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  • AEW Dynamite Live Results (8th June, 2022) Jon Moxley qualifies for Interim AEW Championship match at Forbidden Door.

AEW Dynamite Live Results (8th June, 2022) Jon Moxley qualifies for Interim AEW Championship match at Forbidden Door.

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What will happen at AEW Dynamite?


07:34 (IST)9 JUN 2022

07:33 (IST)9 JUN 2022

Full Results for AEW Dynamite for 8 June 2022.
Kyle O'Reilly wins Casino Battle Royale.
Pac defeats Buddy Murphy by pin.
Hangman Page defeats David Finlay by pin.
Thunder Rosa defeats Marina Shafir by pin.
Jon Moxley defeats Kyle O'Reilly by pin.

07:31 (IST)9 JUN 2022

Once Moxley was announced for the main event tonight, you kind of had to know that he was going to win, especially with his history of calling out Hiroshi Tanahashi. Overall, it was a good night of newsworthy moments, like stars calling for title shots and the emergence of Will Ospreay.  

07:30 (IST)9 JUN 2022

Things head to another slugfest in the middle of the ring until KOR kicks Mox in the knee. He kicks him again and hits a Saito Suplex. KOR jumps up and hits the same until both men stand up and slug each other's chests. They slump to the mat but Moxley locks in the Bulldog Choke. Mox counters into another remove before hitting a Regal Knee and the Paradigm Shift for the win.
Result - Jon Moxley defeats Kyle O'Reilly by pin.

07:28 (IST)9 JUN 2022

Moxley elbows KOR and goes for the Paradigm Shift but KOR counters out with a few knee strikes. KOR posits for another move, but Moxley jumps up and hits a cutter. He goes for a Gotch piledriver but KOR turns it into a submission attempt. He switches into a knee bar until Moxley grabs KOR by the jaw. He breaks out of the hold with a punch and then hits a piledriver for a two-count.

07:26 (IST)9 JUN 2022

Off the commercial break, Moxley drops KOR off the top with a slam. They exchange strikes in the middle of the ring again until Moxley stops it with headbutts and a kick to the head. Both men fall to the mat with simultaneous kicks in the faces. Mox puts KOR on the middle rope teeth first before kicking the rope. He hits a thunderous clothesline for a near fall. 

07:22 (IST)9 JUN 2022

07:21 (IST)9 JUN 2022

O'Reilly drops Mox with a Dragon Screw leg sweep. He then hits a flying knee off the top.

07:20 (IST)9 JUN 2022

Moxley wrenches KOR's fingers apart before putting him in a shoulder lock. KOR counters out with a pin attempt and a sub attempt of his own. Moxley gets up and stomps KOR in the face a la Bryan Danielson. The two engage in a middle-of-the-ring slugfest before Mox clubs KOR in the corner with some clotheslines. He goes for another move, but KOR kicks him out at the knee.

07:13 (IST)9 JUN 2022

07:11 (IST)9 JUN 2022

07:10 (IST)9 JUN 2022

Tony interviews the Baddies and TBS Champion Jade Cargill. Stokley announces that Red Velvet will fight Kris Statlander. Satanam Singh and Jay Lethal will be in action on Rampage, as will a match featuring Will Ospreay and his minions. Wardlow has chosen the 20-person fight next week.

07:08 (IST)9 JUN 2022

Rosa celebrates for a second but Shafir kicks her in the back and locks her in a submission. Toni Storm runs down to make the save but picks up the title and hands it to the Champ as a tease of a possible future match.

07:06 (IST)9 JUN 2022

Rosa hits a Death Valley Driver for a two-count. She then lands two kicks before Shafir catches the third one. Rosa reverses and gets a near fall. Shafir tries to hit a move, but Thunder Rosa counters again and holds Shafir down for the three-count.
Result - Thunder Rosa defeats Marina Shafir by pin. 

07:04 (IST)9 JUN 2022

Things are even early on with sub attempts and counters. Rosa kicks Shafir and Shafir falls into the corner. Rosa hits double knees off the top and then double knees to the back with Shafir in the ropes. The Champ gets a near fall off of that work. She hoists the challenger on her shoulders but Shafir counters out. The challenger hits a variation of a pump handle slam for a near fall.

07:01 (IST)9 JUN 2022

06:58 (IST)9 JUN 2022

Love how Excalibur and announcers try to explain why Shafir is getting a random title shot. They mention that the two women have the same singles record this year, but Shafir has only an appearance on Rampage to speak of. Other than that, it's mostly been Dark or Elevation.

06:56 (IST)9 JUN 2022

The Young Bucks mention that they beat the Lucha Brothers AND Jurassic Express last week. The Hardys enter the room and say that since they beat the Bucks at Double or Nothing, they should get the shot. Jurassic Express and Chrisitan Cage enter next, and Cage proposes a ladder match for the titles next week. Through the whole Cage explanation, Jungle Boy is flabbergasted with Cage's decision.

06:51 (IST)9 JUN 2022

06:51 (IST)9 JUN 2022

06:50 (IST)9 JUN 2022

After Sky and company retreat, the feed cuts to Mark Sterling who is mad at Wardlow for ripping up his legal papers from last week. He says Wardlow has two options - face him in the courtroom or face all 20 of the security guards in an elimination match next week.

06:49 (IST)9 JUN 2022

Tony Schiavone hits the ring to interview Wardlow. He says that Wardog didn't want to be a part of the battle royale earlier. Wardlow says he didn't want to be a part of it because CM Punk is the Champion and if he isn't submitting Punk, then he doesn't care. The big man also says he wants a shot at the TNT title because it has been diminished by some of the recent men that have held it. Scorpio Sky and his cohorts come out to stop Sky from fighting.

06:46 (IST)9 JUN 2022

Thunder Rose cuts a quick promo about wanting to fight anyone, and Marina Shafir answered the challenge. Strange that they haven't featured the women's titleholder since Double or Nothing.

06:44 (IST)9 JUN 2022

Page grabs a mic after the win. He says he wants the IWGP Heavyweight Champ at Forbidden Door, Okada. Adam Cole says that he doesn't have that right since he lost the AEW title and he won the Owen Hart tourney. He also mentions that Jay White might be the IWGP Champ before Forbidden Door.

06:41 (IST)9 JUN 2022

Hangman goes for Deadeye but Finlay counters out and hits a backbreaker for a near fall. Finlay goes for a German Suplex but Page lands on his feet. He drops Finlay with a lariat before hitting the Buckshot Lariat for the win.
Result - Hangman Page defeats David Finlay by pin.

06:38 (IST)9 JUN 2022

Back from the break and Finlay tries to put Page in a submission move. Page kicks out of it and hits a Fallaway Slam on Finlay. Page hits a jumping clothesline with Finlay on the apron. He adds a Pescado but hurts his leg even more in the process. 

06:36 (IST)9 JUN 2022

06:34 (IST)9 JUN 2022

Finlay drops Page with a shoulder block and Page drops Finlay with a body slam and a boot. Hangman knocks Finlay out of the ring before hitting a suicide dive. He also has a sip of beer from the cup of a front-row fan. As the action returns to the ring, Finlay catches a kick attempt from Page and uses his shoulder to attack Page's leg. Little Fin adds a chop block before the show heads to commercial.

06:30 (IST)9 JUN 2022

06:28 (IST)9 JUN 2022

Tony Schiavone interviews KOR, Bob Todd Fish, and Adam Cole. Willy Regal asks if KOR really wants to fight Moxley because of already fighting tonight. Regal shakes his hand but says he'll be on commentary for when Moxley beats his head in. Cole heads out for commentary for the match between Hangman Page and David Finlay.

06:25 (IST)9 JUN 2022

The match was interrupted by Great-O-Khan and Jeff Cobb of the United Empire. FTR agrees with Trent because neither team won or lost. Dax says that Trent's beef should be with Will Ospreay's boys and not FTR. That brings Ospreay out, allowing Aaron Henare and Aussie Open to attack Trent and FTR.

06:22 (IST)9 JUN 2022

As we come back from the commercial, Trent Baretta is in the ring with a mic. He says it's National Best Friends Day (cuz every day needs to be something) but his aren't here. He says that he wants another shot at the ROH Tag Team titles with Rocky Romero. He calls out FTR and they come out.

06:21 (IST)9 JUN 2022

06:21 (IST)9 JUN 2022

The winners of four matches will face off for the new title in a Fatal Four Way at Forbidden Door.

06:20 (IST)9 JUN 2022

06:19 (IST)9 JUN 2022

06:18 (IST)9 JUN 2022

I've never seen that variation of a Hurricanrana, but Pac is amazing. Penta and Fenix come down to celebrate with the winner. Buddy walks up the entrance ramp as the House of Black comes out to meet him. After the match, Eddie Kingston calls out Jake Hager and Daniel Garcia for eliminating him from the battle royale. He wants one of them for Rampage.

06:16 (IST)9 JUN 2022

Buddy sits on the top turnbuckle, but he drops Pac after Pac climbs the buckle. He then hits a roll-through Doctor Bomb for a near fall. Pac attempts to climb to the top, but Matthews stops him. Pac kicks him away and lands an Electric Chair poison rana on Matthews. He then hits the Black Arrow for the win.
Result - Pac defeats Buddy Matthews by pin.

06:14 (IST)9 JUN 2022

It's great that AEW is adding another title to its ranks, but it's a bit strange having another tournament so soon after the Owen Hart tourney.

06:14 (IST)9 JUN 2022

Pac hits a spinning DDT on Matthews with Matthews on the apron. The two exchange strikes in the middle of the ring. Matthews hits a jumping knee on Pac while Pac hits a German Suplex and a clothesline as both men fall to the mat.

06:09 (IST)9 JUN 2022

06:07 (IST)9 JUN 2022

Wales vs. Australia in the first match of the tournament to crown the AEW All-Atlantic Champion. Matthews and Pac one-up each other in the early stages. 

06:04 (IST)9 JUN 2022

The announcers relay that CM Punk's surgery today went well and that the doctors are encouraged by the progress. Tony Schiavone announces the creation of the All-Atlantic Championship as AEW's newest title. It will pit international competitors against each other, starting with Buddy Matthews against Pac. That's a dream match right there.

06:01 (IST)9 JUN 2022

05:58 (IST)9 JUN 2022

Jon Moxley cuts a promo after the battle royale saying that the Forbidden Door is his and he's going to kick it down.

05:58 (IST)9 JUN 2022

05:57 (IST)9 JUN 2022

KOR and Yuta fight on the ring apron. Yuta knocks KOR back into the ring with a kick. It keeps Yuta on the apron. KOR comes off the ropes and kicks Yuta off the apron.
Result - Kyle O'Reilly eliminates Wheeler Yuta to win the Casino Battle Royale.

05:56 (IST)9 JUN 2022

Idol and KOR toss Wheeler over the top but he makes his way back in the ring. He and KOR fight each other until Fenix and Andrade take over. Fenix attempts a corkscrew move off the top but Andrade kicks him. Andrade sends Fenix into the ropes, but he has a rolling attack in store. Andrade hits him with a low blow before tossing him over the top rope. Andrade eliminates Fenix. KOR and Wheeler Yuta eliminate Andrade.

05:53 (IST)9 JUN 2022

Fenix, Andrade, Wheeler Yuta, KOR, and Hobbs are the final five. Fenix and Idolo fight until Hobbs attacks Fenix from behind. He hits Fenix with a spinebuster and tries to eliminate him, but Wheeler Yuta saves Fenix by eliminating Hobbs. Wheeler Yuta eliminates Hobbs.

05:52 (IST)9 JUN 2022

Bobby Fish eliminated by Darby Allin. Darby Allin eliminated by Swerve Strickland. Swerve Strickland eliminated by Andrade El Idolo.
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