Aryna Sabalenka vs Donna Vekic tennis Olympics 2021 LIVE scores, updates & commentary; Donna Vekic wins 6-4, 3-6, 7-6(3)

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Donna Vekic wins 6-4, 3-6, 7-6(3)


07:51 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

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07:50 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Donna Vekic is set to play Kazakhstan's Elena Rybakina in the third round.

07:48 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Third seed Aryna Sabalenka's debut run in Tokyo comes to an end in a marathon match. We saw some intense ball-striking, but the Belarusian's errors cost her dearly towards the end.
Vekic did well to bring a lot of balls back in play and ripped through her opponent's attack in the decisive tiebreak.

07:43 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Sabalenka's forehand goes long, which means Donna Vekic gets to continue her campaign at the Tokyo Olympics! Absolutely incredible defensive skills from the Croat who consistently kept her errors in control. 

07:40 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Donna Vekic takes the tiebreak 7-3 to secure a place in the third round!

07:39 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

6-3: Vekic! MATCH POINTS

07:38 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

5-2: Vekic. The Croat is two points away from an epic win.

07:38 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Exquisite angle from Donna Vekic at the net! Aryna Sabalenka needs to produce something special right away.

07:37 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

4-1: Vekic. This tiebreak might just be slipping away from the third seed.

07:34 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

2-0: Vekic

07:33 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

6-6: A couple of aces from Sabalenka force a tiebreak in the third set.

07:32 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

6-5*: Vekic's tricky wide serve rescuing her again. Aryna Sabalenka will serve to stay in this match.

07:27 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

5-5: Balance has been restored in this decider. Relentless fighting from both players is making this anybody's contest.

07:24 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

*40-0: Sabalenka heading for an easy hold. 

07:23 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

5-4*: The 15th seed is asserting her dominance during the rallies and cutting down on errors. 

07:21 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

*40-30: The Croat double faults, but makes up for it by an ace.

07:18 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

4-4: Donna Vekic overcomes the deficit to level things up in the decider!

07:17 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

*0-30: Donna Vekic on a quest for the break. Sabalenka throws an easy volley into the net.

07:14 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

The Croat easily holds serve. Sabalenka leads *4-3 in the third.

07:12 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Donna Vekic serving 2-4 down in the decider. 

07:08 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

*3-2: A couple of aggressive first serves help secure the hold for the Croat.

07:06 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Aryna Sabalenka maneuvering the ball from side to side and taking control of the rallies.

07:05 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Deuce on Vekic's service game.

07:02 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Aryna Sabanka looking unstoppable. She's producing winners at will, and fatigue seems to be taking over Donna Vekic.

07:00 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

*40-0: An ace followed by a lob winner from the Belarusian. 

06:56 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

*2-1: Vekic finds a couple of first serves and extracts errors off the Belarusian. 

06:55 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Sabalenka consolidates the break with an easy service hold. The Croat is left searching for answers.

06:50 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

The first game of the third set goes the Belarusian way!

06:50 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

*15-40: Another early break in the making for Aryna Sabalenka?

06:48 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Aryna Sabalenka wins the second set with a stunning ace! We are going the distance on the Centre court.

06:45 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

30-30: Vekic giving her all to try and break in this second set.

06:42 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

The 15th seed fends off Sabalenka's attack to hold.

06:40 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

*40-15: Vekic does not want to let go of this set, yet.

06:37 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

5-2: Sabalenka means business in this second set. Vekic is unable to diffuse her opponent's power.

06:35 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Sabalenka nets her forehand giving Vekic the hold.

06:32 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

*40-0: The Croat seeking an easy hold of serve.

06:30 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

A wide serve followed by a backhand winner helps Sabalenka in extending her lead to 4-1 in the second set!

06:26 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

1-3*: The Croat gets on the board in the second set!

06:25 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Another game, another deuce! Vekic struggling to find first serves at the moment.

06:23 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

*40-15: Donna Vekic looking for a comfortable service hold 

06:21 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

4-6, 3-0*: A strong second serve from Sabalenka to take the third game of the second set.

06:16 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

There it is! Sabalenka breaks! The Croat succumbs to pressure and double faults.

06:15 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Deuce! Sabalenka is keen to secure an early break.

06:12 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Sabalenka survives and takes the first game of the second set.

06:10 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

22 unforced errors from the Belarusian taking a toll on her. She also had 7 break points but failed to convert any.

06:04 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

6-4: Donna Vekic takes the first set!

06:03 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

*40-30: Set point for Vekic!

06:01 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

A brilliant first serve from the Croat!

06:00 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

Donna Vekic will have to serve out this set!

06:00 (GMT)26 JUL 2021

4-5*: Sabalenka produces a stunning forehand winner to deny a second break to Vekic.
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