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  • Asian Games 2018, Table Tennis, Men's Team, Semifinal, Day 10: India vs South Korea, Live Score, Latest Updates & Results

Asian Games 2018, Table Tennis, Men's Team, Semifinal, Day 10: India vs South Korea, Live Score, Latest Updates & Results

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 28, 2018 13:19 IST

South Korea defeat India 3-0. BRONZE FOR INDIA!


13:19 (IST)28 AUG 2018

That's all from the table tennis action as Korea win 3-0 over India to set up the gold medal match with China. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all live updates from the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia.

13:18 (IST)28 AUG 2018

The Indian team comprised of Achanta Sharath Kamal, Sathiyan Gnanasekaran, Anthony Amalraj, Harmeet Desai and Manav Vikash Thakkar.

13:17 (IST)28 AUG 2018

The Indian team has lost the semifinals tie against the Republic of Korea and will finish on the podium with the Bronze medal.

13:16 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Amalraj lost out to Jang Woojin in four games as India lose the tie in the semifinals.

13:15 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Jang Woojin has won the fourth game 11-7 to clinch the tie for Korea.

13:01 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Jang Woojin starts strongly in the Game 4 of the match as he leads 3-1 now

12:58 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Anthony Amalraj wins the third game at 11-4 and stays alive for a fight in the third match of the tie.

12:57 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Errors from Woojin as Amalraj is running away with the lead and is now within two points at 9-3

12:56 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Amalraj has started well and ran away into a 7-2 lead in Game 3 of the match.

12:53 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Jang Woojin wraps up the second game with ease at 11-7 and is now on course for the win in the match.

12:52 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Four game points for Jang Woojin as he manages to put the pressure on Amalraj and force errors out of him.

12:51 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Amalraj and Woojin going back and forth with the Korean leading by three at 8-5 in the game.

12:49 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Jang Woojin uses the topspin well to take a 5-3 lead in the match with consecutive points to his name.

12:47 (IST)28 AUG 2018

A good rally comes to an end with Amalraj getting the point eventually with a cross-table forehand.

12:47 (IST)28 AUG 2018

The Game 2 has begun as Amalraj takes a 2-1 lead quickly with a couple of forehands.

12:44 (IST)28 AUG 2018

And he has wrapped it up! Jang Woojin wins the first game with a 11-5 scoreline.

12:44 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Five game points for Jang Woojin at 10-5 in Game 1

12:44 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Amalraj gets a point with his smash but the Korean is at it again and maintains the lead at 9-5

12:43 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Jang Woojin has done well to take a 8-4 lead in the game

12:41 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Amalraj produces two great forehand smashes to level it up at 3-3 in Game 1

12:40 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Woojin has taken a 3-1 lead in the match after a couple of errors from Amalraj.

12:38 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Anthony Amalraj is up next in the third match of the tie against Jang Woojin from Korea.

12:38 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Sharath Kamal did well to come back from being two games down but Jeoung Young Sik prevails in the end.

12:37 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Jeoung Young Sik has won the fifth game to make it 2-0 for Korea in the match.

12:24 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Achanta Sharath Kamal has won the next two games and managed to take the match into the deciding fifth game of the match.

12:04 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Sik wins both the points on Sharath's as the backhand fails for the Indian yet again. He has to win all the three games up next to win the match.

12:03 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Two serves up next for Sharath as he levels the scores at 9 a piece now. Good chance for him to wrap up the game.

12:02 (IST)28 AUG 2018

A great rally comes to an end as Sharath's backhand is long. Sik leads 9-8 in Game 2.

12:01 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Sharath has levelled it up forcing mistakes from the Korean as the intense contest continues.

12:00 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Strong forehands from Sik as he takes a 7-5 lead in the second game now

11:58 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Sharath does well to comeback in the game with two good points and is now trailing at 4-5

11:55 (IST)28 AUG 2018

The second game is underway and Sik leads 3-1 after forcing mistakes from Sharath

11:53 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Korea have won the first game 11-9 after being down almost the entire time. 

11:51 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Jeoung Young Sik does well to make it all square in the game at 9-9. Stellar comeback from the Korean

11:50 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Sharath looks all set to wrap up the game now as he leads 9-6 

11:47 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Sharath continues his strong play as he has taken a 6-2 lead in Game 1 now.

11:46 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Sharath has taken a 3-1 lead after a superb forehand across the table as he has begun on a positive note.

11:45 (IST)28 AUG 2018

The second match is underway now.

11:43 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Details from the Match 1 of the tie as Sathiyan Gnanasekaran lost in four games against Lee Sangsu

11:42 (IST)28 AUG 2018

The result means that Korea now lead 1-0 overall in the match.

Match 2 will see Indian veteran Achanta Sharath Kamal take on Young Sik Jeoung for a chance to make it 1-1 in the tie.

11:41 (IST)28 AUG 2018

A great forehand is enough for Lee Sangsu to wrap up the first match as he does well to come back from losing the first game to win the next three comfortably.

Sathiyan Gnanasekaran 11-9 9-11 3-11 3-11 Lee Sangsu

11:40 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Game point for Lee Sangsu after Sathiyan's backhand goes long.

11:39 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Lee Sangsu is on fire in Game 4 as he wins the point after an intense rally and has taken a 7-3 lead in the game.

11:37 (IST)28 AUG 2018

The score is now 4-2 in favor of Lee as Sathiyan hopes to mount a comeback in the do-or-die game for him.

11:36 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Game 4 begins as Lee is on the aggressive from the get-go and wins the first point.

11:32 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Lee has won the Game 3 in the match with a 11-3 scoreline in a dominating display to take a 2-1 lead in games.

11:31 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Lee Sangsu continues to dominate the third game as he is now up at 9-3 and within just two points of winning the game.

11:28 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Lee Sangsu has started strong in the third game as he has taken a 4-1 lead after a couple of good strokes leading to mistakes by the Indian.

11:25 (IST)28 AUG 2018

Lee wins the second game as Sathiyan's backhand hits the net. One game each for the two men as the intense action continues as we get ready for the third game.
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