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  • AEW Dynamite Live Results (September 27, 2023): Adam Cole's future in doubt, former WWE Champion appears, star attacked by masked men

AEW Dynamite Live Results (September 27, 2023): Adam Cole's future in doubt, former WWE Champion appears, star attacked by masked men

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 28, 2023 02:18 GMT

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02:18 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

We cut to a feed from backstage where masked men attack Jay White. One with a Devil mask grabs the camera to end the show.

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02:02 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Hangman Page fires up a passionate promo before Swerve slaps him. Hangman Page stabs Strickland with a pen before officials separate the two to end the segment.

02:00 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Hangman Page says he has put everything behind him. Swerve Strickland says wants Page's position and makes an enemy out of everyone.

01:59 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Hangman Page says he felt like a black cloud was hanging over his head in the past year despite having some shining moments. The black cloud could be his issues with CM Punk.

01:56 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Swerve says he is going to have the upperhand in Seattle and runs down The Cowboy. Page says some of Swerve's words stung before thanking the former WWE star for firing him up.

01:55 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Renee Paquette informs that The Elite and Mogul Embassy are banned from ringside for the contract signing. Swerve Strickland says Hangman Page has shown fire in the last few weeks, but it is too late now.

01:52 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

We have the contract signing between Hangman Page and Swerve Strickland in the main event.

01:47 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Towards the end, Willow misses a cannonball and Julia Hart connects with a moonsault press for the victory.

Julia Hart wins

Post-match, Julia Hart locks the Hartless on Willow before Kris Statlander comes in for the save. She looks to attack Hart, but Brody King comes in between.

01:45 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Julia Hart has the Hartless locked in, but Willow Nightingale reaches the ropes. Willow makes her comeback with the Pounce and hangs Hart on the turnbuckles.

01:44 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Willow drops Julia on the mat and kicks her down. Willow connects with the spine buster and gets a two-count. She hits a lariat before Julia responds with a back heel trip.

01:42 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Willow catches Julia Hart, but the latter targets her injured eye. Hart chokes Nightingale on the ropes. Julia hits a few chops and strikes and follows with kicks to the spine.

01:40 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Willow scoop slams Julia multiple times before the HOB member escapes under the ring. Willow comes face-to-face with Brody King and Julia Hart hits the chop block to take advantage.

01:39 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Julia Hart vs. Willow Nightingale

Willow Nightingale with a bandage on her eye after a vicious attack before Collision. Willow gets a two-count after a snap suplex.

01:32 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Austin Gunn hits the Fameasser and tries to get the pinfall on the three other men. A superkick party ensues before Penta is tripped by Austin. Orange Cassidy hits the Orange Punch on Matt to pick up the win.

Orange Cassidy wins

01:30 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Matt Jackson hits a stalling Northern Lights Suplex on Cassidy before looking to hit the BTE Trigger on Penta. Penta responds with an enziguiri. OC hits the Orange Punch and follows up with the Beach Break on Penta.

01:28 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Penta comes in and hits a Canadian Destroyer on Cassidy before we have Destroyer off. Orange Cassidy hits a Canadian Destroyer on Austin Gunn as all four men are down.

01:27 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Matt Jackson takes Penta out on the outside before OC falls on top of Matt and Penta. Austin hits a neckbreaker on OC for a two-count.

01:25 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

All four exchange quick snap suplexes on one another before Penta stands tall. Penta is dumped out of the ring.

01:23 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

OC comes in, but gets supekicked. Austin Gunn avoids an Orange Punch and takes down Cassidy. He gets a two-count shortly after.

01:22 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Austin Gunn looks for a roll up, but gets dumped out of the ring. Penta and Austin have a standoff. The two stars use their chants before Austin chops Penta. The latter chops down Austin as well.

01:20 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Orange Cassidy vs. Penta El Zero Miedo vs. Matt Jackson vs. Austin Gunn

Austin Gunn slams Orange Cassidy on the barricades. Matt Jackson hits a DDT on Penta before OC comes in and hits an arm drag on Matt.

01:17 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Christian Cage and Darby Allin get heated after Cage says Nick Wayne deserves a better mentor than a face painted star. Allin rubs his paint off and has a serious face-to-face with Cage.

01:15 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Cage brings him Allin's dead uncle but that doesn't faze Darby Allin much. Allin says he'll defeat Cage at WrestleDream. Captain Charisma wants Darby Allin to bring everyone, his family, Nick Wayne, Wayne's mother and more.

01:13 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

We see Christian Cage and Darby Allin in a sit-down interview with Jim Ross. Cage calls Allin a fluke and vows to embarrass the former TNT Champion in the 2 out 3 falls match.

01:11 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

After more back-and-forth, MJF and White have a confrontation before The Switchblade walks to the back.

01:09 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Jay White says he is going to bother MJF for some time and vows to dethrone MJF for the AEW World Title. White says he is going to be an elite champion once he peels the gold from MJF.

01:07 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

MJF says Jay White is good, but not on The Devil's level. White takes the mic and crowd starts chanting "tofu." The BCG leader says MJF is distracted nowadays before adding that fans love Adam Cole more than MJF.

01:04 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

MJF says Jay White has been handed everything in his life, but calls The Switchblade "boring, bland, tasteless tofu." 

01:03 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

MJF says he has heard about comparisons with Jay White before, but adds  no one is on his level. MJF says White has managed to confuse wrestling fans and calls him "tofu" instead of a "fillet mignon."

01:01 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

The two stars have a verbal back-and-forth before MJF says White's "mid" mic work won't work on him. MJF takes a shot at White's facial hair.

00:58 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Bullet Club Gold's music plays and Jay White enters the ring with MJF.

00:56 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Roderick Strong comes out and says he needs Adam Cole. MJF responds by saying that Strong is Cole's "boy" and he respects the duo's friendship. Cole hobbles out of the ring into the backstage area.

00:54 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

MJF stops Cole and says he doesn't want to relinquish the titles. MJF admits Cole got injured because of him at Grand Slam. MJF says he'll defend the ROH tag titles in a handicap match.

00:53 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Adam Cole says he has a sad story. He reveals his ankle explodes and he needs surgery. Cole says he'll be back stronger than ever before adding that Better Than You Bay Bay may need to relinquish their titles.

00:51 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Adam Cole and MJF walk down the ring with Cole still on crutches. The Panama City Playboy sit on a steel chair in the ring.

00:46 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

The Righteous puts MJF and Adam Cole on notice with a creepy promo and calls the champions "liars."

00:44 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Claudio Castagnoli hits the hammer and anvil strikes on Brian Cage and follows up with the Ricola Bomb. Nick Jackson comes in and hits the hurricanrana on Claudio and steals the win by pinning Cage.

Nick Jackson wins

00:43 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

After a back-and-forth, Cage drops Claudio with a suplex from the middle rope and gets a two-count. The three stars exchange strikes and superkicks before Claudio hits an uppercut on Nick.

00:41 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Claudio hits the Giant Swing on Brian Cage and gets a two-count.

00:41 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Nick Jackson gets a two-count after hitting a 450-splash on Brian Cage. Claudio Castagnoli slams Nick on the steel steps.

00:40 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Brian Cage unloads on Claudio and hits a German suplex. Nick Jackson comes in with the bulldog and hits a face plant. He hits a DDT on Claudio on the outside.

00:39 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Brian Cage whips Claudio Castagnoli on the barricades. Cage gets a two-count on Nick, but Claudio breaks it with a stomp. Cage and Claudio exchange strikes before The Swiss Superman gets a two-count with a crossbody on Nick Jackson.

00:36 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Nick hits an enziguiri on Claudio and is dominating. The BCC member flattens Nick Jackson to stand tall in the ring. Claudio gets a two-count shortly after.

00:35 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Cage hits a vertical suplex, but Claudio gets up immediately. The two stars exchange hard strikes before Nick Jackson comes in and takes the giants down.

00:34 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Nick Jackson vs. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Brian Cage

Brian Cage unloads on and dumps Nick Jackson out of the ring as Claudio Castagnoli watches on. The two finally square off before Cage kicks the BCC member.

00:31 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

We see a backstage clip of Ricky Starks saying he survived against Bryan Danielson. Wheeler Yuta confronts him and says Starks has no substance and says BCC puts him through the hard life everyday. Yuta challenges Starks at WrestleDream and the match is made official.

00:29 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Don Callis and co. threatens to destroy Chris Jericho, Kota Ibushi and Kenny Omega before walking out of the ring to end the segment.

00:28 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Don Callis says Kota Ibushi is not safe in Japan and in Seattle before hyping up Guevara and Will Ospreay. The Spanish God calls Jericho a "villain" and adds he was holding him back.

00:26 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

We see a clip of Callis and Takeshita visiting Kota Ibushi's dojo and attacking him. The heels laid out Ibushi before choking him out.

00:25 (GMT)28 SEP 2023

Don Callis and Konosuke Takeshita walk down the ring. Callis says Sammy Guevara is free from Chris Jericho's clutches and brings him out to the ring.
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