AFC U-16 Championship 2018 | India vs South Korea, Live Score, Updates, Commentary & Results

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FT : India 0-1 South Korea


20:25 (IST)1 OCT 2018

FULL TIME : India 0-1 South Korea

A brave defensive performance from India not enough a solitary goal from Korea end India's Journey in the AFC U16 Championship. South Korea are going to Peru! Well Played India.

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20:05 (IST)1 OCT 2018

90+2' India shoot wide.

20:04 (IST)1 OCT 2018

3 Minutes Added on.

20:04 (IST)1 OCT 2018

89' Vikram goes down in the box hoping for a Penalty, but the referee waves him off.

19:59 (IST)1 OCT 2018

86' Korea swing in a corner, India clear their lines.

19:57 (IST)1 OCT 2018

83' India trying to move the bal up the pitch, but the Koreans are quickly closing in on them and getting the ball back with ease.

19:53 (IST)1 OCT 2018

80' Eric replaces Ricky.

19:52 (IST)1 OCT 2018

77' Korea trying to run down the clock by passing the ball among themselves at the back. 

19:49 (IST)1 OCT 2018

75' India get a corner swung in. The Korean shot stopper punches it away for safety.

19:46 (IST)1 OCT 2018

73' Vikram Pratap shoots wide.

19:44 (IST)1 OCT 2018

71' Sailo replaces Givson, for India.

19:43 (IST)1 OCT 2018

70' Shendre replaces Rana, for India.

19:43 (IST)1 OCT 2018

68' Goal. Sang-bin puts the rebound into the back of the net after Neeraj saved the intial shot. 1-0 to South Korea.

19:40 (IST)1 OCT 2018

66' Series of corners from Korea, but the Indian defence is ever resilient.

19:39 (IST)1 OCT 2018

64' Shot from South Korea forces Neeraj to pull of yet another save, this time from a tough angle.

19:36 (IST)1 OCT 2018

60' India relatively better in the midfield compared to the first half. The Blue colts are having the ball, slightly more than the previous 45 minutes.

19:32 (IST)1 OCT 2018

56' India try to break on counter but Vikram Pratap takes too much time to sort his legs and eventually gives away possession.

19:29 (IST)1 OCT 2018

55' Sang-bin goes for goal from a freekick and hits the woodwork. 

19:27 (IST)1 OCT 2018

53' Corner ends up with Hoon. Korea back on the ball.

19:26 (IST)1 OCT 2018

51' SAVE! Givson Singh volleys it towards the goal and forces Song-Hoon to pull off a save. Corner to India.

19:23 (IST)1 OCT 2018

48' Korea get a freekick into the box, the header from Choi is wide of target.

19:18 (IST)1 OCT 2018

Second Half kicks off.

19:06 (IST)1 OCT 2018

HALF TIME : India 0-0 South Korea

India end the half with a shot from Rana. Complete domination from Korea in the first half but a resilient and discliplined Indian side sees the half without conceding.

Second half after ten minutes. Stay Tuned to Sportskeeda.

19:02 (IST)1 OCT 2018

45+1' Wook with a terrible collision on  Demello. Wook booked.

19:01 (IST)1 OCT 2018

1 Minute Added on.

19:00 (IST)1 OCT 2018

45' Korea swing in a corner. Cleared away yet again.

19:00 (IST)1 OCT 2018

43' Korea swing in a corner, Rane with an acrobatic defensive header out.

18:57 (IST)1 OCT 2018

38' SAVE! Neeraj at it yet again. However, this time the shot is straight on to him and he collects the ball with ease.

18:53 (IST)1 OCT 2018

36' SAVE! Neeraj dives with full stretch to deny Korea yet again.

18:51 (IST)1 OCT 2018

33' SAVE! Son shoots, Neeraj tips it away for a Korean corner. 

18:49 (IST)1 OCT 2018

27'  Similar diction of play with South Korea continously knocking the doors at goal but the Indian defence at it's best of resilience.  

18:42 (IST)1 OCT 2018

23' South Korea patiently looking for an opening as almost whole of the Indian team is at the back defending.

18:38 (IST)1 OCT 2018

20' Korea domination continues. India happy sitting back and defending.

18:37 (IST)1 OCT 2018

18' MISS! Shot from distance from South Korea. Inches wide of target. Neeraj had to dive full stretch to cover his line.

18:35 (IST)1 OCT 2018

16' Demello tries to break on counter but is eventually outnumbered.

18:32 (IST)1 OCT 2018

13' Chaos in the Indian box as the Koreans have a series of dangerous attempts at goal forcing Neeraj to pull of couple of consecutive saves. India survive.

18:28 (IST)1 OCT 2018

10' South Korea have a corner swung in, Neeraj collects.

18:29 (IST)1 OCT 2018

12' South Korea patiently trying to build from the back.

18:28 (IST)1 OCT 2018

10' South Korea have a corner swung in, Neeraj collects.

18:26 (IST)1 OCT 2018

8' South Korea up the intensity of play and have series of shots at goal, but Neeraj stands tall.

18:21 (IST)1 OCT 2018

4' Demello breaks on counter but his pass is way ward. Korea recover.

18:20 (IST)1 OCT 2018

3' Nothing much in the initial exchanges. Couple of freekicks for South Korea but nothing worth mentioning about.

18:15 (IST)1 OCT 2018

South Korea are in red. India in white.

18:15 (IST)1 OCT 2018

Kick off. South Korea get things underway. 

18:11 (IST)1 OCT 2018

National Anthems over. Kick-off next.

18:09 (IST)1 OCT 2018

The teams are set for the National Anthems. Korea Republic first.
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