Asian Games 2018: Archery Day 5 Live Score - Atanu Das crashes out in the quarter-final

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None of the four Archers from India made it past the quarter-final stage of the Recurve category.


14:49 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Join us again as India take part in the Recurve Mixed Team Round of 16 against Mongolia and the Compound Mixed Team Round of 16 clash against Iraq. Until then, it is goodbye.

14:46 (IST)23 AUG 2018

And that concludes the action in Archery for India on day 5 of the Asian Games 2018. It started with a huge upset as No.247 ranked Mongolian Urantungalag Bishindee beat Promila Daimary in the round of 32. Although Deepika Kumar and Viswash made it through to the round of 16, they progressed no further. Viswash lost to Kazakhstan's Ilfat Abdullin 7-1 while Deepika lost to Chinese Taipei's Lei Chien-Ying in a close encounter. Atanu Das crumbled under pressure in the quarter-final as he lost to hometown hero Ega Agata. 

14:38 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Indonesia's Riau Ega Agata beats India's Atanu Das 7-3 to advance to the semi-final.

14:38 (IST)23 AUG 2018

And that is curtains for Atanu Das. Agata takes the fifth set 29-28.

14:36 (IST)23 AUG 2018

At the end of four sets, Indonesia lead India 5-3.

14:35 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Ega Agata doesn't crumble under pressure as he takes the fourth set 28-27.

14:33 (IST)23 AUG 2018

This time both players score 28 and the scoreline is 3-3 at the end of the third set.

14:33 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Atanu Das hits a 28 and Thailand score 28 as well. Again the scores are level.

14:31 (IST)23 AUG 2018

At the end of set, the scores are still level as both players score 27. It is 2-2.

14:28 (IST)23 AUG 2018

At the end of the first set, it is 1-1 between India and Indonesia.

14:28 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Atanu Das' game has got underway. 

The target is at a distance of 70m and you have three shots in each round and whoever wins the set gets 2 points and if it is a tie, both get one apiece.

13:19 (IST)23 AUG 2018

We are now less than an hour away from the scheduled start time of Atanu Das' quarter-final encounter against Riau Ega Agata.

11:38 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Atanu Das' quarter-final clash will be at 2.10 PM IST although don't quote me on that because predicting when the games start in this tournament has been harder than watching paint dry.

11:37 (IST)23 AUG 2018

There will now be a two hour break before the quarter-final actions kicks off in both the men's and women's recurve. 

11:29 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Atanu Das will now face Indonesia's Riau Ega Agatha in the quarter-final.

11:28 (IST)23 AUG 2018

The day began with four Indian archers. Now it is all up to Atanu Das to help India earn a medal in the Recurve category.

11:24 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Atanu Das beats Kazakhstan's Denis Gankin 7-3 to advance to the quarter-final.

11:23 (IST)23 AUG 2018

It is 3-3 after three sets but Atanu Das now has four straight points and he has done it.

11:23 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Atanu Das is the last one standing in the day and he levels the score at 2-2 at the end of the second set against Kazakhstan's Denis Gankin.

11:22 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Viswash loses to Kazakhstan's Ilfat Abdullin 7-1 and is also out of contention.

11:22 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Chinese Taipei's Chien-Ying scores six straight points without answer and she beats Deepika 7-3 to progress through to the quarter-final.

11:21 (IST)23 AUG 2018

But a stunning comeback from Chinese Taipei's Chien-Ying and it is all over. Deepika Kumari is out.

11:21 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Deepika leads 3-1 after the second set in her clash against Chien-Ying.

11:20 (IST)23 AUG 2018

At the end of the first set, Deepika is the only one of the trio to be in the lead both Viswash and Atanu Das are down.

10:56 (IST)23 AUG 2018

So is the clash between India and Kazakhstan in two round of 16 games.

10:55 (IST)23 AUG 2018

And the clash between Deepika and Chien-Ying is all set to get underway.

10:32 (IST)23 AUG 2018

First up will be the mouth-watering clash between India's Deepika Kumari and Chinese Taipei's Lei Chien-Ying.

10:29 (IST)23 AUG 2018

It will be India vs Kazakhstan in the men's round of 16. Viswash will take on Kazakhstan's Ilfat Abdullin while Atanu Das will take on Kazakhstan's Denis Gankin.

10:26 (IST)23 AUG 2018

In the women's Round of 16, there will be a blockbuster clash as No.7 ranked Deepika Kumari takes on No.8 ranked Lei Chien-Ying.

10:21 (IST)23 AUG 2018

And he does that in style as Atanu Das beat DPR Korea's Pak Yong Won 7-3 to advance to the round of 16 in the Men's recurve category.

10:20 (IST)23 AUG 2018

But Pak levels the score at 3-3 at the end of the third set and the pressure is now on Atanu Das to bounce back.

10:20 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Atanu is off to a great start and leads 3-1 after the first two sets.

10:19 (IST)23 AUG 2018

In the other men's round of 32 clash, Atanu Das is currently taking on DPR Korea's Pak Yong Won.

10:19 (IST)23 AUG 2018

In the men's round of 32, Viswash defeats Mongolia's Bataa Purevsuren 6-2 to advance to the round of 16.

10:14 (IST)23 AUG 2018

It has been a bittersweet start to the day for India in Archery while Deepika Kumari is through, the No.12 ranked Promila Daimary has been knocked out by Bishindee.

10:10 (IST)23 AUG 2018

And it is all over in the other encounter as well and it is a huge upset. Promila Daimary has been knocked out by Mongolia's Urantungalag Bishindee.

10:08 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Deepika Kumari beats Ri Ji Hyang 6-2 to progress through to the Round of 16.

10:07 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Deepika Kumari takes the third and fourth set and it is all over.

10:04 (IST)23 AUG 2018

But Ri Ji Hyang bounces back in the second and the score is level at 2-2 after two sets.

10:04 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Solid start from the No.7 ranked Deepika, who is up 2-0 at the end of the first set.

10:04 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Deepika Kumari clash against DPR Korea's Ri Ji Hyang has got underway as well.

10:01 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Bishindee is ranked No.247 in the world but right now she is shooting like she is on top of the world. She now has a 5-1 lead in the third set.

10:01 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Promila Daimary, who is ranked No.12 in the world finally gets on the board but she still trails the Mongolian 3-1 at the end of the second set.

09:59 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Do we have an upset on the cards here? Urantungalag Bishindee leads 2-0 at the end of the first set. 

09:45 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Promila Daimary's clash against Mongolia's Urantungalag Bishindee is underway.

09:25 (IST)23 AUG 2018

All the 1/32 Eliminations are done. Next up is the round of 32 which will feature two Indians in Promila Daimary and Deepika Kumari.

09:06 (IST)23 AUG 2018

The Recurve Women's Individual, 1/32 Eliminations have already begun. And the first Indian clash in the 1/16 Eliminations will be Promila Daimary who will take on Mongolia's Urantungalag Bishindee.

09:03 (IST)23 AUG 2018

India have 15 medals so far, with four GOLD. Here is a list of the players who have got their hands on a medal so far for India.

08:55 (IST)23 AUG 2018

In case you missed out on the action from day four, here's a round-up: DAY 4 ARCHERY INDIA RESULTS

08:52 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the archery events on day five of the Asian Games 2018.
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