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  • Asian Games 2018, Badminton, Women's Singles, Semifinal, Day 9: Saina Nehwal vs Tai Tzu Ying, Live Score, Latest Updates & Results

Asian Games 2018, Badminton, Women's Singles, Semifinal, Day 9: Saina Nehwal vs Tai Tzu Ying, Live Score, Latest Updates & Results

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 27, 2018 11:24 IST

Live action under way!


11:22 (IST)27 AUG 2018


11:14 (IST)27 AUG 2018

But don't go anywhere as PV Sindhu will soon be in action.

Can she make it to the final? She faces the World No. 2 Akane Yamaguchi.

Let's find out.

11:12 (IST)27 AUG 2018

She had the lead a couple of times but once Tai got back the lead, she just raced through the end part of the second game.

It has still been a commendable effort from the former World No. 1 to get the bronze from the Asiad, which had so far been missing from her glittering career.

11:11 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Saina will have to remain content with the bronze medal.

11:10 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Final score: Tai def Nehwal 21-17, 21-14 to enter final

11:09 (IST)27 AUG 2018

And Tai gets the job done on her first attempt!

Tai is through to the final!

11:09 (IST)27 AUG 2018

It's all happening very, very fast here!

Match points for Tai!

11:08 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Saina still going for touch and deception while Tai has now switched to attack!


11:07 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Now Tai is going for body shots and her tactic is working!

16-14 to Tai

11:07 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Saina misses the sideline!


11:06 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Again Saina has the lead!


11:06 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Tai dashes Saina's hopes with her combination of superb anticipation and taking the shuttle early.


11:05 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Nehwal has a lead for the first time in this match!


11:04 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Tai brought forth her attack bit again made an unforced error!


11:03 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Good net dribble from Saina!


11:02 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Tai goes into the midgame interval with a slender edge of 11-10.

11:01 (IST)27 AUG 2018

And, again a momentum shift here!

Unforced errors from Tai has emboldened Saina to go for smashes and she has drawn level!


11:01 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Saina pulled one back but Tai is up to 10-7

11:00 (IST)27 AUG 2018

And, just like that, the unfazed Tai pulls the trigger again and takes the next 3 points.


10:59 (IST)27 AUG 2018

And Saina has levelled matters here! Four points in a row!


10:58 (IST)27 AUG 2018

And Saina is targeting the net more to get the better of Tai, giving the Taipei ace a taste of her own medicine.

That has allowed her to come back to 5-6

10:57 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Saina has to pull the brakes on the Tai march, otherwise it can be over very fast.

10:56 (IST)27 AUG 2018

And Saina finally outfoxed Tai at the net!


10:55 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Saina trying a bit of deception but fails to put the shuttle across.


10:54 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Very much like the first game, Tai makes an error going crosscourt and Saina is on the board at 1-3.

10:53 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Well disguised dropshot from Tai to start the second game with.

Tai up to 2-0

10:51 (IST)27 AUG 2018

And Saina misses a high toss, which goes long!

It's 21-17 to Tai!!

10:50 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Game points for Tai!


10:49 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Saina pulled one back, but it has largely been Tai after the break.

10:49 (IST)27 AUG 2018

And just like that, Tai has found her shots again.

Saina is struggling once again.

18-15 to Tai 

10:48 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Suddenly Tai has lost her sharpness and her errors allow Saina to come back to 15-16

10:46 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Tai makes a rare error at the net and Saina has been able to reduce the gap to three points.


10:46 (IST)27 AUG 2018

It's 15-11 to Tai

10:44 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Tai's deception is doing all the talk and Saina can't control the shots.

10:44 (IST)27 AUG 2018

And Tai adds a flurry of points on resumption!


10:44 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Tai finds the corner with a smash!

Tai up 11-10 at the midgame break

10:41 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Big, big crosscourt smash from Saina!


10:40 (IST)27 AUG 2018

A good rally ends in Tai going wide, thanks to Saina's defence.


10:39 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Again Saina attacks the Tai backhand and gets her reward!

Saina has levelled!!!!!!!!


10:39 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Injection of power from Tai and Saina can't return!

Saina 6-8

10:38 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Clever drop from Saina!


10:38 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Now Saina forces Tai to long!!

Saina trails 5-6

10:37 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Another point for her and she shouts, "Come on!"


10:36 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Again Saina goes for the same shots and gets her reward.

Saina is very pumped up!


10:36 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Much better movement from Saina and she goes for a smash down the line.


10:34 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Saina exploits the Tai backhand to get her first point.


10:33 (IST)27 AUG 2018

And, as expected, Tai is making her intentions clear, with her array of deceptive shots 

2-0 to Tai 

10:33 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Good morning!

The semis are underway!

Saina faces the World No. 1
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