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2018 NBA Playoffs Round 1: Indiana Pacers Vs Cleveland Cavaliers Game 1, Live Scores & Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 15, 2018 22:31 GMT

FULL-TIME: Cleveland Cavaliers 80-98 Indiana Pacers


22:31 (GMT)15 APR 2018

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If you can't wait, we've got a series preview analysis on the same to help you fathom what's more in store!

This is us Yash Matange and Raunak Jaiswal signing off...

22:23 (GMT)15 APR 2018

22:22 (GMT)15 APR 2018

22:22 (GMT)15 APR 2018

22:21 (GMT)15 APR 2018

Let us now see some highlights from the game!

22:19 (GMT)15 APR 2018

In the end, it was always Indiana's game from the beginning. They made the Cavs trail them throughout and despite losing their rhythm in early fourth-quarter, the young guns rallied back to secure an 18-point win. 

22:16 (GMT)15 APR 2018

Oladipo ends the night with 32 points from 11 of 19 shooting. He had 4 steals on the night as well, continuing from his regular season exploits.

22:14 (GMT)15 APR 2018

Victor Oladipo was certainly the best player on the court tonight. The Indiana University graduate is paying dividends for the state's premier basketball team!

22:11 (GMT)15 APR 2018

20th career NBA Playoffs triple-double for The King but he still concedes an 18-point loss? Hmm. 

22:10 (GMT)15 APR 2018

22:08 (GMT)15 APR 2018

This is LeBron James' first ever loss in game 1 of the first round of the NBA Playoffs! DIGEST THAT, LeBron fans!

22:06 (GMT)15 APR 2018

IT'S OVER! Indiana Pacers stun the Cleveland Cavaliers at the Quicken Loans Arena 98-80!!!

22:04 (GMT)15 APR 2018

We've got a little over a minute of garbage time left now.

22:03 (GMT)15 APR 2018

Thaddeus Young goes for a fancy dunk but is fouled in the process.

22:02 (GMT)15 APR 2018

Plenty of Cleveland fans heading towards the exits already. Can you really blame them though?

22:01 (GMT)15 APR 2018

32 for Oladipo now!

22:00 (GMT)15 APR 2018

He converts a reverse layup now. He makes another 3-pointer after a Cavs miss!

21:59 (GMT)15 APR 2018

Oladipo misses a long 3-point shot.

21:56 (GMT)15 APR 2018

Myles Turner with the BLOCK on Larry Nance Jr.! No easy buckets on his watch!

21:54 (GMT)15 APR 2018

Rodney Hood with another catch and shoot 3!

21:54 (GMT)15 APR 2018


21:53 (GMT)15 APR 2018

STAT UPDATE: LeBron James has a .873 win record in the first round of the NBA Playoffs. 

21:52 (GMT)15 APR 2018

James is fouled yet again and he will shoot two free-throws. He makes the both. 

21:50 (GMT)15 APR 2018

Hood makes a 17-footer.

21:50 (GMT)15 APR 2018

LeBron James is TRIPLE-TEAMED and is fouled by Indiana. Speaks volumes about the man.

21:49 (GMT)15 APR 2018

The lead is back to 17 points now!

21:49 (GMT)15 APR 2018

Cavs miss their shot out of the timeout. Bogdanovic makes a corner three.

21:48 (GMT)15 APR 2018

James making history tonight. Quite a regular thing these days!

21:47 (GMT)15 APR 2018

21:47 (GMT)15 APR 2018

21:46 (GMT)15 APR 2018

Oladipo has gone 9 of 16 overall but is spitting fire from the 3-point line. The ex-OKC man has managed 5 of 7 from downtown!!!

21:46 (GMT)15 APR 2018

Oladipo with another mid-range pull up jumper yet again! 27 points for him now! Cavs call another timeout.

21:44 (GMT)15 APR 2018

Sabonis with a second-chance bucket!

21:44 (GMT)15 APR 2018

JR Smith retaliates for the Cavs yet again with a bucket!

21:43 (GMT)15 APR 2018

OLADIPOOOO! 25 now for him as he scores a catch and shoot!

21:42 (GMT)15 APR 2018

Trevor Booker makes a layup for the Pacers from the timeout.

21:41 (GMT)15 APR 2018

Cleveland have trailed the entire game. 

21:41 (GMT)15 APR 2018

A 23-point Indiana lead has now been cut short to 7! Cavs can surely smell a comeback victory now!

21:39 (GMT)15 APR 2018

Stephenson drives to the basket yet again but misses this time. James pulls off a spin move and converts a layup in transition! Timeout Indiana!

21:38 (GMT)15 APR 2018

JR Smith with another bucket of his own! Only a meager 2-pointer this time!

21:37 (GMT)15 APR 2018

Makes 1 of 2 only though.

21:37 (GMT)15 APR 2018

Gets 2 free throws in the process though.

21:37 (GMT)15 APR 2018

Lance Stephenson trying to shake and bake. Oh boy!

21:36 (GMT)15 APR 2018

Misses on both ends of the floor. Indiana on the ball now.

21:36 (GMT)15 APR 2018

Off we go for the final quarter!

21:36 (GMT)15 APR 2018

STAT ATTACK: Oladipo is leading the Pacers in points made with 22 points while James is leading the Cavs with 20.

21:35 (GMT)15 APR 2018

21:33 (GMT)15 APR 2018

It's 73-65 to Indiana right now. A comeback is surely on the cards for the 2016 NBA Champs!

21:33 (GMT)15 APR 2018

Jeff Green misses the final shot of the third quarter.

21:31 (GMT)15 APR 2018

James makes 2 of the 3 free throws.
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