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  • AEW Dynamite Live Results (9th November, 2022): MJF breaks silence after major betrayal, former WWE Champion faces popular star in stipulation-based match

AEW Dynamite Live Results (9th November, 2022): MJF breaks silence after major betrayal, former WWE Champion faces popular star in stipulation-based match

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 10, 2022 04:43 GMT

Welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of AEW Dynamite!!


03:00 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

03:00 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

Sammy goes for the GTH but Danielson hits a hurricanrana. He goes for the Busaiko Knee but Sammy counters it into a Liontamer. Guevara goes for the GTH again but Danielson maneuvers out of it and hits the Busaiko Knee. Guevara hits back with an incredible DDT and heads to the top rope. He goes for a senton but the knees are up. Danielson then locks in the Labelle Lock and Guevara finally taps out.

Bryan Danielson wins 2-1

02:57 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

Bryan Danielson tries to join Sammy Guevara on the top turnbuckle. Sammy hits a knee to the head, knocking Danielson to the floor and follows it up with a Shooting Star Press out to the floor. Sammy goes for the double springboard cutter but Danielson traps him in the Labelle Lock. The fans are on their feet but Sammy reaches the bottom rope.

02:55 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

Sammy and Bryan trade right hands and slowly both men get back on their feet. Danielson has Sammy trapped in the tree of woe and boots him across the midsection, following it up with a running dropkick.

02:54 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

It looked like Bryan Danielson had Sammy Guevara pinned but Tay Conti pulls the referee out of the ring. Bryce Remsburg has had enough and he ejects Tay Conti.

02:52 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

Both men looks wiped at this point. Guevara has rolled out of the ring for some respite but Bryan hits him with a flying knee strike off the apron. Danielson then seats Guevara down on a steel chair and fires in a series of chops and kicks. Guevara thumbs Danielson in the eye and turns the table.

02:49 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

Bryan Danielson is on the top rope and goes for a flying headbutt. Guevara moves out of the way and locks in his version of a Labelle Lock.

02:49 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

Bryan Danielson looks totally out of it at this point and Sammy gets the second fall.

Match tied 1-1

02:46 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

02:45 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

Sammy's brutal attack has left Bryan Danielson busted open.

02:43 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

Sammy Guevara takes a mic from ringside and pummels Danielson with it. Why isn't that a second DQ? What's the ref doing?

02:42 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

Sammy Guevara vs Bryan Danielson (2 out of 3 falls)

Sammy Guevara charges at Danielson as soon as the bell rings but the former world champion casually sidesteps the charge. Danielson is in control early, hitting a shotgun dropkick. Guevara rolls out and Danielson goes to hit a tope suicida but Tay Melo gets in the way. Guevara uses the distraction to toss a steel chair at Danielson's head. This leads to Sammy getting DQ-ed and loses the first fall....

Bryan Danielson leads 1-0

02:40 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

02:39 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

We cut to backstage where Lance Archer has brutally attacked Ricky Starks. Starks may be out of the world title eliminator tournament.

02:39 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

Hayter ended up winning the match with her patented lariat.

Jamie Hayter def. Skye Blue

02:35 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

Skye Blue briefly takes control of the match. She hits a Code Red but only gets a nearfall. Hayter rolls her up and gets a nearfall before unloading with right hands. Both women trade strikes before Hayter sends her face first into the turnbuckle.

02:30 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

Jamie Hayter vs Skye Blue

Jamie Hayter has Britt Baker at ringside with her so Skye Blue brings AEW Women's Champion Toni Storm down to the ring with her. Hayter chokes Skye Blue in the corner and distracts the referee as Baker chokes Skye against the middle rope.

02:22 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

Moxley says that MJF calls himself the devil. He adds that he's met some very bad people who have done some very bad things and MJF is not that. He sends one final warning to MJF, saying everything MJF has done until this point in his career has been easy.

02:19 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

Jon Moxley is out next accompanied by William Regal. Moxley recalls the first time he met William Regal and the guidance he's received from Regal since. Moxley says that he sees a little bit of himself in MJF and addresses their title match at AEW Full Gear.

02:15 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

Renee Paquette is backstage with Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy says that Christian doesn't get to decide when their feud is over. He has a challenge for Christian and Luchasaurus but will announce it on Friday.

02:14 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

Jeff Jarrett comes out after the match to explain why he's in AEW. He says when his friend called, he showed up. Double J says he goes way back with Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt. He adds that Satnam is a legit giant. He puts Satnam over as one in a billion and sends a warning to Sting and Darby Allin.

02:11 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

Satam Singh tries to get involved but Danhausen tries to stop him. Danhausen takes out Sonjay Dutt but Satnam Singh takes him out. Trent then takes out Satnam but he gave Jay Lethal an opening. Lethal hit the Lethal Injection and that's enough for the win.

Jay Lethal def. Trent

02:08 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

Jay Lethal is still in total control of this match. Lethal does the Ric Flair strut and heads to the top rope. Lethal attempts an elbow drop but Trent got the knees up. Trent hits back with chops and a German suplex. He follows it up with a half and half and builds some momentum.

02:05 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

The match has spilled out to ringside.Lethal has a Figure-4 locked in on the floor and heads back to the ring to break the count. He continues to wrench at  Trent's knee before wiping him out with a clothesline.

02:05 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

Trent vs Jay Lethal

Lethal attacked Trent from behind during the middle of his entrance and goes right after Trent's knee.

02:01 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

02:01 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

01:59 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

Saraya runs down all her achievements in her career before laying down the gauntlet. It's going to be Saraya vs Britt Baker at AEW Full Gear. Baker goes to attack Saraya but she hits a kick to the gut and plants Baker in the middle of the ring.

01:56 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

Britt Baker takes the mic and says she helped build AEW to the point where former WWE stars like Saraya want to join the promotion. She says Saraya left her house and walked into hers.

01:54 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

Tony Schiavone is in the ring with Dr. Britt Baker and Saraya. Saraya takes the mic and reveals that she recently took a bunch of tests and she has been 100% cleared to return to the ring! A huge announcement!

01:52 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

Saraya comes face to face with Dr. Britt Baker next!

01:52 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

01:47 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

01:47 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

Wardlow calls out Powerhouse Hobbs who obliges. Wardlow says he will eventually win all the titles in AEW and Samoa Joe, suddenly turns on Wardlow and locks in the Coquina Clutch. Joe looks at the TNT title as the segment comes to an end.

01:44 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

Wardlow (C) vs Arya Daivari [for the TNT Championship]

Wardlow starts off by tossing Daivari's butler out of the ring. He then hits Daivari with a powerbomb to begin the symphony. He follows it up with three more powerbombs and finishes Daivari off.

Wardlow def. Arya Daivari

01:41 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

Arya Daivari is in the ring. He offers Wardlow the services of his butler in exchange for the TNT Championship.

01:39 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

Ethan Page heads to the top rope but Eddie Kingston meets him up there. Page repositions and is going for the Ego's Edge off the top rope. He DOES it! Avalanche Ego's Edge and that puts Eddie Kingston away!

Ethan Page def. Eddie Kingston

01:37 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

Both men are now trading strikes in the middle of the ring. They both get on their feet at the same time and continue throwing right hands. Kingston hits a dropkick out of nowhere.

01:34 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

Kingston tries to hit back with a few chops but Page stops him right away. The match heads back in the ring and Page has a chokehold locked in. Kingston hits back with an enzeguiri followed by a series of chops. Page follows it up with a running powerslam for another 2-count.

01:32 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

Ethan Page vs Eddie Kingston

It's all Ego early on in this match. Kingston hits back with a butterfly suplex and gets a two-count. Page hits back by whipping Kingston into the corner. The match spills out to ringside and Page suplexes Kingston onto the floor.

01:30 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

Up next is the first match of the world title eliminator tournament. Eddie Kingston will face "All Ego" Ethan Page.

01:28 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

We also get a backstage vignette featuring Stokely Hathaway. He sends a warning to his former best friend MJF.

01:24 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

01:22 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

We get a clip of MJF from a recent podcast where he addresses the attack at the hands of The Firm and the upcoming title match against Jon Moxley. MJF says he respects Moxley because he had to spill blood, sweat and tears  on the road to becoming one of the best pro wrestlers in the world. MJF says he himself isn't just a good professional wrestler, he's THE professional wrestler.

01:20 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

01:19 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

Dax also heads to the top rope from the apron and suplexes Colten Gunn off it. Dax Harwood and Colten Gunn are the legal men now. Bowens comes in and hits The Arrival to Gunn and Caster follows it up with the Mic Drop. FTR follow it up with the Big Rig and that's enough to put Colten Gunn away.

The Acclaimed and FTR def. Gunn Club, Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland

01:17 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

A big brawl breaks out in the ring and the referee seems to have lost control of the match. FTR and Gunn Club send each other crashing out of the ring. Keith Lee then powerbombs Bowens onto Caster. Swerve now dives from the top rope and wipes out everyone at ringside.

01:15 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

Keith Lee and Swerve haven't been on the same page for weeks and it's no different tonight. They argue at ringside as Bowens comes close to pinning Colten Gunn. Bowens goes for the tag but Austin Gunn takes out Max Caster. Gunn Club hit Bowens with the Big Rig but its broken up by Caster.

01:14 (GMT)10 NOV 2022

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