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  • AEW Dynamite Live Results (July 26, 2023): Jon Moxley attacked, veteran comes out of retirement, former WWE Superstar's faction disbands?

AEW Dynamite Live Results (July 26, 2023): Jon Moxley attacked, veteran comes out of retirement, former WWE Superstar's faction disbands?

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 27, 2023 02:35 GMT

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02:35 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

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02:01 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Trent Beretta takes advantage with a spike, but he is not the legal man. Lucha Brothers pick up the victory after hitting the Fear Factor on Beretta.

Lucha Brothers win

Post-match, a brawl breaks out among all stars to end this week's Dynamite.

01:59 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Lucha Bros. almost steal the victory, but Moxley and Claudio come in for the save. Claudio Castagnoli looks to hit the Ricola Bomb, but Orange Cassidy comes in and attacks Wheeler Yuta and Jon Moxley.

01:57 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

The BCC members battle against Lucha Bros. and Taylor looks to take advantage with a nearfall. After a back-and-forth, Best Friends get a two-count after a spike piledriver.

01:54 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Chuck Taylor comes in and exchanges strikes with Jon Moxley. Penta tags himself in. He hits a backstabber for a two-count on Taylor.

01:53 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

The BCC members wear down Trent in their corner and get a two-count shortly after. Moxley hits a double-hand axe before hitting some kicks. Moxley drops Trent with a spike piledriver as Chuck Taylor makes the save.

01:51 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

After a back-and-forth, Claudio Castagnoli stops Trent Beretta's momentum with an uppercut and Jon Moxley drops him with a King Kong Lariat. Moxley sets Beretta up on the barricades and unloads with chops.

01:48 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Claudio whips Fenix into the corner, but the latter takes him down. Chaos ensues that ends with Claudio hitting the uppercut on Rey Fenix for a two-count.

01:46 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Chuck Taylor takes down multiple stars and drags Claudio Castagnoli to the ring. Claudio slams Taylor on the steps. Fenix confronts the BCC member.

01:45 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

BCC vs. Best Friends vs. Lucha Brothers

Lucha Brothers and Best Friends start fighting before BCC even make their way to the ring. Jon Moxley battles against Chuck Taylor on the ramp before getting dumped from it.

01:40 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

We have a three-way tag team match in the main event. BCC takes on Best Friends and Lucha Brothers.

01:35 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Britt Baker connects with the Panama Sunrise on Taya Valkyrie, but only gets a two-count. Taya responds with a spear and looks to hit the Road to Valhalla. Baker slips through and applies the Lockjaw for the victory.

Britt Baker wins

01:33 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Baker drives her knees on Taya's face and hits a huge elbow strike. But she only gets a one-count. Baker hits a thrust kick on Taya, but the latter retaliates with a lariat for a two-count.

01:31 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Britt Baker looks to make her comeback with a rollup pinfall attempt and follows up with a slingblade. However, Taya stops her momentum with a sit-down powerbomb for a two-count.

01:29 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Taya unloads with chops and takes Baker down with a lariat for another two-count. Both stars avoid each other's move before Valkyrie unloads with elbow strikes.

01:27 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Taya Valkyrie vs. Britt Baker

Taya Valkyrie overpowers Britt Baker in the initial stages of the match. She mocks Baker and hits a double knee in the corner and gets a two-count.

01:25 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

We have a first-time-ever match up next as Taya Valkyrie takes on Britt Baker.

01:20 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Anna Jay, Tay Melo, and 2point0 confront Chris Jericho. They bring up Chris Jericho's recent actions before Anna calls Jericho "selfish" before walking out on him. Others members also do the same.

01:17 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Towards the end, a hooded figure attacks Darby Allin and Swerve Strickland takes advantage with the JML Driver for the two-count. The hooded figure turns out to be AR Fox and the heels lay down a beatdown on Allin and Nick Wayne.

Swerve Strickland wins

01:15 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

After a back-and-forth, Darby Allin takes down Swerve Strickland with a cutter before the latter drops Allin on the apron from the middle rope.

01:13 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Allin looks to hit a cannonball to the outside, but Swerve Strickland puts his knees up. He then hits a double-legged stomp but only gets a two-count.

01:12 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Darby Allin gets a close pinfall attempt after hitting the Last Supper. He then hits a dive through the ropes on Strickland.

01:11 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Swerve Strickland hits an uppercut on the shoulder blades for a two-count. He then drops Allin with a suplex and gets another two-count. The two stars exchange some nearfall attempts.

01:08 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Swerve drops Allin on the steel steps and steps on his jaw. The Mogul Embassy leader targets Allin's arm and confronts Nick Wayne.

01:07 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Alin quickly gets a two-count inside the ring. He then slams Swerve on the steel steps before the latter rocks Allin with a kick assisted by the steel steps.

01:06 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Darby Allin vs. Swerve Strickland

Both stars square up in the ring in the initial stages of the match. Darby Allin takes down Swerve Strickland with an arm drag and hits a Code Red on the outside.

01:03 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

We have a singles match up next as Darby Allin takes on Swerve Strickland.

01:01 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood appear in a backstage segment and Wheeler says he feels sorry for Adam Cole for getting involved with MJF. Wheeler calls MJF an "a** licker" and references his breakup before Dax Harwood takes few more shots at the AEW World Champion.

00:56 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Roderick Strong comes in and confronts MJF and Adam Cole. The latter says he has other friends and Strong is acting strange before walking out. Strong says "this is a mistake."

00:55 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Adam Cole says MJF is his close friend and winning championships doesn't matter to him much nowadays. MJF says whatever happens in the tag team title match he'll have a rematch with Cole for the world championship.

00:53 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Adam Cole and MJF appear in a backstage segment. The Devil says he liked FTR when they were his lackeys. MJF berates Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler before namedropping CM Punk in his promo.

00:51 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Gravity makes his comeback with a high crossbody and gets a two-count, but PAC stops him in his tracks. PAC picks up the victory quickly by hitting an avalanche driver and follows up with the Brutalizer.

PAC wins

00:47 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

PAC stops his momentum and stomps on Gravity's face. He whips Gravity to the corner and hits a big boot. PAC applies a side headlock and wears his opponent down. BCC is shown watching PAC's match from backstage.

00:44 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Gravity runs around the ring, but PAC takes him down with a dropkick. Gravity slams PAC on the barricade and hits a powerslam at the ringside area.

00:43 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

PAC vs. Gravity

Gravity (Bandido's brother) shows off his quick reflexes early on and hits a dropkick to send PAC to the outside. The former WWE star stands on the outside to regroup.

00:41 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

We have a singles match up next. PAC takes on Gravity.

00:39 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Britt Baker sends a warning to Taya Valkyrie ahead of their first-ever match later on AEW Dynamite.

00:37 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Perry says the FTW Championship was created in a second-rate company, ECW, and takes a shot at Taz and others. Jerry Lynn comes to confront Perry and seemingly comes out of retirement.

00:36 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Jack Perry comes out for an interview with Tony Schiavone. He says Hook ran away as soon as he the gold lost before saying he never wanted the FTW Championship.

00:33 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta appear in a backstage segment. Claudio says no one should take unnecessary fights with the faction. Jon Moxley comes in and puts Best Friends and Death Triangle on notice.

00:27 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Callis offers a gift, a painting, to The Ocho for seemingly aligning with him.

00:27 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

We see Chris Jericho and Don Callis in a backstage segment with Renee Paquette. Callis proposes a tag team match where Jericho partners Konosuke Takeshita against Sammy Guevara and Daniel Garcia. 

00:24 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Jon Moxley comes out of nowhere and attacks Orange Cassidy and lay him out with the Death Rider.

00:24 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

After a back-and-forth, AR Fox hits a senton on the apron and follows up with a DDT for a two-count. He misses a 450-splash and Cassidy gets a two-count a crucifix pin. He finally manages to get the victory with a crucifix pin on AR Fox.

Orange Cassidy retains

Post-match, AR Fox attacks Orange Cassidy and lays him out. Darby Allin comes to confront Fox on the entrance ramp.

00:18 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Fox takes down Cassidy with a dive to the outside and follows up with a senton for a very close two-count. The champion responds with a dive and hits a DDT in the ring. He then follows up with Beach Break, but Fox kicks out.

00:17 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Orange Cassidy makes his comeback with a dropkick and exchanges big boots with AR Fox. Both men take each other out with neckbreakers.

00:15 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Fox hits another cutter for a two-count on Cassidy. He hits a slide on the rope and gets one more nearfall. AR Fox hits a dropkick, but OC kicks out at 1.

00:13 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Fox hits a moonsault assisted from the middle rope on the outside, but Cassidy counters with a Stundog Millionaire. After a back-and-forth, AR Fox hits a twisting brainbuster for a two-count as Orange Cassidy lies on the outside.

00:10 (GMT)27 JUL 2023

Orange Cassidy vs. AR Fox

Both stars square off in the early stages of the match. AR Fox wears Orange Cassidy down with leg scissors, but the champion gets out. Fox rocks OC with an enziguiri before looking for a cutter, but Cassidy rolls out.
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