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AEW Rampage Live Results - Rampage Updates & Highlights (3rd December 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 04, 2021 04:26 GMT

Will Tony Nese dethrone Sammy Guevara?


04:06 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

04:05 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Well, that's it for tonight. Thanks for joining us. Stay tuned for the full results, but till then check out Smack Talk. 

04:03 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

04:03 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Malakai Black gouges the eye of PAC, coming away with blood, while Penta is unmasked by FTR. 

04:02 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Tully causes a distraction, but Dax sends PAC into Tully accidentally. 

PAC reverses the bridge into a near-fall. Cash sends Penta out. PAC sends Dax out. He hits the Orihara Moonsault on FTR. He takes Dax in, and Dax distracts the referee.

Malakai Black with the poison mist to the one good eye of PAC. That's all that was needed

That's it. FTR defeat PAC and Penta

03:59 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Cash stops the combo. PAC goes to the top and hits the Crossbody. Dax rolls through for a near-fall. PAC with the pump kick and then gets caught in the right and then the Tiger Driver, but still kicks out. 

03:58 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

PAC takes out Cash. Penta hits the Corkscrew Code Red for a near-fall. 

03:57 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Penta with the backbreaker as the match continues. Penta tries the Package Piledriver, but Cash counters with the Powerslam. He tags in Dax and they hit the combined leg-drop. 

03:56 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

03:56 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Dax goes for the superplex, but PAC takes him down. PAC hits the shotgun dropkick on Dax. 

He heads towards the corner, but Cash approaches. PAC stops Cash and tags in Penta.

Penta hits two slingblades and starts to chop up FTR.

He comes out of the Cazadora into a DDT. He looks great. 

03:54 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

03:54 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

PAC is kept grounded by Cash, but he throws him out. Dax tags in and throws PAC out too. Cash goes after PAC, but crashes into the barricade. PAC hits the enzuigiri on Dax, but can't tag Penta as he's pulled down.

FTR hit the Backbreaker Elbow Drop on PAC. 

03:49 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

03:48 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

PAC comes into the ring and Harwoods suffers. 

03:47 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

03:47 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

03:47 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Penta with the double stomp on the tailbone of Dax, but Cash and Dax drag him to their corner. 

03:46 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

PAC comes in and starts throwing his opponents around. With several arm-drags, he takes out both Dax and Cash. 

03:44 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Cash tries to take Penta out, but he suffers instead. 

03:43 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

03:43 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Penta takes Cash down and works on his leg. 

03:42 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

03:42 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

PAC and Pentagon Jr vs FTR in a non-title match

03:39 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

03:33 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

03:27 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

03:27 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

03:27 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

The referees are forced to separate Rosa and Cargill as they brawl. 

03:26 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

She drags Janai up and hits her with a pump kick. Thunder Rosa leaves to go face Jade. She avoids the pump kick and then beats down Jade Cargill.

03:25 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Jade immediately hits Jaded.

That's it.

That took absolutely no time. 

Jade Cargill defeats Janai Kai

03:25 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

03:25 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Jade Cargill vs Janai Kai

03:18 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Sammy fights back with Tony and hits a rolling elbow strike. Tony turns it into a schoolboy before hitting him with a Buckle Bomb. Guevara hits a big boot. 

He hits Nese with the GTH. 

That's it.

Sammy Guevara defeats Tony Nese to retain his title

03:16 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Nese fights back and attacks Sammy, before hitting the 450 Splash. 

03:15 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

03:15 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Sammy keeps punishing Nese as he sends him out of the ring and goes for the Moonsault. He hits it. 

03:14 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Sammy hits a Spanish Fly, but that's a near-fall. 

03:14 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

03:14 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

03:14 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Sammy Guevara goes for the GTH, but Nese reverses it and turns it into a Single Leg Crab. 

03:13 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Guevara fights out from under Nese and hits him with a hard shot. He hits him with another couple of shots and then avoids the charge. He hits an Enzuigiri. He then hits the Jump-rope Cutter. 

03:10 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Guevara is in a lot of trouble with the body scissors applied on him.

03:08 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Tony Nese hits the ribs of Guevara, and shows him no respect. He hits the Moonsault Press and the pressure continues. 

03:07 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Guevara continues to work Nese, sending him knee first into the ring steps. 

03:06 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Nese attacks Guevara and is on the back foot at the moment. Guevara takes him out of the ring and slows the momentum down. 

03:05 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

It's time for the TNT Championship Match. 

03:04 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Sammy Guevara vs Tony Nese

Sammy Guevara is out here now. 

08:15 (GMT)3 DEC 2021

It's time for Rampage and tonight's show will be headlined by the TNT Championship match between Sammy Guevara and Tony Nese. 

The former WWE star has made some impression in AEW as he laid out the TNT Champion a few weeks ago. Can he dethrone Sammy to become the new Champion?

Apart from this, we will see FTR square off with PAC and Penta. Jade Cargill will also be in action!
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