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AEW Dynamite Live Results: Friday Night Dynamite Updates & Highlights (18th June 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJun 19, 2021 10:11 IST

Catch the live results from this week's episode of AEW Friday Night Dynamite!


09:31 (IST)19 JUN 2021

09:31 (IST)19 JUN 2021

Well, that's it for tonight folks, thanks for joining us today. 

Join us again for Hell in a Cell, and stay tuned here for the full results. Follow Sportskeeda for all your wrestling news!

09:29 (IST)19 JUN 2021

09:29 (IST)19 JUN 2021

Penta counters Karl Anderson and hits the backstabber.

He goes to the top rope but is knocked down by Nick Jackson who blinds him with the spray.

That's it.

Super Cutter.

Matt Jackson and The Good Brothers defeat Penta, Eddie Kingston, and Frankie Kazarian

09:28 (IST)19 JUN 2021

Kingston hits the Half and Half on Matt Jackson.

09:28 (IST)19 JUN 2021

Gallows hits the elbow and covers Penta, but he kicks out. 

09:27 (IST)19 JUN 2021

09:27 (IST)19 JUN 2021

Penta hits Anderson with the superkick to the face for a near-fall. Karl Anderson reverses with the neckbreaker. 

Gallows and Anderson fight back and now they are dominating. 

09:27 (IST)19 JUN 2021

09:26 (IST)19 JUN 2021

09:25 (IST)19 JUN 2021

Karl Anderson hits the Spinebuster on Frankie Kazarian. 

Penta jumps out of the ring and takes out The Good Brothers. He hits the Enzuigiri on Matt and then the DDT. 

09:24 (IST)19 JUN 2021

Kazarian gets into the match and knocks down Anderson and Matt, as well as Gallows. He scoop slams Karl as well. 

09:22 (IST)19 JUN 2021

Gallows and Anderson use Matt Jackson as a weapon and knock down Eddie Kingston. 

09:20 (IST)19 JUN 2021

09:19 (IST)19 JUN 2021

Gallows, Anderson, Matt, all beat down Kingston on the outside. 

09:16 (IST)19 JUN 2021

Kazarian starts the match well against Anderson. Anderson is in some trouble at the moment. Penta tags in and attacks him. 

09:13 (IST)19 JUN 2021

Penta El Zero Miedo, Eddie Kingston, Frankie Kazarian vs The Good Brothers and Matt Jackson

09:04 (IST)19 JUN 2021

09:04 (IST)19 JUN 2021

Vickie Guerrero says that Britt Baker and Rebel will face Nyla Rose and Vickie in two weeks. 

09:03 (IST)19 JUN 2021

09:03 (IST)19 JUN 2021

09:02 (IST)19 JUN 2021

Miro was the one to injure Kip Sabian. That's why he's not here. 

09:02 (IST)19 JUN 2021

Miro makes his way out and asks Ford where Kip is. He says that it's not right that he let Penelope stay out alone. 

He attacks Varsity Blonds. 

Why is he attacking them for Penelope?

09:00 (IST)19 JUN 2021

Penelope Ford hits a gutbuster on Julia Hart. She goes to the top rope and then tries the Moonsault, but misses it. 

Hart got out of the way and then tried the leg drop but missed it completely. Ford tried the Indian Deathlock and Julia can't seem to get out of it. 

She has no choice but to tap out. 

Ford does not let go. 

Penelope Ford defeats Julia Hart

The Varsity Blonds have to break it up. 

08:54 (IST)19 JUN 2021

Ford is doing well as she works on the jaw of Hart. 

08:53 (IST)19 JUN 2021

Hart focuses on Ford's arm early on. 

She seems to be doing well. 

08:52 (IST)19 JUN 2021

Penelope Ford vs Julia Hart

Julia Hart has been a key figure for the Varsity Blondes and has been doing well. This is a major matchup for Hart.

08:51 (IST)19 JUN 2021

08:50 (IST)19 JUN 2021

08:47 (IST)19 JUN 2021

He talks about how the Guerrero Family is great and that's why they are working together. 

Andrade drops a bomb, saying that fans need to wait because Vickie and Andrade have a major "Surprise". 

08:45 (IST)19 JUN 2021

Jim Ross talks to Andrade backstage in an interview and he says he deserves the opportunity for the TNT title and then the AEW World title. 

08:43 (IST)19 JUN 2021

08:42 (IST)19 JUN 2021

Cody reverses into a Canadian Destroyer on QT. Solow tries to take advantage but is unable.

Brock breaks it up and Cody tags him in. He gets in and works with Cody. Cody takes out QT on the outside.

Aaron Solow looks to take advantage again, but Brock Anderson uses the Jackknife Cover and gets the win.

Cody Rhodes and Brock Anderson defeat Aaron Solow and QT Marshall

08:40 (IST)19 JUN 2021

08:40 (IST)19 JUN 2021

The double team by QT and Solow with underhanded tactics almost sees Anderson lose. QT mocks Cody with the Cross Rhodes attempt, but Anderson hits the Reverse DDT and then crawls to Cody. 

Cody comes in and starts flying against Solow. He brings in QT and Cody starts throwing him around. 

08:34 (IST)19 JUN 2021

Cody tags in and he is stuck in no man's land. 

08:33 (IST)19 JUN 2021

Solow keeps pulling the hair and brings Anderson down. Anderson gets up and drops Solow before sending him flying. QT comes in.

08:32 (IST)19 JUN 2021

Brock starts the match against Aaron Solow. 

08:29 (IST)19 JUN 2021

08:25 (IST)19 JUN 2021

Cody Rhodes and Brock Anderson vs QT Marshall and Aaron Solow

08:24 (IST)19 JUN 2021

Kenny Omega pushes Jungle Boy around and tries to get him to fight. Jungle Boy says he'd rather fight him in the ring next week. 

Omega says that the first shot is free. As he says that Michael Nakazawa attacks him from behind. Omega attacks him. Jungle Boy fights back and takes him out. 

Kenny Omega and Don Callis make a run for it in a golf card. 

They will face each other next week.

08:22 (IST)19 JUN 2021

08:20 (IST)19 JUN 2021

Cassidy dives outside only to be returned by Bononi and the wingmen.

The Best Friends help Orange with the giant dive. He takes them out.

Cassidy's DDT attempt is caught and he hits the Stundog Millionaire and then the Rolling DDT.

He takes out Nemeth with the Orange Punch. He hits one on JD Drake. He hits Cezar with the Orange Punch too.

That's it.

Orange Cassidy defeats Cezar Bononi

Cassidy got tan spray all over him and a new jacket. He even got his hair brushed. 

His opponents ended up giving him a new look and also a win. 

08:18 (IST)19 JUN 2021

08:18 (IST)19 JUN 2021

Cezar hits the big boot and sends him out. They keep brushing his hair and spray tanning him on the outside. Ryan Nemeth and the Wingmen are rather unique.

08:17 (IST)19 JUN 2021

Cezar Bononi takes the fight to Cassidy and tosses him across the ring.

08:15 (IST)19 JUN 2021

08:15 (IST)19 JUN 2021

Orange Cassidy vs Cezar Bononi

08:11 (IST)19 JUN 2021

Darby tries the Coffin drop. Page stops him and hits Ego's Edge.

Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page defeat Darby Allin 
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