Ricky Starks

Ricky Starks

Full Name Richard Andrew Starks

Height 6ft 0in



Ricky Starks

Richard Andrew Starks is a professional wrestler and competes in the All Elite Wrestling, He is more commonly known by his in-ring name Ricky Starks. 

Ricky has spent most of his time competing for the NWA and was the first-ever National Wrestling Alliance World Television Champion.

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Ricky Starks Personal Info

NAME: Richard Andrew Starks

BORN: 21 February, New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.

HEIGHT: 6ft 0in

WEIGHT: 195lb


RESIDENCE: Austin Texas

DEBUT: August 7, 2012

FIGHTS FROM: New Orleans, Louisiana.


Starks made his professional wrestling debut back in 2012, he competed in many matches and was a part of various promotions all across Texas. Stark has admitted to being a fan of various WWE superstars while growing up. He was particularly a fan of The Undertaker and Mankind. Before joining NWA, Ricky competed in 4 matches for the WWE where he fought against wrestlers like Jinder Mahal and Colin Cassady.

In 2019, Ricky Starks made his debut for the NWA and defeated his opponent Trevor Murdoch on his debut match on the 15th of October. Stark left NWA on May 2020when his contract expired.

Stark made his AEW debut on the 17th of July when he answered the open challenge issued by Cody for the AEW TNT Championship.

Major Titles Held

  1. ACW Hardcore Champion
  2. ACW Unified Champion
  3. Dojo Pro White Belt Champion
  4. IWR Revolutionary Champion
  5. Inspire Pro Champion
  6. Inspire Pro Pure Prestige Champion
  7. NWA World Television Champion
  8. NWA Lone Star Junior Heavyweight Champion
  9. VIP Tag Team Champion
  10. WC Big Top Tag Team Champion
  11. Xtreme Heavyweight Champion

Wrestling Info


The Buster Keaton ( Double Underhook Facebuster )

Signature Moves

Fisherman’s Suplex 

Leg drop bulldog

Teams and Stables

  1. Stable 97
  2. Absolute Arrogance
  3. Chalmation Sensation
  4. Extra Talented


When did Ricky Starks make his wrestling debut?

Ricky Starks made his professional wrestling debut back in 2012 he first competed for the NWA.

Who trained Ricky Starks?

Ricky Starks was trained by former WWE champion Booker T.

Who was the first NWA World Television Champion?

Ricky Starks was the first-ever NWA television champion.

Has Ricky Starks signed with the AEW?

Ricky stark has signed with the AEW and made his debut on the 17th of June 2020.

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