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AEW All Out Live Results (4th September, 2022): CM Punk vs Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 05, 2022 04:03 GMT

With a fire lit under him, will CM Punk regain the AEW World Championship in Chicago?


04:03 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

04:00 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

04:00 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

03:57 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

CM Punk stands defiant in the middle of the ring, championship above his head. Maxwell Jacob Friedman stares him down, and the pro-Punk crowd is now screaming for MJF. 

03:56 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

03:55 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

Wait, the lights have gone out. We hear a voicemail from Tony Khan where he was trying to encourage someone to come back to AEW. The masked joker from earlier tonight appears, it's MJF!

03:55 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

03:54 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

03:53 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

Bad night for the BCC. Bryan Danielson lost. Claudio and Wheeler lost. Moxley lost. 

03:53 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

With one final GTS, CM Punk is AEW World Champion! 

CM Punk defeats Jon Moxley via pinfall. 

03:52 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

Punk is spiked with the Death Rider, but it's not enough. Another Bulldog Choke has Punk trapped in the middle of the ring. A "CM Punk" chant wakes Punk up, and he goes for another GTS out of the choke. Mox slides down his back but is caught again with another GTS. He's out cold on top of Punk's back. 

03:50 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

Mox flips off the crowd and eats a roundhouse from the challenger. He responds, nearly taking Punks' head off with a hellacious clothesline. 

03:49 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

03:49 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

03:49 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

03:49 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

Mox counters a diving elbow drop, catching Punk with the Bulldog, Punk stands up, rolls through, and goes for the juji gatame. Mox counters back, locking in another Bulldog Choke. Punk tries to kick him off, leading to an ankle lock from Mox. 

03:46 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

Punk gets to the apron and manages to find an opening in Mox's armor when he catches the champ with an arm breaker in the ropes. A damaged shoulder against a damaged ankle. 

Punk sends Mox shoulder-first into the ring post and locks in an Anocanda Vice in the center of the ring. 

03:43 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

Back in the ring, Mox goes after the surgically repaired leg. Punk valiantly fights off a heel hold but is trapped in a single-leg crab. Mox then locks in an STF, all the while grinding his fingernails and biting into Punk's opened forehead. 

03:41 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

03:40 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

Mox drives Punk into the ring post and stairs. Punk's blood covers Mox's arm, and the AEW World Champion licks it off while Punk struggles to get to his feet. 

03:38 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

03:37 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

Punk chases Mox through the crowd, battering the champion while this raucous Chicago crowd cheers him on. Mox is sent flying into the steel steps, and dueling "Let's Go Moxley/CM Punk" chants break out as the challenger taunts the champion. 

03:35 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

Punk catches Moxley with the knees in the corner and goes for an early GTS. It connects, and Mox falls right to the mat! 1-2-no! Mox is only just able to kick out at the last possible moment. 

03:34 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

CM Punk in the white tights and Mox in the black. This Chicago crowd is, obviously, 100% Punk. 

03:33 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

03:33 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

03:33 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

This is it, folks. It's the main event. CM Punk. Jon Moxley. The AEW World Championship. 

03:33 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

03:22 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

Miro goes on a tear around ringside, but is taken out when Buddy cracks him in the sternum with Sting's bat. a raging Miro takes the shot and falls into the stairs, taking him out of the match for the foreseeable future. Darby and Buddy take each other out, and Malakai sets up for his finish on Sting. 

When Sting turns, he spits black mist in Malakai's face. Darby runs in and pins a discombobulated Malakai Black. 

Darby Allin defeats Malakai Black via pinfall. 

03:20 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

03:20 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

03:20 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

Sting locks Malakai in the Scorpion Death Lock, but is attacked by the rest of House of Black. Though he resists for some time, he eventually topples over and Malakai turns the hold into a kneebar. A now busted open Malakai Black tags in Brody, and the House of Black set up for Dante's Inferno. Sting escapes, tagging in Darby before planting Brody with the Scorpion Death Drop. After a Coffin Drop, Buddy Matthews breaks up the pin just in time. 

03:18 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

Julia Hart distracts the ref as Darby tags into Miro, meaning the ref doesn't see it. Miro's furious as Darby's left in a heap on the other side of the ring. Black takes Miro down and hits a roundhouse on the big man. Darby tags in Sting, who takes on Buddy and Brody at a two-on-one disadvantage. He tosses Buddy to the corner, demanding Malakai tag in. 

03:16 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

03:15 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

Darby's rival Brodie Lee tags in and completely dominates the risk taker. Brody launches Darby repeatedly into the barricade, only stopping to bash him with forearms and kicks. Miro reaches out for a tag, seemingly ready for teamwork now. It may be too late, though. Black tags in and keeps the pressure up on Darby. 

Darby escapes a sleeper but is knocked into House of Black's corner. 

03:13 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

03:13 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

03:13 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

03:13 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

Miro, Darby Allin, and Sting are set to take on House of Black, and it seems Miro is set on doing this himself. He stormed the ring without his partners, and almost started a fight before they could get there. He starts the match with Malakai and drives him into the corner before hammering the leader of the group. 

Miro refuses to tag out, forcing Darby to hit a blind tag when Buddy Matthews gets the best of the Redeemer. Matthews lights up Darby with a series of kicks. Black tags in just as Darby sets up for Code Red, and Buddy holds him long enough for Black to hit a devastating roundhouse. A running penalty kick follows, and Darby somehow kicks out. 

03:06 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

03:03 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

03:03 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

03:03 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

A Psycho Knee from Bryan can't get the pin, so Bryan Danielson moves for the Cattle Mutilation. Jericho fights out of it, only to be hammered in the chest and jaw with elbows. Cattle Mutilation again, and Jericho seems to be fading. Somehow, he finds the fight inside and is able to get to the ropes. 

Bryan hammers Jericho with more roundhouse kicks. A rolling elbow strike nearly knocks Jericho out cold. Bryan follows with more elbows, but can't sync in another Cattle Mutilation. Jericho stands up and runs to the corner, obscuring the ref's vision and hitting a low blow on Bryan. One Judas Effect later, and that's the match. 

Chris Jericho defeats Bryan Danielson via pinfall. 

02:59 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

Instead of the Walls, Jericho locks in the Liontamer. Bryan's stuck in the middle of the ring and doesn't seem to be able to get to the ropes. Jericho isn't able to keep the pressure on Bryan's neck with his knee, allowing Bryan to fight and crawl to the edge of the ring and break the hold. 

02:56 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

Jericho breaks away, going for the Walls once again. Danielson catches Jericho with a series of kicks to the forehead and pulls him in for a triangle choke. 

02:55 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

02:55 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

02:54 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

Bryan leads the crowd, saying Jericho's gonna get his ****ing head kicked in. Jericho's face is repeatedly stomped, and he's trapped in the LeBell Lock. 

02:53 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

Danielson blocks the Lionsault and moves in for the Lebel Lock. Jericho escapes, catapulting Danielson over the ropes. Back in the ring, Danielson is spiked with a tombstone and hit with a Lionsault for a near fall. 

02:51 (GMT)5 SEP 2022

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