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AEW Dynamite Live Results (7th September, 2022): Daniel Garcia vs Wheeler Yuta for the ROH Pure Championship

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 08, 2022 02:07 GMT

What's next for the AEW World and Trios championships?


02:07 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

02:03 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

02:02 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

Two championships were vacated, and new champions were crowned at the beginning and end of AEW Dynamite. Thanks for joining us, folks! We'll see you Friday for AEW Rampage!

02:01 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

02:01 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

02:01 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

02:00 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

Yuta and Garcia shake hands, upholding the Code of Honor. Bryan takes the belt, wanting to put it on the waist of the new champion. As the three men celebrate in the ring, Jericho stands on the stage, stunned by what he's seeing. 

01:59 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

Garcia, again, goes for the Dragon Tamer. Yuta locks in a neck crank as Garcia's head goes too far back, but the pain is too much. Yuta is forced to tap. 

Daniel Garcia defeats Wheeler Yuta via submission. 

Daniel Garcia wins the ROH Pure Championship without the help of the JAS! Bryan Danielson comes down to the ring as Garcia celebrates. 

01:58 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

Wheeler rocks Garcia with a closed fist, giving him a warning from the referee. If he does it one more time, he'll lose the title by DQ. Garcia locks in the Dragon Tamer, but Yuta hooks the head when he pulls back too far and goes for a crossface. Garcia fights out and almost gets caught in the Seatbelt pin. 

01:55 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

They move to the top rope, once again, with Garcia hitting a top rope superplex. He takes too much time to crawl to Yuta and is unable to get the pin. 

01:52 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

Garcia chases Yuta into the corner and hits an incredible avalanche German suplex, leaving both men down for the ref's count. Can they get to their feet?

01:51 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

Yuta locks in a waistlock grip, catching Garcia with German suplexes. Garcia breaks it, spins, and hits Yuta with his own German suplexes. 

01:51 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

Yuta locks in a waistlock grip, catching Garcia with German suplexes. Garcia breaks it, spins, and hits Yuta with his own German suplexes. 

01:49 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

Garcia sends Yuta into the corner for a clothesline, following with a back suplex and another clothesline. Yuta kicks out at two. 

01:49 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

01:48 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

Wheeler Yuta catches Daniel Garcia with a striking combination in the corner followed by a flying elbow from the top rope, only getting a two-count. During the break, Yuta forced Garcia to use one of his three rope breaks.  

01:46 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

01:46 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

The crowd is fully behind their hometown Buffalo native Daniel Garcia. 

01:46 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

01:45 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

Wheeler Yuta defends his ROH Pure Championship against Daniel Garcia in our main event. It's Pure Rules, so three rope breaks per wrestler, no closed-fist punches to the face, and the title can change hands on DQ or count-out. 

01:44 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

01:39 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

01:38 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

01:37 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

Stokely Hathaway is out with Lee Moriarty, Ethan Page, the Gunn Club, and W. Morrissey. When a stage hand encourages him to "hurry up," Stokely's crew demolishes the poor kid. 

01:34 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

01:32 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

01:32 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

With that, Danielson will face Chris Jericho next week in an AEW All Out rematch. The winner moves on to the finals in two weeks.

01:31 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

Hangman misses a moonsault and is blasted out of the ring with the Busaiku Knee! Danielson goes for a dive and is caught and powerbombed on the apron! After that, Hangman sets up for the Buckshot!

Danielson ducks, takes Hangman into the ropes, and secures a win with a picture-perfect O'Connor Roll!

Bryan Danielson defeats Hangman Page via pinfall. 

01:29 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

Hangman fights out of it and after a long striking trade spikes Danielson with the Deadeye! 1-2-no! Danielson barely kicks out in time. 

01:27 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

01:27 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

Danielson sets Hangman up in the tree of woe. After another series of kicks, he comes from across the ring with a basement dropkick to the face. A dazed Hangman is taken up top for an avalanche back suplex, but Hangman lands on his feet! A discus lariat is countered by Danielson, who can't avoid the rolling elbow. He kicks out and transitions into the LeBell Lock!

01:24 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

01:23 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

Hangman follows his opponent to the floor, keeping the pressure on the veteran. Danielson catches Hangman in the ropes as he re-enters, giving him a much-needed opportunity to catch his breath. 

01:22 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

01:21 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

01:21 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

Hangman cuts Danielson off at the top rope, hitting an incredible moonsault slam. Somehow, Danielson kicks out, forcing Hangman to move to the ropes for the Buckshot Lariat. Danielson falls to the floor to escape.

01:20 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

Hangman takes a series of running knees in the corner and eats a nasty roundhouse to the head for a near fall. Chris Jericho, who beat Danielson at All Out, is watching the match closely backstage. The Yes kicks hammer Hangman, with another strong kick catching the head of the Millennial Cowboy. 

01:18 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

01:17 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

Bryan Danielson has zeroed in on the shoulder, pelting it with roundhouse kicks, hoping to take away the Buckshot Lariat and weaken it for the LeBell Lock. As Bryan goes for a crossbody, Page catches him, launching him overhead with a fallaway slam. On the floor, Hangman hits the slingshot crossbody

01:16 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

01:14 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

01:13 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

Bryan is sent to the floor again, but baits a crossbody over the ropes from Hangman. After catching the former champion, he launches him shoulder first into the ringpost. Bryan Danielson's cruel grin takes over the screen as we cut to break.

01:10 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

Page sends Danielson to the floor following a nasty chop. The American Dragon takes some time to adjust the game plan before stepping back between the ropes.

01:10 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

01:09 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

01:08 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

01:08 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

Hangman Page and Bryan Danielson faced each other twice when Page was AEW World Champion. Danielson was unable to beat him either time. Can he fix that tonight? 

01:05 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

01:05 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

01:03 (GMT)8 SEP 2022

Nese pokes fun at Wardlow's pecs and eats a headbutt and clothesline for the disrespect. After that, the Powerbomb Symphony begins. 

One powerbomb. Two powerbombs. Three powerboms, and a 1-2-3. 

Wardlow defeats Tony Nese via pinfall. 
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