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  • AEW Dynamite Live Results (April 5, 2023): New Champions crowned, Free agent chooses AEW over WWE after Vince McMahon's return, multi-time Champion says he'll never leave

AEW Dynamite Live Results (April 5, 2023): New Champions crowned, Free agent chooses AEW over WWE after Vince McMahon's return, multi-time Champion says he'll never leave

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 06, 2023 02:06 GMT

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02:06 (GMT)6 APR 2023

Thank you for joining our coverage of AEW Dynamite! We hope you enjoyed the episode as much as we did. Thank you, and good night/morning/evening, wherever you are in the world!

02:05 (GMT)6 APR 2023

02:03 (GMT)6 APR 2023

02:01 (GMT)6 APR 2023

02:01 (GMT)6 APR 2023

No backing down for Dax Harwood. He avoids the finisher, and Cash Wheeler quickly and instinctively dives. DOUBLE PIN BY FTR. THAT's THREE!

FTR def. The Gunns to become the NEW AEW World Tag Team Champions. Their careers are SAVED. They are now 2-time tag team champions!

02:00 (GMT)6 APR 2023

There's only a minute left. Colton tries to slide a tag team title, and the ref stops it. He slides the other title, and the ref and Harwood are unaware. He hits the dive - but gets smacked weakly in the head by the title. DAX HARWOOD is still in the fight!

01:59 (GMT)6 APR 2023

Austin Gunn and Dax Harwood are going back-and-forth. Austin Gunn HITS A LOW-BLOW and demands to get himself DQ'd.  Cash Wheeler stops the referee from hitting the DQ.  The Gunns take Wheeler out, and Austin Gunn looks to end FTR for good

01:58 (GMT)6 APR 2023

01:57 (GMT)6 APR 2023

The Gunns' finisher gets blocked by Cash Wheeler and FTR HITS THE SHATTER MACHINE. Colton pulls the referee's leg and almost gets himself DQ'd. Cash Wheeler comes down and out for him but gets slammed into the ring post. Dax Harwood collides into Colton Gunn, and Austin Gunn takes advantage and NEARLY pins him.

01:56 (GMT)6 APR 2023

There is a severe lack of crowd reaction for a career-threatening match

01:56 (GMT)6 APR 2023

Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler hit a spike piledriver on Austin Gunn but it was ALMOST 3. SO CLOSE

01:55 (GMT)6 APR 2023

01:55 (GMT)6 APR 2023

Dax ALMOST gets the pin but there is a kickout!

01:54 (GMT)6 APR 2023

The Gunns are doing well to completely isolate Cash Wheeler, but he manages to tag Dax Harwood - a crucial moment.  Dax takes out Austin Gunn and then neutralizes Colton with a short lariat

01:53 (GMT)6 APR 2023

Colton Gunn is firmly in the drivers seat as he tags Austin Gunn back in. He throws Cash Wheeler outside, but he tries to regain control

01:50 (GMT)6 APR 2023

01:50 (GMT)6 APR 2023

Austin Gunn, behind the referees back, takes advantage to strike Cash Wheeler, but the latter strikes back

01:48 (GMT)6 APR 2023

The two have a lock-up, and Cash Wheeler goes all in with the intensity. Big strikes and a tag to Dax Harwood. Harwood gets offense in and tags Wheeler in again. Quick tags for the win!

01:47 (GMT)6 APR 2023

Cash Wheeler starts things with Colton Gunn. The Gunns receive huge "a-hole" chants.

01:45 (GMT)6 APR 2023

The Champions come out to the 50 Cent classic "Many Men" for the main event. Big fight feel!

01:44 (GMT)6 APR 2023


The Gunns (c) vs FTR - AEW Tag Team Championship - if FTR loses, their AEW careers are OVER

01:43 (GMT)6 APR 2023

01:43 (GMT)6 APR 2023

01:40 (GMT)6 APR 2023

Danielson says that the four of them are the ONLY professional wrestlers in AEW and maybe even in all of America

01:40 (GMT)6 APR 2023

Danielson has apparently been teaching his kids (5 years and 2 years old) about fixing things in the house. He has a screwdriver out, and it's used to drill into Hangman's head. That was brutal. He continues to call everybody amateurs. 

01:38 (GMT)6 APR 2023

Danielson says he loves these men, and tells Hangman Page that nobody loves him because nobody is coming to help him

01:38 (GMT)6 APR 2023

Claudio Castagnoli outpowers Hangman Page while Yuta and Moxley throw in their own strikes. Bryan Danielson is talking s**t by calling Hangman an amateur

01:36 (GMT)6 APR 2023

He says the four of them in BCC are the only professional wrestlers. Adam "Hangman" Page has an issue with that

01:36 (GMT)6 APR 2023

Bryan Danielson calls the wrestlers they faced impotent amateurs that the "EVPs would have hired"

01:35 (GMT)6 APR 2023

Wheeler Yuta hits a crossface on the enhancement talent and Aubrey Edwards can't seem to stop him. BCC are NOT DONE

01:33 (GMT)6 APR 2023

Claudio Castagnoli, Jon Moxley and Wheeler Yuta are wreaking havoc!

01:32 (GMT)6 APR 2023

The Blackpool Combat Club is out and ready! They're taking their time

01:30 (GMT)6 APR 2023

01:30 (GMT)6 APR 2023

01:29 (GMT)6 APR 2023

It's a MASSIVE WEMBLEY STADIUM SHOW to celebrate 100 years! This is MASSIVE!

01:28 (GMT)6 APR 2023

Tony Khan's announcement with recent ROH-signee Nigel McGuiness.

He announces AEW's debut in England - an ALL-IN show on August 27th!

01:27 (GMT)6 APR 2023

Isiah Kassidy and Matt Hardy have interfered, and Hook gets the REDRUM submission hold. Ethan Page passes out

Hook def. Ethan Page

Matt Hardy looks like he has fully aligned with Hook, and has no interest in Ethan Page

01:25 (GMT)6 APR 2023

Hook hits the TWIST OF FATE! That's Matt Hardy's move!

01:24 (GMT)6 APR 2023

Outside the ring, Ethan Page hits Hook and sends him into the steel steps and then the steel ringpost!

01:24 (GMT)6 APR 2023

Hook has the best singles record of any male AEW star, and after Ethan Page taunts him, bails out of the ring when receiving a suplex

01:23 (GMT)6 APR 2023

01:23 (GMT)6 APR 2023

Hook vs Ethan Page

01:19 (GMT)6 APR 2023

01:19 (GMT)6 APR 2023

Guevara says MJF sold his soul to be a pillar. Guevara, on the other hand claims to have put his heart and soul in, and tells the crowd that they can boo him all they want. He says he doesn't want to go anywhere (WWE), and says screw Darby Allin, screw Jungle Boy, and screw MJF

01:17 (GMT)6 APR 2023

He says that even in their main event match in 2021, he had him beat, and says Shawn Spears and a steel chair beat him. He says that MJF cheated and lied and manipulated his way to the top. Sammy Guevara asks who the hell MJF is, and runs through alliances that eventually fell through 

01:16 (GMT)6 APR 2023

Tony Schiovane is in the ring, and Sammy Guevara makes a statement. He asks if he was watching American Idol, referring to MJF's performance. He says it's time for him to get a title shot, and the crowd tells him to shut the f**k up.

01:14 (GMT)6 APR 2023

Darby Allin is watching from above in the rafters. And Commander walks the ropes again but Sammy hits an INSANE CUTTER before the GTH lands and that's it!

Sammy Guevara def. Commander

01:14 (GMT)6 APR 2023

01:14 (GMT)6 APR 2023

01:14 (GMT)6 APR 2023

Sammy Guevara regains momentum and looks to finish Commander. Fireman's Carry position, but the GTH doesn't land. Commander nearly pulls off the upset!
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