Anirban Lahiri, Udayan Mane Olympics 2021 Golf LIVE Day 4 updates & commentary

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Men's Individual Stroke Play at Olympics 2020: Gold: Schauffele, Silver: Sabbatini, Bronze: CT Pan


08:55 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

Thank you everyone for joining us today for an exciting finish to the Men's Individual Stroke Play Final Round at Olympics 2020. Hope you enjoyed the coverage as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you!

We will see you soon for the Women's Individual Stroke Play Round 1 scheduled to commence on Wednesday, 4th August at 4am IST. Join us to cheer Aditi Ashok & Diksha Dagar. Both are extremely talented golfers. We wish them all the best. 

08:50 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

So there you have it. Men's Individual Stroke Play at Olympics 2020 medal standings are:
1. Gold medal: Xander Schauffele (USA)
2. Silver medal: Rory Sabbatini (SVK)
3. Bronze medal: C T Pan (TPE)

08:47 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

CT Pan does it with a par! He takes the Bronze medal in an epic playoff!

08:41 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

Morikawa did the first thing: get his ball on the green in first attempt. He's done that. Now the second: sink this long putt...

08:38 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

Pan had a nasty lie in thick rough and did well to be just off the green. Morikawa has a horrid "fried-egg" lie on the upslope in greenside bunker. We could hear his desperate cries of  "Go, Go, Go...". Tough break...As good as over for Morikawa, unless Pan messes up. Great chance for Pan to close it out here.

08:33 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

It's so nice to see CT Pan carrying a few clubs on him to reduce the bag's weight for his wife & caddie Michelle Lin

08:28 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

18th hole layout

08:27 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

Then there two...CT Pan vs Collin Morikawa for Bronze. Off we go back to 18th

08:25 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

Munoz definitely out with a bogey. Then there were two...

08:24 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

Rory misses too!

08:24 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

What a heart break for Mito looked good right thru till the ball circled the lip and didn't fall...Cruel..

08:21 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

4 out of 5 now within one putt away to walk back to the 18th hole. Munoz with an outside chance...difficult for him

08:20 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

CT Pan, Periera & Rory equal to the measure.. Phenomenal approach shots...Wow!

08:17 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

What a shot by Morikawa. Now sitting for a tap in birdie

08:09 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

11th Hole layout:

08:08 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

All 5 move to 11th!

08:07 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

Everyone misses their birdie how many will move to 11th?

08:05 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

Morikawa, Munoz & Mcllroy miss birdies...
Will it be CT Pan or will Pereira capitalise on his massive break?

08:02 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

All 5 tee off together. Who will hit a birdie? 

07:54 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

10th hole layout

07:52 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

Matsuyama's out of reckoning with a bogey...tough luck. He played really well.. 
Rory Mcllroy stays alive with par
Now there are 5. Off to hole no 10

07:49 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

Casey's Olympic run has ended with a bogey. Then there were 6...

07:49 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

Ooh! Matsuyama's task is cut out...nothing much he could do. Needs to sink a long par putt to stay alive 

07:47 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

Correction: Matsuyama's ball is above the bunker but deep inside rough. Tough tough shot...

07:44 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

Mcllroy had a very difficult bunker lie, all he could do was to lay up. Matsuyama finds greenside bunker! Casey just out from trees...whats happening here..?

07:43 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

Pereira & Munoz with pars too! Everyone in the first flight scores a par. Now its over to the 3-ball flight 

07:42 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

Casey in thick woods...well out into fairway...

07:41 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

CT Pan & Morikawa par the first playoff hole (no 18). Looks like their medal hopes are over. Someone from these 7 will surely score a birdie.

07:36 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

To break the 7-way tie for Bronze, sudden-death playoff will use hole nos. 11, 18, 10 and this loop will be repeated for as long as necessary

07:25 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

We have two flights of one 4-ball & one 3-ball. Here we go...

07:18 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

Stay with us for the Bronze medal playoff..

07:18 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

A big shoutout to our boys Anirban & Udayan for giving their all at one of the biggest stages in world sports. It's an honor to represent one's nation and you earned it in every way. Thank you Gentlemen!

07:15 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

Final Leaderboard (Medal/Medal contenders) after 72 holes:

07:11 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

Xander Schauffele has done it!! He wins Gold medal and Rory Sabbitini gets Silver. We have a 7-way playoff for Bronze medal. Stay tuned...

07:09 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

And we will have a playoff for Bronze! Matsuyama misses his birdie putt...

07:07 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

If Matsuyama sinks his birdie putt, he will claim Bronze. No playoffs...
Dampener, isn't it? 

07:05 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

Wow!! Schauffele you beauty! What an approach shot under pressure. He will be putting for a par and Gold medal. It all boils down to this one putt

06:59 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

Matsuyama hits a brilliant second shot under pressure... real birdie chance..

06:59 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

If leaderboard remains where it is, then Schauffele will win Gold, Sabbatini Silver & we will have a 7-way playoff for Bronze...

06:57 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

Meanwhile, Rory Sabbatini is warming up at the range anticipating a playoff for Gold medal 

06:54 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

Schauffele one clear at 18-under. He just needs a par here on 18th.
If Casey scores a birdie, he will go to 16-under to edge out all 15-under ones for Bronze. If Matsuyama too scores a birdie, then it'll be playoff for Bronze. All calculation will have to be reworked if Schauffele goes above par....
Oh the if..then...else.. of Golf!

06:51 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

Costly miss by Matsuyama! Well capitalised by  Schauffele on 17th. 

06:49 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

Rory finishes off with a par. Looks like we will have a playoff for Bronze if there's no one at 16-under 

06:41 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

Schauffele & Matsuyama, both find greenside front bunker. Schauffele needs one birdie in remaining two holes to close it out (without dropping any strokes, ofcourse!) to claim Gold medal. Even if he pars both holes, a medal is assured.

06:37 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

on 18th, Mcllroy goes pin high from 160-odd yards. Need to sink a long birdie putt

06:34 (GMT)1 AUG 2021

Don't go anywhere! This is going to the last putt, probably of the playoffs...humdinger of a round... 
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