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  • AEW Dynamite Live Results (March 22, 2023): Huge debut, Jon Moxley attacks AEW star backstage

AEW Dynamite Live Results (March 22, 2023): Huge debut, Jon Moxley attacks AEW star backstage

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMar 23, 2023 02:03 GMT

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02:03 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

02:03 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

Thanks for joining our live coverage of AEW Dynamite. Join us on Friday night for WWE SmackDown!

02:02 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

The show goes off air with Page in the ring and Omega walking off with Callis.

02:01 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

Don Callis takes a bump and pretends Hangman Page hit him. Omega is livid and thinks Hangman took out Callis. Just watch the replay later Kenny, should clear it up.

02:00 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

As the Blackpool Combat Club take out Omega, an ambulance pulls up in the parking lot and its Hangman Page! He has a pipe in hand and clears the ring quickly.

01:58 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

As Omega speaks to Tony Schiavone after his win, the Blackpool Combat Club attack him from behind.

01:58 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

01:58 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

Both men beat the referee's count and are teeing off on each other again. Vikingo brings out another incredible move out of his arsenal, hitting Omega with a rolling Powerbomb. He heads up to the top rope but this time he misses with the 630 Splash! Omega hits a One Winged Angel! 1-2-3! Omega wins!

Kenny Omega def. El Hijo Del Vikingo

What a match! Incredible from both men. 

01:54 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

Another insane move from VIkingo - a swan dive reverses hurricanrana! He now sets Omega up on the table at ringside and hits a running 630 out to ringside! ANother absolutely incredible move from Vikingo! Even Don Callis is stunned.

01:52 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

Kenny hits back with a V-Trigger for a nearfall of his own. He follows it up with the Snapdragon Suplex. Omega's looking for another V-Trigger and nails it! 

01:52 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

Omega is looking for a powerbomb off the top rope! Vikingo counters with a hurricanrana! Omega lands in the middle of the ring hard. Vikingo now hits an incredible Phoenix Spash from the apron to the inside. Nearfall!

01:49 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

More back and forth between Omega and Vikingo. The match spills out to the apron. Omega hits a Monkey Flip and then gestures towards the table.  Omega goes for a Snapdragon Suplex on the apron. Vikingo counters and leaps onto the top turnbuckle, hitting a hurricanrana to the floor.

01:48 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

Omega finally finds an opening for himself. He has Vikingo reeling at ringside after tossing him into the barricade. Omega takes out a table and sets it up.

01:42 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

01:42 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

Vikingo smashes Omega with a devastating knee-strike that sends Omega crumpling out to ringside. No let up in the pressure as Vikingo hits a Shooting Star Press out to ringside. He rolls Omega back in the ring and hits a Springboard 450 Splash. This guy is INCREDIBLE.

01:41 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

El Hijo Del Vikingo vs Kenny Omega

VIkingo takes Omega down with a dive as the latter was still making his entrance. Omega hits back and charges at Vikingo but crashes into the top turnbuckle.

01:39 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

01:38 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

We have a really special main event tonight. El Hijo Del VIkingo is set to make his AEW debut against Kenny Omega.

01:34 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

Moxley chokes out Stu Grayson backstage and the rest of the Dark Order are nowhere to be seen.

01:33 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

We'e back with a medical update for Stu Grayson but he gets attacked backstage by the Blackpool Combat Club.

01:31 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

01:31 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

Saraya, Toni Storm and Ruby Soho look to do further damage but they are chased off by Willow and Riho.

01:30 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

Skye Blue with a knee to the face. She follows it up with the Code Blue but Ruby has the referee distracted. Roll up by Skye Blue but its only a nearfall! Storm nails a running hip attack in the corner. German Suplex! Toni Storm now finishes Skye Blue off with a Storm Breaker.

Toni Storm def. Skye Blue

01:29 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

Skye Blue fights her way back into this match! She catches Toni with a superkick for a nearfall. A second superkick! But Toni Storm immediately fights back.

01:24 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

Storm misses a chop and his the ringpost by mistake. Skye Blue throws a forearm and takes Ruby Soho down by mistake. Storm is still in control as we cut to the commercial break.

01:23 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

Toni Storm vs Skye Blue

Toni Storm is accompanied by Saraya and Ruby Soho. Sky Blue makes a brilliant start to the match, teeing of on Storm inside the ring before raking her down outside with a head scissors. Saraya and Ruby lay into Skye Blue as the ref has his back turned.

01:19 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

01:13 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

Moxley hits Stu Grayson with an Avalanche Death Rider from the top rope. That puts Grayson away despite the valiant effort.

Jon Moxley def. Stu Grayson

01:12 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

Stu Grayson canonballs into the corner with Moxley still holding on. He finally breaks the hold!

01:11 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

Stu Grayson goes for his patented backbreaker but Mox counters it into a Bulldog Choke. Stu makes his way back to his feet. Can he break free?

01:10 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

Grayson heads up top and wipes out Wheeler Yuta and Claudio at ringside. Bad move as Moxley capitalizes. Grayson hits back with a boot to the jaw and heads up top. 450 splash! Only a two-count.

01:09 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

Stu Grayson doesn't stay down for long. He hits back as hard as he gets it and plants Mox in the middle of the ring. Grayson leaps off the midde rope and lands on Moxley in a crushing blow for a nearfall.

01:05 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

Jon Moxley vs Stu Grayson

Mox dominates Stu Grayson early. He has Grayson reeling with a Saito Suplex and follows it up charging at Grayson, who's on the apron. Grayson crashes off and into the guardrail at ringside. It's all Mox now.

00:57 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

Adam Cole says he's ready to face Daniel Garcia next week on Dynamite as his return match. Garcia accepts.

00:57 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

Cole says Garcia is good but his issue is the company he keeps. Cold says even though he hasn't wrestled for 9 months, he's still a multi-time world champion and one of the best in the world.

00:56 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

Daniel Garcia says he's been picking up big wins inside the ring while Adam Cole has been at home playing video games. Garcia says he's a pro wrestler by mistake and has to correct himself, saying he's a sports entertainer.

00:54 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

We have Adam Cole out next. Cole says he's ready to get back into the ring and do what he loves best - wrestle. Daniel Garcia's music hits and he's out here to interrupt.

00:46 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

HOOK brings a spare guardrail into the ring and sets it uup in the corner. Stokely unloads a fire extinguisher in HOOK's eye and takes out a steel chair. HOOK easily cuts him off and smashes him with the steel chair. HOOK now hits a suplex onto the guardrail. Stokely is DONE!

HOOK makes the cover but refuses to pin him. He locks in the Red Rum instead and it's all over.

HOOK def. Stokely Hathaway

00:43 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

Stokely Hathaway immediately runs out of the ring and tries to escape. HOOK chases him down and drags him back. We're back in the ringside area. Stokely charges at HOOK who hits an Exploder Suplex.

00:42 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

Stokely Hathaway vs HOOK

Stokely takes the mic before the match and says he hasn't been medically cleared. He also says he's announcing his retirement. He gives Justin Roberts a doctor's note. The doctor's note has been rejected by the ref who calls for the bell.

00:41 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

Up next, Stokely Hathaway will be making his in-ring AEW debut against HOOK.

00:40 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

We're backstage with Jade and her entourage. She sends a warning to Taya Valkyrie after her interruption last week. Leila Grey threatens to teach Taya Valkyrie a lesson on Rampage.

00:36 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

FTR are out after the match to confront Gunn Club inside the ring. The Gunns say they will NOT give FTR a title shot. FTR now say that they will quit AEW if they fail to beat The Gunns.

00:34 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

Dante Martin heads to the apron. He's looking for the nosedive. He hits it! Dante covers Austin Gunn but Colten breaks it up at the last second. We suddenly see The Kingdom at ringside, attacking Darius Martin. Dante now gets double-teamed by the Gunns and pinned!

Gunn Club def. Top Flight

00:32 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

Darius Martin manages to tag back in. He's all over both Gunns. German Suplex to Austin Gunn followed by a standing Spanish Fly to Colten.

00:29 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

00:29 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

Gunn Club vs Top Flight (for the AEW Tag-team titles)

We have tag-team action next with two of AEW's homegrown duos. The Gunn's make a fantastic start to this match. They take control ahead of te ad break after Colten takes Dante Martin out behind the referee's back.

00:18 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

Orange Cassidy is in. He hits a Stun Dog Millionaire before hitting a dive to ringside. Sting now hits Kip with a Scorpion Death Drop and pins him.

Sting, Darby Allin and Orange Cassidy win

00:17 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

Sting is back in the ring. A nasty right hand to Sabian, takes him down. Sting finally locks in the Scorpion Death Lock but Blade and Butcher are trying to break it up. Sting has to break the hold. Darby is back in and fighting valiantly against Butcher and Blade.

00:15 (GMT)23 MAR 2023

The Butcher is dominating. He has a Texas Cloverleaf locked in on Darby Allin. He then smashes Darby with a powerbomb. Kip Sabian tags back in. Darby is trying to make the tag but Blade pulls Sting off the apron. Orange Cassidy tags in instead and takes out Sabian.
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