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  • AEW Dynamite Live Results (August 30, 2023): Jon Moxley's next opponent revealed, ex-WWE star walks out on Adam Cole, official to be sacked?

AEW Dynamite Live Results (August 30, 2023): Jon Moxley's next opponent revealed, ex-WWE star walks out on Adam Cole, official to be sacked?

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 31, 2023 02:05 GMT

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02:05 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

That's it from us for the latest edition of AEW Dynamite. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda Wrestling for all the latest updates from the world of AEW and WWE. See you on AEW Collision next.

02:03 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Jon Moxley rushes down the ring and has a confrontation with Orange Cassidy to end the go-home episode of Dynamite before All Out.

02:01 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Post-match, Cassidy takes the microphone and says every defense takes a toll. The International Champion recalls his hard times before vowing to defeat Jon Moxley at All Out.

01:59 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

However, he only gets a two-count. Penta snaps Cassidy's hand and connects with the Fear Factor. But Cassidy kicks out and rolls up Penta to retain the title.

Orange Cassidy retains

01:57 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Cassidy connects with a botchy-looking Beach Break. The two stars are on the apron and Penta El Zero Miedo connects with the Fear Factor on the hardest part of the ring.

01:56 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Orange Cassidy does his mock offense before the two exchange a series of Canadian Destroyers. Penta dodges the Orange Cassidy and hits the Made in Japan for a two-count.

01:54 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Penta kicks Cassidy on the hamstring. After a back-and-forth, Penta connects with the sling blade and gets a two-count.  

01:51 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Penta hits a running punt before hitting a backstabber for a two-count. Penta has a standoff with a fan at the ringside area.

01:49 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Orange Cassidy looks to make his comeback, but Penta stops him. OC connects with the Stundog Millionaire and gets a two-count after a DDT.

01:48 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Cassidy goes for another, but Penta kicks him and connects with a dive of his own. Penta El Zero Miedo hits a leg drop from the bottom rope and gets a two-count.

01:47 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Penta is in control and he hits a chop. The challenger applies a juji gatame before reversing a Beach Break attempt. A series of roll-ups follow. Cassidy connects with a tope suicida on Penta.

01:44 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Cassidy looks to hit dive to the outside, but Penta catches him and slams him on the barricades.

01:43 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Penta El Zero Miedo - AEW International Championship Match

Orange Cassidy looks to put his hands in his pocket, but Penta shoves him down. Both stars have a back-and-forth before Cassidy takes Penta down. OC puts his hands in his pockets.

01:36 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

We have the main event up next as Orange Cassidy defends the AEW International Championship against Penta El Zero Miedo.

01:33 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Bowens says trios titles will be defended at All Out before the champions celebrated to end the segment.

01:32 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Screenshot 2023-08-31 at 7.00.49 AM.png 1.13 MB

01:31 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Anthony Bowens says it is the era of "House of A**." The Acclaimed introduce brand new trios titles in AEW.

01:30 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Max Caster says The Acclaimed and Gunn will dominate the trios division before having a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Billy Gunn cuts the ribbon with his big scissor. 

01:27 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

We have The Acclaimed in the ring for a celebration. Billy Gunn says they are short on time before adding Daddy A** is back.

01:22 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

We see Konosuke Takeshita and Don Callis work out a strategy to defeat Kenny Omega at All Out. Callis says if everything fails he has a backup strategy.

01:21 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

After a back-and-forth, Kris Statlander connects with the Wednesday Night Fever on Marina Shafir for the victory. Post-match, Ruby Soho comes in and hits the No Future on Statlander.

Kris Statlander, Britt Baker, Hikaru Shida win

01:17 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Statlander hammers on Shafir before hitting a face plant in the middle of the ring. Nyla Rose breaks up the count. Chaos ensues as Baker kicks Shida by mistake.

01:16 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Rose whips Baker in the corner before Sakura hits a crossbody in the corner for a two-count. Britt Baker makes her comeback and tags in Kris Statlander.

01:15 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Baker hits a slingblade before a distraction from Marina Shafir gives the heels the upperhand. Sakura and Rose isolate Baker. The heels are in complete control.

01:12 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Kris Statlander, Hikaru Shida, and Britt Baker vs. Emi Sakura, Marina Shafir, and Nyla Rose

Emi Sakura throws her body at Hikaru Shida before the latter responds with an elbow strike. Shida hits a dropkick before tagging in Britt Baker.

01:08 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

We see a video package of Penta Oscuro ahead of the main event later tonight.

01:07 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Roderick Strong and The Kingdom walk to the backstage area to end the segment.

01:05 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Taven calls Cole a leach and says he doesn't care about anybody. After a while, Cole calls MJF his best friend, Strong disagrees and tells he'll enter the tourney for the AEW World Championship. Strong vows to win the tournament.

01:03 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Strong is disgusted that Cole is more concerned about MJF's injury than his. Mike Kanellis takes the mic and brings up his history with Adam Cole. Matt Taven claims he needed The Kingdom to be relevant before leaving for the Bullet Club.

00:59 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Cole says MJF's neck is banged up. Roderick Strong and The Kingdom interrupt him

00:59 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Adam Cole is in the ring for story time and hypes up the All In pay-per-view. He thanks fans for making it special and brings up winning the ROH World Tag Team Titles. Cole says losing the world title match hurt.

00:56 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Sammy Guevara is in a backstage segment after reforming Le Sex Gods before Don Callis comes in. He calls Jericho a sociopath before Sammy stops Callis and sends him away.

00:51 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

We see a video package featuring Adam Cole and MJF following All In. MJF says a tournament will decide his opponent at Grand Slam. Also, a battle royale on Rampage will determine the no.1 contenders for the ROH Tag Team Championships.

00:50 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Claudio Castagnoli comes in and circles around the ring. He takes Wheeler Yuta to the backstage area.

00:48 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

After a back-and-forth, Yuta hammers down on Eddie's elbow. Kingston drops Yuta with a half-and-half suplex. Eddie Kingston connects with two backfist strikes for the victory.

Eddie Kingston retains

00:46 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Eddie sends Yuta to the outside with a clubbing blow and follows up with a dive to the outside. He hits multiple chops and gets a two-count with an exploder. Yuta gets a two-count with a German suplex.

00:45 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Kingston looks to make his comeback, but Yuta bites the champion. Eddie swings wildly and misses.

00:42 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

The two stars exchange chops before Yuta targets Eddie's wrist and gets a one-count. Wheeler Yuta continues to have the upperhand in the bout.

00:40 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Eddie Kingston (c) vs. Wheeler Yuta - NJPW Strong Openweight Championship Match

Both stars square off in the middle of the ring. Wheeler Yuta slaps Eddie Kingston and it fires him up. Yuta targets Eddie's injured spot.

00:39 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

We have a title match up next. Eddie Kingston defends his NJPW Strong Openweight title against Wheeler Yuta.

00:38 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Jon Moxley hypes up the AEW International Championship Match at All Out.

00:36 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Jericho calms down Guevara and tells the latter that the duo should go after the AEW World Tag Team Championships.

00:35 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

The two stars start blaming each other. Sammy Guevara says maybe he would have been on the All In card if he was not concerned about Chris Jericho. The two trades barbs. They come very close to one another and almost have a fight.

00:33 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Jericho then plays a package from All In and apologizes to Guevara. The Spanish God accepts the apology and shakes hands with Chris Jericho. Jericho says he is still thinking about his bout with Ospreay and feels Sammy should have hit Ospreay harder with the bat.

00:30 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Jericho calls out Sammy Guevara after walking out on him at All In. He says he is not happy with his actions at All In. The Ocho states he was frustrated.

00:28 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Chirs Jericho is in the ring to address fans. He brings up the success of All In and calls it one of the greatest moments in his career. He says he'll never forget his match against Will Ospreay.

00:26 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

We see Toni Storm in a segment with Renee Paquette. She says she is happy with Saraya's win, but The Anti-Diva went off script. She says Ruby Soho hates her before saying the official at All In, Paul Turner, needs to be sacked. Storm adds she cannot trust anyone.

00:19 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

A backstage segment sees Bullet Club Gold confronting FTR and The Young Bucks at the Wembley Stadium. Wheeler challenges BCG to an eight-man match at All Out. The bout is officially confirmed.

00:18 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

We see a video package highlighting Orange Cassidy's rise and he vows to defeat Jon Moxley if he gets past Penta.

00:16 (GMT)31 AUG 2023

Komander looks to hit a 450-splash, but Moxley gets his knees up. He hits the King Kong lariat and then hits a piledriver. Komander kicks out at 2.

Moxley follows up with hammer and anvil strikes and applies the rear naked choke and then finishes off Komander with an armbar submission on Dynamite.

Jon Moxley wins
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