple
8.5 S Hussain to D Pariaug, no run! He tried to heave this one too but ended up playing all over it
8.5 S Hussain to D Pariaug, looks to play that down the legside but it is a wide down the legside. Umpire stretching his arms again
8.4 S Hussain to D Pariaug, swing and a miss. A wild heave and the batsmen misses it by a countrymile
8.3 S Hussain to D Pariaug, blocked into the offside for a single. But they get another off the overthrow
8.3 S Hussain to D Pariaug, aims to sweep that is down the legside for a wide. No amount of extras will hurt ZNCC now
8.2 S Hussain to E Wardle, played into the offside after ball jumped up from a good length for one run! Singles probably won't even take them to the fifty run mark
8.1 S Hussain to D Pariaug, loopy full toss and he pushes that into the legside for one. They are not even trying!
ZUCC need 97 runs in 12 balls. After 8 overs, ZNCC 37/5, hitting their first boundary in the last over
7.6 S Joseph to E Wardle, played straight back to the bowler to end the over. Wardle looking to get some batting practice under his belt
7.5 S Joseph to D Pariaug, good length delivery and he hits that away on the on side for a single to the deep. Pariaug timing it well on the ocassion
STOP the PRESS! We have our first boundary of the innings!
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