ISL Today Match Score: SC East Bengal vs Northeast United FC Live Score

Antonio Perosevic 55'
45' Marco Sahanek
FULL TIME: SC East Bengal 1-1 NorthEast United FC.
90+3' One end to the other. It NEUFC on the front foot with Suhair Vadakkepeedika who hits the ball off target. Soon, SCEB step ahead on the counter-attack, but no danger off it.
90' Added Time: 4 Minutes. 
87' Way over! Fran Sota and Marcelo Ribeiro feed the ball to each other, outside the penalty box. Sota is set up beautifully outside the box but he races in and shoots it way over the goal.
85' A change for NEUFC! Laldanmawia Ralte comes in for Pragyan Gogoi. An attacking change for NEUFC. Will Laldanmawia Ralte be able to find the winning goal?
82' Substitution. A change for SCEB. Naorem Singh makes way for Bikash Jairu.
81' Wasteful. Hira Mondal gets the ball on the right flank and tries to go for glory. It deflects off a NEUFC defender and the danger is averted.
78' Foul! Pragyan Gogoi wins the ball in the middle of the field. He is ready to set his attackers free. Fran Sota sees the danger and tackles him from behind. NEUFC get a free-kick.
74' Substitutions. Double change for SCEB now! Wahengbam Luwang and Adil Khan make way for Sourav Das and Mohammad Rafique.
73' Great save! Marcelo Pereira links up really well with Deshorn Brown. Later, Suhair Vadakkepeedika gets the ball on the right side, he volleys it at the near post. Mirshad Michu stands his ground and makes a sharp save.
70' Substitution! A double-change for NEUFC. Marcelo Pereira comes in for Patrick Flottmann.
68' No dip on it! NEUFC get a free-kick outside the box. Marco Sahanek stands behind it and tries to curl it in the top corner at the far side. He gets enough curl on it but could not make it dip enough. It flies over the crossbar.
66' Off target! Imran Khan gets the ball on the left flank. He whips in a dangerous ball. Joe Zoherliana leaps inside the box but could not keep his header on target. Imran Khan could've marked his fourth assist of the campaign if it was in.
65' Finds the keeper. SCEB wrestle the ball back in the right flank and Antonio Perosevic gets the pass at his feet. He takes it near the box and drills a low shot forward. Mirshad Michu has a simple saving to make on this occasion.
62' Just over. A bit of loose passing from NEUFC and Sourav Das spots the chance to win the ball. He runs with it inside the box and then smacks it through. His shot has enough power but lacks direction.
57' Substitution. SCEB make the first change of the evening. They have brought Marcelo Ribeiro in place of Lalrinliana Hnamte.
58' Yellow for Diallo. Fran Sota tries to turn and take the ball away but Zakaria Diallo barges into him and brings Sota down. The referee whistles for the foul and Zakaria Diallo shows his dissent. The yellow card comes out after that!
55' GOOOALLLLL! BOOM! That's a venomous strike from Antonio Perosevic to convert from the spot.
54' Penalty earned by SCEB. A juicy ball is tossed up inside the box, Fran Sota tries to jump and head it but Patrick Flottmann attacks him from behind and makes the clearance. The referee though finds it offensive, the way he jumped on the back of Fran Sota and points to the spot.
54' Mirshad Michu does well. A foul by Pragyan Gogoi hands SCEB a free kick just outside the box. Fran Sota steps up to take it and powers his kick through the line. He aims at the top right corner but Michu dives to his left and makes the stop.
50' NEUFC on the attack. A magical through pass by Joe Zoherliana and Deshorn Brown is set free inside the box. He is getting pressed by a couple of defenders but shows his strength to hold them back and then shoots. It's too close to the goalkeeper though and hence is blocked. It lobs outside the box and then Pragyan Gogoi chances his luck from long range, it though goes way wide of the target.
47' Offside! NEUFC initiate an attack from the right side. Suhair Vadakkepeedika is leading the charge and then he passes it on to Marco Sahanek in the middle who in turn tries to find Deshorn Brown in the final third. But the striker is caught in an offside position.
46' Resumption! We're back for the second half. Final 45 minutes of the season for NEUFC who have their noses in front at the moment, all thanks to the late goal in the first half by Marco Sahanek. They will start this segment and will be operating from left to right. Let's Football...
HALF TIME: SC East Bengal 0-1 NorthEast United FC. 
45+2' GOOOAALLLLL! At the stroke of half time, NEUFC take the lead.
45' Added Time: 3 Minutes.
41' Poor cross! Deshorn Brown gets the ball on the left side inside the opposition box. He skips past a couple of defenders and passes it to Joe Zoherliana at the right end, outside the box. Joe Zoherliana takes a touch and tries to find Deshorn Brown again inside the box but his cross has no accuracy on it and it goes out for a goal-kick.
39' No end product! SCEB enjoying the possession of the ball. They pass the ball around with a high defensive line. But they are struggling to get the final pass in the play.
36' Just wide! SCEB keep the pressure on the NEUFC backline by keeping the ball near their box. Out of nowhere it lands for Antonio Perosevic just outside the box. He hits it sweetly on the volley but could not keep it on target.
34' Easily cleared! Suhair Vadakkepeedika gets the ball on the right flank. He floats a delivery inside the box to find Imran Khan, although SCEB defender was on his toes to clear it away.
29' Easy defending! SCEB try to attack from the left flank. Fran Sota gets the ball after a brilliant play on the left flank. He has a marker along with him and whips in a low cross.
28' Early into his run! Sankar Roy kicks the ball in the opposition half. He sees the run of Antonio Perosevic and tries to set him up. The ball is a good one but the linesman raises his flag.
25' Too ambitious! SCEB get a free-kick way outside the box. Antonio Perosevic stands behind it and goes for glory himself. He ends up spraying it wide and it did not cause any threat to NEUFC defenders.
24' Yellow for Imran! That's needless from Imran Khan! Huidrom Singh is the one with the ball and he kicks it away too but Khan comes sliding in and clips him on the legs. The referee isn't impressed and pulls out the yellow card.
20' Crucial touch! Imran Khan has the ball with him and he passes it on to Marco Sahanek who drives forward and causes panic in the SCEB box. His attempted cross though is blocked by Franjo Prce who kicks it out for a corner. Nothing comes off the set-piece though.
17' Hits the crossbar! Moments after Fran Sota's delicious cross at the face of the goal had no takers, SCEB get another opportunity, this time from the left side. A clearance from the NEUFC box finds Naorem Singh who whips it through from outside the box, beats the flying keeper but it pings the crossbar and deflects away.
14' Foul. Gurjinder Kumar nudges the ball forward from the left side and Suhair Vadakkepeedika attacks it near the box. Hira Mondal though reaches the ball first. They both get into a tussle and then Suhair fouls Mondal from behind.
11' Alert defending. Naorem Singh is with the ball on the right-wing and lobs his cross inside the box. Patrick Flottmann though stands tall in defense and jumps to head it out of danger.
8' Good save. The clearance from the NEUFC box goes rolling out towards Lalrinliana Hnamte outside the box and he immediately pulls the trigger. It's an accurate attempt but Mirshad Michu is up to the challenge and dives across to his left to save it.
4' Cleared out. NEUFC have a corner from the left side and Marco Sahanek swings it at the near post. Deshorn Brown tries to jump and put it in but Lalrinliana Hnamte collides with him and goes down in pain. The ball lobs up after that and Sankar Roy punches it out. Suhair Vadakkepeedika tries to smash it first time but misses.
3' Early move. Imran Khan has the ball near the box and he eases it towards Joe Zoherliana on the right side who crosses it at the face of the goal but Franjo Prce is alert and makes the clearance
1' All in readiness here at the Tilak Maidan Stadium! SC East Bengal get the first touch on the ball. They have opted for a 4-4-2 formation while NorthEast United FC are going with a 4-2-3-1 combination. Both playing for pride. Let's Football! 
NorthEast United FC (Starting XI): Mirshad Michu (GK), Gurjinder Kumar, Zakaria Diallo, Patrick Flottmann, Mohamed Irshad, Imran Khan, Joe Zoherliana, Pragyan Gogoi, Marco Sahanek, Deshorn Brown (C), Suhair Vadakkepeedika.
SC East Bengal (Starting XI): Sankar Roy (GK), Huidrom Singh, Franjo Prce, Hira Mondal, Mohammad Rafique (C), Darren Sidoel, Sourav Das, Lalrinliana Hnamte, Fran Sota, Naorem Singh, Antonio Perosevic.
Hello and Welcome to Sportskeeda's LIVE coverage of the ISL match between SC East Bengal and NorthEast United FC from the Tilak Maidan in Vasco.
Gani Ahmed Nigam
Marco Sahanek
Laldanmawia Ralte
Pragyan Gogoi
Bikash Jairu
Naorem Mahesh Singh
Wahengbam Angousana Luwang
Sourav Das
Adil Khan
Mohammed Rafique
Marcelinho Leite Pereira
Patrick Flottmann
Justin George
Imran Khan
Zakaria Diallo
Marcelo Ribeiro Dos Santos
Lalrinliana Hnamte
Antonio Perosevic
Marco Sahanek
Imran Khan
Northeast United FC (4-2-3-1)
Khalid Jamil (Manager)
Sankar Roy
Hira Mondal
Darren Sidoel
Franjo Prce
Huidrom Naocha Singh
Naorem Mahesh Singh
Mohammed Rafique
Sourav Das
Lalrinliana Hnamte
Francisco Jose Sota Bernard
Antonio Perosevic
Mirshad Michu
Joe Zoherliana
Patrick Flottmann
Zakaria Diallo
Gurjinder Kumar
Pragyan Gogoi
Mohammed Irshad
Marco Sahanek
Imran Khan
Suhair VP
Deshorn Brown
Northeast United FC (4-2-3-1)
Khalid Jamil (Manager)
SC East Bengal Subs
Arindam Bhattacharja
Wahengbam Angousana Luwang
Raju Gaikwad
Marcelo Ribeiro Dos Santos
Saikhom Goutam Singh
Semboi Haokip
Adil Khan
Joyner Lourenco
Bikash Jairu
Northeast United FC Subs
Sanjiban Ghosh
Lalkhawpuimawia Lalkhawpuimawia
Gani Ahmed Nigam
Tondonba Singh
Laldanmawia Ralte
Justin George
Manvir Singh-I
Pragyan Medhi
Marcelinho Leite Pereira
7 FOULS 13
13 SHOTS 11
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 Jamshedpur FC 20 13 4 3 21 43
2 Hyderabad FC 20 11 5 4 20 38
3 ATK Mohun Bagan 20 10 7 3 11 37
4 Kerala Blasters FC 20 9 7 4 10 34
5 Mumbai City FC 20 9 4 7 5 31
6 Bengaluru FC 20 8 5 7 5 29
7 Odisha FC 20 6 5 9 -12 23
8 Chennaiyin FC 20 5 5 10 -18 20
9 FC Goa 20 4 7 9 -6 19
10 Northeast United FC 20 3 5 12 -18 14
11 SC East Bengal 20 1 8 11 -18 11
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament Indian Super League
Stadium Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan
Match time Mon, 28 Feb 2022, 07:30 PM
Updated: Feb 28, 2022 21:30 PM | Published: Feb 28, 2022 23:43 PM
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