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  • AEW Collision Live Results (August 5, 2023): WWE legend attacked with a belt on debut, major heel turn confirmed, CM Punk's next opponent revealed

AEW Collision Live Results (August 5, 2023): WWE legend attacked with a belt on debut, major heel turn confirmed, CM Punk's next opponent revealed

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 06, 2023 04:37 GMT

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04:37 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

That's it from us for the latest edition of AEW Collision. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda Wrestling for all the latest updates from the world of AEW and WWE. See you on AEW Dynamite next.

02:00 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Post-match, CM Punk celebrates as Ricky Starks looks shocked in the ring. As Punk is walking away, Starks attacks Steamboat and unleashes strikes with a belt. Punk chases him away. Medical official check in on Ricky Steamboat.

01:57 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

CM Punk takes advantage and rolls up Ricky Starks to retain his Real World Title on Collision.

CM Punk retains

01:56 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Starks gets a two-count after an overhead slam. He looks to gather momentum, but the referee gets taken out. Starks looks to use the ropes, but Steamboat stops him again.

01:55 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Ricky Starks catches CM Punk and gets a close two-count after a powerslam. 

01:53 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

After a back-and-forth, CM Punk connects with a high knee and the bulldog for a two-count. Punk climbs up to the top rope, but Starks reverses his move. Punk gets a two-count.

01:50 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Starks applies a submission move on Punk, but misses a splash. CM Punk looks for the GTS, but Starks escapes and gets a two-count shortly after.

01:47 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Punk gets a two-count after a high cross body. Starks looks to use the ropes as a leverage, but Steamboat stops him.

01:46 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Starks whips Punk into the corner and stomps on him. He again whips Punk and looks to target The Second City Saint's spine.

01:45 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Ricky Starks makes his comeback and hits a baseball slide to send CM Punk to the outside. Starks looks for the pinfall, but only gets a one-count. It is Starks' turn to soften Punk now.

01:43 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Punk hits a big leg drop and seemingly mocks Hulk Hogan. Punk unloads with closed fists on Starks before the latter looks to regroup. However, CM Punk sends him into the crowd and continues to have the upperhand.

01:41 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

CM Punk looks to hit GTS, but Starks escapes. At one point both men are on the outside after a lariat attempt. Punk continues to have the upperhand, but Starks applies a wristlock. Punk shoves his opponent to the corner.

01:38 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Punk hits another shoulder tackle, but Starks sends him to the outside with an armdrag. The Absolute kicks and chops Punk before unloading on him in the corner.

01:36 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

CM Punk vs. Ricky Starks

Both stars clash in the middle of the ring before Ricky Starks regroups on the outside. CM Punk wears Starks down and hits a shoulder tackle.

01:30 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Ricky Steamboat comes down to the ring for his special role in the main event. CM Punk defends his Real World Title against Ricky Starks.

01:23 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Towards the end, Jay White hits a snap suplex inside the ring and follows up with the Blade Runner for the victory.

Jay White wins

01:22 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Metalik makes his comeback with a big boot and follows up with a hurricanrana. He then hits a moonsault on The Switchblade on the outside.

01:20 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Metalik vs. Jay White

Both stars have a back-and-forth early on and Jay White gets the advantage after hitting a DDT for a two-count.

01:18 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Cage's daughter asks for the TNT Title, but the WWE legend refuses her and tells her to go away. He then tells that his daughter is not permitted to enter in the backstage area and asks security to remove her from the arena.

01:16 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Christian Cage appears in a backstage segment with his daughter, Luchasaurus, and Tony Schiavone. He says he has an issue with Darby Allin mentoring Nick Wayne.

01:12 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

We see a backstage segment with Powerhouse Hobbs and Tony Schiavone. QT Marshall looks to sort things with Hobbs, but the latter walks away.

01:12 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Major match between House of Black and CMFTR gets announced for next week.

01:10 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Action Andretti takes out Malakai Black and Buddy Matthews at ringside. Towards the end, Black and Matthews hit a double knee on Andretti and King hits the Slaughter on Lee for the victory.

House of Black retain

01:08 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Andretti tags in Lee Johnson and takes the champions down. He unloads with forearm strikes on King and Matthews , but the duo stop his momentum. Brody King hits a cannonball and gets a two-count shortly after, but Andretti breaks the count.

01:06 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Matthews dominates Andretti and hits the rising knee. King comes in and chops Andretti down. Malakai Black hits a kick and gets a two-count on Action Andretti.

01:04 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Matthews tossed Andretti onto the top rope and shoves him to crash and burn on the announce desk. Brody King unloads on the challengers at ringside.

01:03 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Malakai Black and Action Andretti battle in the ring. After a back-and-forth, Black kicks Andretti onto the barricades. He unloads with a knee strike and sweeping knee before tagging in Buddy Matthews.

01:01 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

House of Black vs. Darius Martin, Action Andretti and Lee Johnson

Brody King overpowers Darius Martin in the initial stages of the match. Martin hits an enziguiri, but King hits a shoulder tackle. Martin climbs up the rope and hits a high cross body, but to no effect.

00:59 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

We have a AEW World Trios Champiosnhsip match up next as House of Black take on Darius Martin, Action Andretti and Lee Johnson.

00:56 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Bowens cries and says The Acclaimed will miss Bill Gunn and does the scissoring pose.

00:55 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

We see The Acclaimed in a backstage segment addressing Billy Gunn's retirement. Anthony Bowens says Gunn is still officially retired and blames himself for The Acclaimed's tag team loss.

00:49 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Post-match, Joe says that he has no one for All In. He then takes shots at CM Punk and brings up their past. Samoa Joe says a rollup is not a proper way for their legacy to end and challenges Punk to a match at All In.

00:47 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Samoa Joe vs. Serpentico

Samoa Joe sqaushes Serpentico in under 10 seconds.

Samoa Joe wins

00:46 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Toni Storm appears in a backstage segment with Tony Schiavone and breaks her silence after her title loss. 

00:45 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Post-match, Martinez attacks the champion after her loss and Diamante comes in for the save. But she turns heel and attacks Statlander. Willow Nightingale comes in and chases the heels away.

00:44 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

After a back-and-forth, Mercedes Martinez looks to hit the Brass City Sleeper, but Kris Statlander drops her and gets a roll up victory.

Kris Statlander retains

00:41 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Kris Statlander gets a two-count after a powerslam in the middle of the ring. Both stars battle on the ring and Martinez drops the champion with a suplex. She hits a running knee for a two-count.

00:39 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Mercedes Martinez applies the Camel Clutch in the middle of the ring, but Kris Statlander drives her into the corner. Kris hits a few lariats and after a brief hiccup follows up with a knee strike. She goes for a crossbody, but misses on the outside.

00:37 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

The challenger chokes Statlander on the ropes and applies a painful submission. She gets a one-count shortly after. Statlander make her comeback with forearm strikes, but Martinez dodges her offense.

00:35 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Martinez hits a few underhook suplexes and unloads with elbow strikes to the back of the neck on the champion. She then hits a few chops and gets a two-count after a powerslam.

00:33 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Kris Statlander vs. Mercedes Martinez

Kris Statlander comes in with a flurry of offense before Mercedes Martinez makes her comeback and follows up with kicks in the corner.

00:32 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

We have the TBS Championship match up next Kris Statlander defends her title against Mercedes Martinez.

00:30 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Bullet Blub Gold appear in a segment with Tony Schiavone and mock him.

00:24 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Post-match, FTR bring up their checkered past before challenging The Young Bucks to a match at All In.

00:22 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

After a back-and-forth, Cage takes down FTR with a dive to the outside and Big Bill gets a two-count with a big boot. But towards the end, an unfortunate collision between the heels lead to FTR hitting the Shatter Machine for the victory.

FTR retain

00:20 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Harwood unloads on Cage and takes down both his opponents. FTR look for a double team move, but Brian Cage takes them down. The heels get a nearfall with a chokeslam/stalling suplex combo.

00:17 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Big Bill applies the torture wreck, but Cash Wheeler rolls out. Big Bill, however, takes him down with a lariat. Wheeler suplexes Brian Cage and tags in Dax Harwood.

00:15 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Big Bill unloads with a chop and punches Cash Wheeler before posing in the ring. Wheeler and Bill battle on the outside, with the latter confronting Wheeler's mother. She slaps Big Bill and that angers the giant.

00:12 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Bill powerslams Harwood and follows up with an elbow drop for a two-count. Big Bill and Brian Cage dominate the match as Cage wears down Wheeler. Cage hits a big dropkick on Wheeler.

00:10 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Harwood looks to shoulder tackle Cage, but gets taken down. Dax Harwood counters and gets a quick nearfall. He then gets another two-count with the O'Conor Roll. Big Bill is tagged in and the challengers are in control.
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