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  • AEW Double Or Nothing Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from AEW PPV (25th May 2019)

AEW Double Or Nothing Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from AEW PPV (25th May 2019)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 26, 2019 09:23 IST

AEW is all set to change the landscape of pro-wrestling!


09:23 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Jon Moxley aka Dean Ambrose came out to the ring and faced down Chris Jericho before hitting him with an incredible Dirty Deeds. 
He did not stop there and hit the referee with a Dirty Deeds as well. Finally, he turned his attention to Kenny Omega, lifting him up to hit him with a Dirty Deeds! 

However, Omega charged through the ropes, and they started to brawl in the middle of the crowd. They headed to the giant casino chips and climbed up them, before Dean Ambrose, aka Jon Moxley hit Chris Jericho with a Dirty Deeds on top of it. He was not done and then in an almost Attitude Adjustment like move, threw him from the top of the chips to the ground below.
Jon Moxley has arrived.

Thank you for joining us Ladies and Gentleman. What an incredible show this was! 

09:21 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Jon Moxley comes out from the crowd! JON MOXLEY IS HERE!!

09:20 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Jericho takes the mic and says he doesn't give a rats a** about whether people boo him. Jericho says he's smart enough to know that it's his time. For months he's been saying Chris Jericho IS AEW. It's not a company for the fans, but for him!

09:17 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Jericho and Omega are slugging it out! Jericho manages to hit the Judas effect, his new finisher and that's all there is to it!!

Chris Jericho def. Kenny Omega

Chris Jericho vs Adam "Hangman" Page will be for the AEW World Championship

09:13 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Jericho counters Omega and has the Walls of Jericho locked in! His hands are LOCKED! It's in the centre of the ring but Omega drags himself forward. Omega gets dragged back and Jericho presses his body on him! Omega counters by flipping over and kicks his head in. Now Omega is in the driver's seat!

09:11 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Omega hits a sit-down piledriver onto Jericho but it's two! This is getting brutal

09:10 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Jericho stands up first but he's wobbly. Omega hits the second dragon suplex in a row!

09:09 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Jericho has Omega on the second turnbuckle. Jericho climbs to the top and tries to suplex him, but Omega hangs on for dear life. Omega hits a great right hand to the face of Jericho. Stunning Jericho, he jumps on him, but eats a CODEBREAKER! Nope, he didn't get all of it. That's two!

09:05 (IST)26 MAY 2019

A battle of power leads to Jericho backdropping Omega outside...RIGHT THROUGH THE TABLE! WOW!

09:04 (IST)26 MAY 2019

He hits a second lionsault to the body but it's 2!

09:04 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Omega hits the V-Trigger and Jericho is staggering. One-Winged Angel is on its way. Or not! Jericho escapes and hits a release German Suplex.

LIONSAULT on the head of Omega!!

09:03 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Omega takes Jericho the top turnbuckle and hits a spine-altering suplex! The impact was nothing short of scary!

09:00 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Holy crap! Omega springboards off the top rope and stomps onto the table which directly hits Jericho. That was NASTY!!

08:58 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Jericho takes a table from under the ring, but as he hoists it up, Omega hits an over-the-top rope dive onto the table and Jericho!

08:57 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Jericho is in the driver's seat and starts striking Omega's nose with strikes. Omega counters his charge with a hurricanrana but he's busted up!

08:55 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Jericho kicks out of a moonsault attempt and then fires back on all cylinders. He dropkicks Omega from the second turnbuckle and takes his time to pin him, but of course it's just two.

08:53 (IST)26 MAY 2019

A throwback to their Tokyo Dome match, Jericho takes the camera. Instead of flipping the bird, he gets spat on by Omega, who then jumps on him 

08:52 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Omega jumps on the barricade, but instead of doing his signature flip, Jericho pushes him INTO the crowd!

08:51 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Omega chest slaps Jericho on the outsideand dumps him onto the Timekeeper's podium!

08:50 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Jericho gets Omega into the Walls of Jericho, but the former IWGP World Champion escapes and rolls under the ropes right away. Jericho slidekicks him outside.

08:48 (IST)26 MAY 2019

The two lock up right off the bat. You can see the mindgames from the start, as Jericho and Omega slap each other. Jericho locks Omega's head, but the Cleaner shoves him away, only to get shoved down himself.

08:43 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Main event time

Chris Jericho vs Kenny Omega II

08:33 (IST)26 MAY 2019

The Bucks finally manage to finish it thanks to the Meltzer Driver. What a match!

The Young Bucks def. The Lucha Bros to retain the AAA World Tag Team Titles

08:32 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Nick Jackson takes out Fenix from the top turnbuckle while Matt tries to pin Pentagon. He fails to do so. It looks like The Bucks are going for the Metlzer driver, but Fenix manages to prevent it. Pentagon snaps the arm of Matt Jackson

08:30 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Pentagon gets hit by a senton and then a moonsault. It's still 2!

08:29 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Fenix jumps right into a superkick. Matt charges at him and hits the big boot! He has Fenix hooked up and hits a brainbuster on the turnbuckle! UNBELIEVABLE!!

08:28 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Pentagon hoists Fenix up, allowing him to crash down onto the Bucks! He rises and the crowd chants "Lucha brothers".Pentagon hits the Pentagon driver on both Matt and Nick, allowing Fenix to moonsault on Nick. SOMEHOW, he kicks out!!

08:26 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Fenix counters a charge from Nick Jackson and ducks down, allowing Pentagon to sunset-flip powerbomb Matt Jackson onto the apron! Fenix nearly finishes Nick Jackson but he kicks out! The crowd is on their feet!

08:25 (IST)26 MAY 2019

The action gets even hotter and they all neutralize each other via superkicks and more! What a match!

08:24 (IST)26 MAY 2019

The Bucks hit a double powerbomb from the top turnbuckle but Fenix kicks out!

08:23 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Nick makes the climb to the top. Fenix is placed on the ropes, held by Matt. Nick then hits the 450 splash! Penta kicks Matt's back and breaks up the pin

08:21 (IST)26 MAY 2019

He hits a running bulldog ont hem both. The Bucks then flip over and land a double sharpshooter!

08:21 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Now it's counter after counter. Nick Jackson has a sharpshooter on Fenix but Pentagon breaks it up. 

Pentagon then gets dragged outside, where Matt Jackson dishes out punishment of his own. He kicks his head out and flips on him, but not before taking out Fenix!

08:19 (IST)26 MAY 2019

This match is as intense as advertised. Nick Jackson hits a flipping stunner onto Pentagon and it looks insane

08:17 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Fenix singlehandedly counters both of the Bucks in the most beautiful way possible. WHAT A COUNTER! He hits the crusher onto Nick Jackson but it's 2! THAT WAS CLOSE!

08:15 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Matt has Fenix locked with his legs and Nick superkicks him out of the ring!

08:15 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Pentagon Jr. gets taken off his seat by the Bucks, who are now in the driving seat!

08:13 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Pentagon eats a spear out of nowhere by Matt! Holy crap!

08:13 (IST)26 MAY 2019

It's been all Nick, as he manages to arm drag Pentagon and takes down Fenix while he's at it

08:12 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Fenix points to the ring and Nick happily obliges. They start with the chops on each other, with Fenix getting the better of him via a dropkick. Pentagon comes charging in, but Nick moves out of the way.

08:10 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Fenix gets tagged in and so does Nick Jackson. The action quickly goes outside and they try to get the better of each other but they're in a stalemate. It's even!

08:08 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Pentagon Jr squares off with Matt Jackson. Jackson talks trash to Penta, but the Mexican star  doesn't say a word. Penta starts with a headlock and almost finishes it early! Mind games all around

07:58 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Now get ready for some exciting action.

The Young Bucks vs The Lucha Bros

07:56 (IST)26 MAY 2019

They take MJF to the crowd and the beatdown seemingly begins. Bret Hart hoists the All Elite World Championship up in the air. And it's absolutely beautiful!

07:56 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Jungle Boy comes out to confront MJF, but MJF calls him a pre-pubescent teen before trying to walk off. Enter Jimmy Havoc.

07:52 (IST)26 MAY 2019

MJF interrupts Bret Hart, who had already called Adam Page. Page calls him into the ring, while MJF calls him a horse.

07:47 (IST)26 MAY 2019

The AEW World Championship is being presented...and it's done by none other than BRET "THE HITMAN" HART! WOW!

07:42 (IST)26 MAY 2019

After a long struggle, Cody finally puts his brother away with a Cross-Rhodes. This time...for good.

Cody Rhodes def. Dustin Rhodes

07:39 (IST)26 MAY 2019

This is a WAR. They exchange strikes with the crowd going "Boo" for Cody and "Yeah" for Dustin. What an exchange. What psychology!

07:39 (IST)26 MAY 2019

Dustin headbutts him and this time hits the cross-rhodes. Surely this time? NOPE! KICK OUT AGAIN. Holy!
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