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AEW Dynamite Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online before AEW Revolution (3rd March 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMar 04, 2021 09:05 IST

There is a lot that could happen on Dynamite before AEW Revolution.


08:32 (IST)4 MAR 2021

08:32 (IST)4 MAR 2021

Well, that's it for tonight folks, thanks for joining us today. This was another great episode of AEW Dynamite. 

With the coming AEW Revolution pay-per-view, be sure to join us for it's coverage. Also, join us for SmackDown later in the week. 

Stay tuned here for the full results from the night. 

08:31 (IST)4 MAR 2021

08:30 (IST)4 MAR 2021

08:30 (IST)4 MAR 2021

08:30 (IST)4 MAR 2021

Matt Hardy attacks Hangman from behind, but The Dark Order enters the ring and takes out Matt Hardy. The entire AEW Dynamite roster enters the ring and it's a brawl in the middle of the ring as the show goes off the air. 

08:29 (IST)4 MAR 2021

Quen hits the dropkick and Hangman tags in. Hangman hits the Popup powerbomb and Silver hits a Suplex. Hangman hits the Buckshot Lariat. Matt Hardy watches and backs away as Page gets the win.

Hangman Page and John Silver defeat Matt Hardy and Marq Quen

08:27 (IST)4 MAR 2021

Hangman hits the back suplex. He tags in Silver who hits a spear and then takes out Hardy with multiple kicks. He hits the brainbuster, but Hardy kicks out. 

08:26 (IST)4 MAR 2021

08:25 (IST)4 MAR 2021

He goes for Hardy, but Hardy backs out. Quen accidentally hits Hardy with a Big Boot. Hangman hits the Fallaway Slam and then hits the dive on Hardy. 

08:24 (IST)4 MAR 2021

Matt Hardy is caught with a Sliced Bread by Silver. He has managed to dominate this match. Hangman comes in and takes out Quen and hits a Spinebuster. 

08:21 (IST)4 MAR 2021

08:19 (IST)4 MAR 2021

Hangman dominates Quen in the corner, after Silver started the match showing off his ability. 

08:19 (IST)4 MAR 2021

Hangman  Page and John Silver vs Matt Hardy and Marq Quen

08:14 (IST)4 MAR 2021

08:14 (IST)4 MAR 2021

08:13 (IST)4 MAR 2021

08:13 (IST)4 MAR 2021

08:12 (IST)4 MAR 2021

Ten hits the Spinebuster on Caster. Caster hits the Spinebuster and goes for the elbow, but Ten moves out of the way.

Ten tries to drag Caster to the middle of the ring, but Caster throws him into the ropes. Jack Evans comes out of nowhere and hits Ten with a weapon. Caster picks up the win.

Max Caster defeats Ten

08:06 (IST)4 MAR 2021

08:06 (IST)4 MAR 2021

Ten batters the face of Caster on the ring apron. 

08:05 (IST)4 MAR 2021

08:05 (IST)4 MAR 2021

Caster and Ten fight as Ten hits a shoulder tackle for a near-fall. 

08:03 (IST)4 MAR 2021

Dark Order's Ten vs Max Caster

08:00 (IST)4 MAR 2021

08:00 (IST)4 MAR 2021

07:59 (IST)4 MAR 2021

07:58 (IST)4 MAR 2021

Starks tries to attack Sting, but Sting attacks him and hits the Stinger Splash. Brian Cage attacks Sting, but Darby attacks him. They work together to take out Cage. Sting and Darby stand tall in the ring ahead of Revolution. 

07:55 (IST)4 MAR 2021

Sting says that all the rust was shaken off by Brian Cage. He says that he feels that he's ready for a street fight and is interrupted by Rick Starks. 

07:55 (IST)4 MAR 2021

07:54 (IST)4 MAR 2021

Sting is out now for an interview with Tony Schiavone. 

07:50 (IST)4 MAR 2021

Ryo Mizunami hit the legdrop on Nyla following a Spear.

That's it.

Ryo Mizunami defeats Nyla Rose. She will face Hikaru Shida at AEW Revolution.

Ryo wins the tournament. The two women start a  brawl giving a sight to their match at the upcoming show. 

07:48 (IST)4 MAR 2021

Nyla hits the Superplex on Mizunami. 

07:47 (IST)4 MAR 2021

Nyla Rose hits the Death Valley Driver on Ryo, and Ryo kicks out. 

Nyla uses the ropes and hangs up Ryo there. She goes for the diving knee drop and hits it. 

Ryo kicks out. 

07:46 (IST)4 MAR 2021

07:46 (IST)4 MAR 2021

Nyla makes it back to the ring but Mizunami hits the dive. Nyla is shaken by Ryo's shots. Nyla manages to survive and hits a clothesline and they start exchanging shots. 

07:45 (IST)4 MAR 2021

07:45 (IST)4 MAR 2021

Ryo hit Nyla with a spear on the outside. She swept Nyla's legs and hits the Guillotine Legdrop on the apron, taking out Nyla. She's out on the outside and Aubrey is starting the count. 

07:40 (IST)4 MAR 2021

07:40 (IST)4 MAR 2021

07:39 (IST)4 MAR 2021

Mizunami hits a clothesline dropping Nyla. Nyla fights back choking Mizunami on the ropes. 

07:38 (IST)4 MAR 2021

07:38 (IST)4 MAR 2021

Nyla Rose is in trouble with Mizunami, who is dominating in the ring. 

07:37 (IST)4 MAR 2021

Ryo Mizunami vs Nyla Rose

07:34 (IST)4 MAR 2021

Paul Wight says that he has a scoop. He says that this Sunday at "EVOLUTION", AEW is going to hire a Hall of Fame worthy talent. 

He does not say who the wrestler is. 

He said Evolution instead of Revolution. Well, a botch to start off with. 

07:32 (IST)4 MAR 2021

He is interviewed by Tony Schiavone, and he says he's happy to be here on Dynamite. He's going to work with Tony Schiavone on the new AEW show, Elevation. 

07:31 (IST)4 MAR 2021

Paul Wight aka Big Show is on AEW Dynamite. 

07:30 (IST)4 MAR 2021

The masked man turns out to be Shawn Spears.

Arn Anderson comes out to sign the four horsemen, signaling he's noticed. Tully signs back.

Is this the new Four Horsemen?

07:29 (IST)4 MAR 2021

Jungle Boy's dive is blocked by a camera person at ringside. The same camera person hits Luchasaurus with a camera, which allows FTR to get the win.

FTR and Tully Blanchard defeat Jurassic Express
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