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AEW Dynamite Live Results: Friday Night Dynamite Updates & Highlights (11th June 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJun 12, 2021 05:02 GMT

Catch the live results from this week's episode of AEW Dynamite


04:03 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

04:02 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

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04:02 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

Well, that's it for tonight. 

That was a fun show from AEW. AEW Dynamite will be back again next Friday.

Meanwhile, join us for NXT TakeOver this week and stay tuned here for the full results from tonight. 

04:00 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

03:59 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

Team Tazz may have one less member after this night. 

03:59 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

Hook distracts and Ricky Starks tries to throw Cage the belt to use it on Ten with the referee's back turned.

Cage throws it away. Ricky Starsk slaps him and the two batter each other and go backstage.

Hobbs hits Ten with the spinebuster, but is alone as Hangman breaks it. Hobbs throws Hangman out. Preston Vance aka Ten hits the ripcord, the cutter, and then Hangman hits the Buckshot Lariat.

Ten pins him.

Hangman Page and Ten defeat Brian Cage and Powerhouse Hobbs

03:57 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

03:57 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

03:57 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

Hangman hits a major shot on Powerhouse. However, Hobbs gets to the ropes. Ten hits the spinebuster on Hobbs and lines him up for the Full Nelson, but Hobbs gets to the ropes. Cage tags in and takes out Hangman.

He hits Ten with a German Suplex and Hobbs combines with him for a High Low.

03:55 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

03:55 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

Hangman hits a running big boot on Brian Cage, taking him off the apron. He collides with Powerhouse Hobbs and fights him back. He dives on Cage, but Hangman sends him face-first into the ringpost. 

Hangman hits the Moonsault on Hobbs for a near-fall. 

03:50 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

03:50 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

Powerhouse Hobbs attacks Ten and holds him near the ropes, torturing him. 

03:48 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

03:48 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

Hangman and Brian Cage start the match as they batter each other early on. Hangman gets out of an exploder and hits the Standing Shooting Star.

03:46 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

Brian Cage and Powerhouse Hobbs vs Hangman Page and No. 10

The match has a lot of tension with Brian Cage falling out with Team Tazz. 

03:39 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

Nyla hangs Leyla up on the ropes. She gets on the top rope and Leya fights back. They brawl on the top rope. 

Nyla knocks Leyla down. Leyla tries the Hurricanrana and Nyla turns it into the Powerbomb. 

That's it!

Nyla Rose defeats Leyla Hirsch

03:38 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

Leyla focuses on the arm of Nyla Rose. She locks in the cross-arm breaker and Nyla gets out with a powerbomb. 

03:33 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

03:33 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

03:32 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

Nyla stops Leyla's dive and hits her against the ring apron. Leyla smashes Nyla's arm against the ring post.

Nyla throws Leyla against the barricade.

03:31 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

Nyla Rose stops Hirsch and hits her with a slam. Hirsch turns a slam around into a cross armbreaker. Nyla breaks out with the ropes.

03:29 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

Nyla Rose vs Leyla Hirsch

03:29 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

03:28 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

Before the match can even start, Archer hits a chokeslam and he starts to batter Hopkins. He hits the Blackout and that's it. 

Lancer Archer defeats Chandler Hopkins

03:27 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

Lance Archer vs Chandler Hopkins

03:26 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page are amused by Darby Allin agreeing to fight them by himself. They call it dumb and say that he will face the consequences. 

03:24 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

03:21 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

03:21 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

Jungle Boy says that Omega talks too much and beats him back. Omega rakes his eyes and starts to batter him. Jungle Boy sweeps his leg and has the Snare Trap in.

The Young Bucks come out for the rescue. 

03:19 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

Jungle Boy is out and confronts Kenny Omega. 

Omega says that Jungle Boy is not really a promo guy. 

03:18 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

03:17 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

Kenny Omega and Don Callis are out and they talk about how they overcame an AEW conspiracy. Don Callis says that Jungle Boy is a one-hit-wonder. 

Omega says that he won't say anything bad about Jungle Boy. He says he respects him and that someday he would be a champion.

03:15 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

03:12 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

Uno hits a discus lariat. Miro takes it and hits a clothesline of his own. 

He then mocks The Dark Order and locks in the Accolade He bends him back and Uno can't do anything but tap out. 

Miro defeats Evil Uno

03:11 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

03:11 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

The rest of the Dark Order come down to support Evil Uno. 

Uno stomps on the arm of Miro. Miro catches Uno's crossbody. Miro rolls up Uno for a near-fall. Uno kicks out and sends him into the turnbuckle for a near-fall. 

03:10 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

Uno breaks the count and enters the ring after encouragement from Stu Grayson and Alan Angels of the Dark Order. 

Miro attacks Stu Grayson and then comes back into the ring. Evil Uno hits Miro with some forearm strikes and then a hurricanrana. He hits two running splashes and then a big boot. 

He goes to the top and hits the Senton Atomico for a near-fall. 

03:09 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

03:08 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

Miro pushes Evil Uno off the apron into the barricade. Miro is now truly dominating.

03:05 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

03:05 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

03:05 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

Miro batters Evil Uno, sending him on the backfoot. Uno comes out of it and starts to chop Miro's chest. He avoids the dive of Miro and the TNT titleholder falls out of the ring. They fight outside the ring and Miro accidentally punches the ringpost. 

Evil Uno with the senton from the apron. He hits an elbow and a big boot. Miro drags him down and hits an exploder suplex. 

03:03 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

AEW TNT Championship Match: Miro (c) vs Evil Uno

03:00 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

Sting promises to stay home next week. Allin will face Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page alone next week. 

02:59 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

02:59 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

Darby Allin says that he is not replacing Sting next week and instead would face them alone in a handicap match. 

02:54 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

Jake Hager lifts up the limo with a forklift and destroys it. 

02:53 (GMT)12 JUN 2021

MJF denies Jericho's match request. 

MJF says that Sammy does not have the speaking skill to stand with him in the ring.

Jericho says that The Pinnacle better give them what they want otherwise bad things happen. 

They batter The Pinnacle's limo and destroy it. 
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