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Asian Games 2018 Day 3: Indian Men's Archery Qualification, Live Score, Latest Updates & Results

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 21, 2018 15:31 IST

The men's and women's recurve archery ranking rounds have been completed.


15:31 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Tomorrow the compound archers will be in action as their ranking rounds begin. We'll bring you live updates from it too.

Do join us tomorrow.

Until then, keep following Sportskeeda for all the latest updates from the Asian Games.

15:30 (IST)21 AUG 2018

The recurve archers get rest for a day as the elimination stage begins on Thursday.

15:24 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Having said that, Deepika Kumari did win a gold medal in individual recurve archery at the World Cup in Salt Lake City in June. That could be a turning point in her career and might even inspire her and the rest of the recurve archers to get hold of a medal, something which they haven't done in eight long years at the Asiad!

15:21 (IST)21 AUG 2018

And that brings us to the end of the ranking rounds.

None of the Indian in both the men's and the women's recurve sections could get into the top 10 of the individual rankings. And that's little disappointing. Recurve archery has been overshadowed by compound archery in the last few years. It would be nice to see them shake off the recent setbacks and get a medal here at the Asian Games.

14:57 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Final standing: The Mixed Recurve Team of Atanu and Deepika is also eighth with 1309 points after 144 arrows

14:56 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Final standing: The Recurve Men's Team is 8th with 1956 points after 216 arrows

14:55 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Final standing: Choudhary is 39th with 638 points

14:54 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Final standing: Viswash is 17th with 658 points

14:54 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Final standing:

After 72 arrows,

Das is 14th with 660 points

14:45 (IST)21 AUG 2018

With Das being the leading Indian archer, now his score is being considered, along with Deepika's.

The duo is now eighth with 1255 points.

14:44 (IST)21 AUG 2018

So, after 198 arrows in the Men's Team Qualification, the Indian team is placed in the 9th spot

The trio has 1792 points in total.

14:42 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Choudhary is 41st and has 582 points

14:42 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Vishwash has slipped to 16th and has 604 points

14:41 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Again, a change in fortunes for the top 2 Indian archers!

After 66 arrows, Atanu Das has managed to improve his scores with some great pin-point shooting

He is now 14th with 606 points

14:34 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Taking into consideration Vishwash's score, along with Deepika Kumari's, the Indian mixed recurve team is still in eighth position. They have 1200 points.

14:31 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Thanks to Vishwash's good show, India has moved up in the Men's Team Qualfication

The Indian trio is now eighth with 1629 points after 180 arrows

14:29 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Choudhary is 41st with 530 points!!!

14:28 (IST)21 AUG 2018

But woes continue for Atanu Das!!!!

He has now dropped to 19th and has a total of 548 points!!!!

Absolute contrast of fortunes for the two Indians there!!!

14:27 (IST)21 AUG 2018

He is the leading Indian archer now!!!!

14:26 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Vishwash has made an incredible comeback after 60 arrows!!!!

He has gone up to 12th with 551 points!!!

14:04 (IST)21 AUG 2018

In the Mixed Recurve Section, Atanu and Deepika cling on to their 8th spot with 1033 points after 114 arrows

14:02 (IST)21 AUG 2018

So, in the Men's Team Qualifications

India is now in 10th position after 126 arrows and 1135 points

14:01 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Choudhary is 44th with 369 currently

14:01 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Vishwash holds on to his 20th spot and has 382 points.

13:58 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Das is slipping further!!!!!

AFTER 42 ARROWS, Das is in 15th position with 384 points.

13:47 (IST)21 AUG 2018

India is being represented by Deepika Kumari and Atanu Das in recurve mixed team category. And they currently have 981 points.

13:46 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Meanwhile the recurve mixed team is right now in EIGHTH position.

13:45 (IST)21 AUG 2018

The Indian team is in 10th position with 974 points after 36 arrows.

13:43 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Choudhary is 50th with 314 and Singh is 62nd with 306

13:43 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Vishwash has improved to 20th 

Wow! That is quite an improvement! 

He has 328 points.

13:42 (IST)21 AUG 2018

After 36 arrows

Das has slipped to 12th with 332 points.

13:39 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Vishwash is 33rd with 270, Jagdish Choudhary is 51st with 261 and Sukhchain Singh is 61st with 255

13:37 (IST)21 AUG 2018

As expected, Atanu Das is currently the best of the Indian men out there.

After 30 arrows in ranking rounds, Das is 10th with 277 points.

13:30 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Good afternoon! The ranking rounds for the men's archers are under way!

How will the Indian men fare?

Let's find out.

11:18 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Meanwhile, you can follow the latest updates on the 2018 Asia Games Medals Tally, here.

11:18 (IST)21 AUG 2018

They will now be in action in 1/32 eliminations on August 23rd.

11:16 (IST)21 AUG 2018

An average outing by the Indian's in the Individual event. Promila Daimary with the highest rank of 20 among the Indians.

11:14 (IST)21 AUG 2018

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11:10 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Recurve Women's Individual results are also out now!

10:44 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Meanwhile, you can follow the latest updates on the 2018 Asia Games Medals Tally, here.

10:42 (IST)21 AUG 2018

That's all from the Women's Recurve Team event as India have made their way to the next stage of the competition. Stay tuned for all the further updates from the Archery range right here @Sportskeeda.

10:35 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Here is the individual breakup of the scores by the Indian archers in the Women's Team Recurve Event.

10:32 (IST)21 AUG 2018

They move on to the pre-quarter finals (1/8 eliminations) that will take place later in the week.

10:28 (IST)21 AUG 2018

The Indian team has finished on the seventh spot with a score of 1908 points.

<Insert Caption>

10:28 (IST)21 AUG 2018

We have the results from the Archery Team Recurve Event

09:08 (IST)21 AUG 2018

The start of the event seems to have delayed. We will bring all the live updates right here as soon as the event begins.

08:11 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Here is the start list for the Recurve Team event.

08:07 (IST)21 AUG 2018

We are just minutes away from the first arrows being drawn at the range.
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