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Asian Games 2018, Volleyball, Women's Preliminary Pool B, Day 5: India vs Kazakhstan, Live Score, Latest Updates & Results

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 23, 2018 09:49 IST

The match is underway now.


09:49 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Meanwhile, you can find the latest updates on the Asian Games 2018 medal tally right here.

09:48 (IST)23 AUG 2018

That's all from the live coverage of Women's Volleyball action from the Day 5 of the Asian Games 2018. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all live updates from the Asian Games.

09:47 (IST)23 AUG 2018

The Indian women lose their second match in a row after their first match loss against Vietnam in the Pool B preliminary round.

They will take on the Chinese Taipei on 25th August next and currently lie on the bottom of the Pool B after the two consequent losses.

09:45 (IST)23 AUG 2018

And they have won it!! Kazakhstan women have won the third set and the match with a final smash across the court.

Kazakhstan 25-8 25-19 25-23 India

09:43 (IST)23 AUG 2018

India manage to save two points with good blocks at the net. One match point left with the Kazakhstan women.

Kazakhstan 25-8 25-19 24-23 India

09:41 (IST)23 AUG 2018

The Kazakhs are within a point of wrapping the match up now.

Kazakhstan 25-8 25-19 24-20 India

09:36 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Kazakhstan have moved within five points of clinching the match as India trail by four now.

Kazakhstan 25-8 25-19 20-16 India

09:34 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Indian players try a lot of smashes at the net but the Kazakh women stood strong with their blocks and are in a commanding position now.

Kazakhstan 25-8 25-19 18-14 India

09:31 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Stellar play from Kazakhstan at the net as they are back in the lead again with powerful smashes

Kazakhstan 25-8 25-19 16-14 India

09:30 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Anusree score another smash point that proved too strong for the Kazakhstan blockers

Kazakhstan 25-8 25-19 12-13 India

09:28 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Strong blocking and serving by the Kazakhstan side sees them rally back into the set and make it all square.

Kazakhstan 25-8 25-19 11-11 India

09:24 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Two more points for India as the smash continues to garner points for India from both sides.

Kazakhstan 25-8 25-19 5-8 India

09:22 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Kazakhstan have pulled back the lead with smart play at the net.

Kazakhstan 25-8 25-19 5-6 India

09:22 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Consistent play by India sees them run away into a 6-2 lead in the third set of the match.

09:19 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Great link-up play by India at the net as the smash gets them into the lead in the early stages of the set.

Kazakhstan 25-8 25-19 2-4 India

09:17 (IST)23 AUG 2018

The third set is underway at the GBK Indoor Arena now.

09:14 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Kazakhstan have won the second set after the smash from India goes long.

Kazakhstan 25-8 25-19 India

09:13 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Strong smash from the Kazakhstan player sees the block made by the Indians fall in their own side of the court and they have the set point now.

Kazakhstan 24-19 India

09:12 (IST)23 AUG 2018

A strong block by the Kazakhi women give them another point but they falter on the subsequent serve and give one to India.

Kazakhstan 23-19 India

09:11 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Good back and forth between the two sides with smashes flowing all across the court. However, the Kazakhstan side has the edge so far in the second set.

Kazakhstan 21-18 India

09:08 (IST)23 AUG 2018

India have managed to make it all-square in the second set as they continue to fight well.

Kazakhstan 17-17 India

09:05 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Two strong cross-court smashes sees Kazakhstan regain the lead from India

Kazakhstan 16-14 India

09:04 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Kazakhstan have done well to cut the lead to just one with strong service and defence at the net.

Kazakhstan 13-14 India

09:02 (IST)23 AUG 2018

India build on the lead with a couple of quick points forcing errors from the Kazakhstan defenders.

Kazakhstan 10-14 India

09:00 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Strong play from India at the net as they have managed to take the lead in the set.

Kazakhstan 9-10 India

09:00 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Great block by the Indian women as they cut the lead down to just one point.

Kazakhstan 9-8 India

08:57 (IST)23 AUG 2018

It's been neck to neck so far in the second set as the two sides have been strong at the net with their smash and blocks.

Kazakhstan 8-6 India

08:53 (IST)23 AUG 2018

The Kazakhs have done well however with clever drops at the net catching the Indian blockers unawares and made it all square at 3-3 now.

08:52 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Indians start well in the second set taking a 2-1 lead now with good net play.

08:49 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Kazakhstan wrap up the first set with a dominant performance. After a strong start, the Indians managed to claw back in the set but the Kazakhs prevailed in the end.

Kazakhstan 25-8 India

08:46 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Kazakhstan are within 5 points of winning the first set as they do well defensively to stem the Indian momentum.

Kazakhstan 20-8 India

08:43 (IST)23 AUG 2018

More points for the Indian team as they hope to close down the gap in the first set of the match.

Kazakhstan 16-7 India

08:41 (IST)23 AUG 2018

India score a couple of points but the team from Kazakhstan have asserted their control in the first set.

Kazakshstan 12-5 India

08:37 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Four more points for the Kazakhstan as India have finally managed to score their first point in the match. The score stands 9-1 in favor of the Kazakhs.

08:37 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Kazakhstan have started out on a strong note and ran away into a comfortable 6-0 lead in the first set of the match.

08:29 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Good morning and welcome to the live coverage of the Women's Volleyball action from the Day 5 of the Asian Games 2018.

07:55 (IST)23 AUG 2018

Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the Volleyball action from the 2018 Asian Games!

The Indian women's volleyball team will be looking to get their campaign back on track after they suffered a resounding defeat at the hands of Vietnam in their last game. This time round, they are up against Kazakhstan, who will look to put up a stiff challenge for the Indian girls.

The 2018 Asian Games are underway as a strong Indian contingent contest in over forty sports in Jakarta & Palembang.

The 4th day of the multi-sporting extravaganza was excellent for India. Rahi Sarnobat won another gold in shooting by bagging the top spot in the Women's 25m Pistol event. The shooter from Kolhapur has created history by becoming India's first female shooter to win Gold in an individual event at Asiad. India also bagged 4 medals in Wushu on Day 4, taking their medal tally to 15.

Elsewhere, two medals were confirmed in tennis -- Ankita Raina confirmed her medal after defeating Chong Euduce Wong of Hong Kong 6-4, 6-1 to enter the top 4 in women's singles while the Men's duo of Rohan Bopanna/Divij Sharan also won their quarterfinal encounter 6-3, 5-7, 10-1 and entered the semis, thereby confirming a medal. They will be in action in their respective matches today!

There are a lot of other Indians in medal contention on Day 5 in Rowing, Tennis, Weightlifting, Shooting, and swimming. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for ALL the LIVE updates on these events as well. 
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