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  • Asian Games 2018, Women's Volleyball, Semifinal for 9 - 12, Day 11: India vs Hong Kong, Live Score, Latest Updates & Results

Asian Games 2018, Women's Volleyball, Semifinal for 9 - 12, Day 11: India vs Hong Kong, Live Score, Latest Updates & Results

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 29, 2018 16:17 IST

The match is scheduled to start at 3:00 pm IST!


16:17 (IST)29 AUG 2018

That is the end of India's journey for the day in volleyball. Stay tuned for more updates.

16:17 (IST)29 AUG 2018

India beats Hong Kong 25 - 18, 25-16, 25-13.

16:16 (IST)29 AUG 2018

India wins the third set as well by a comfortable margin.

16:13 (IST)29 AUG 2018

India 22 - 11 Hong Kong

16:12 (IST)29 AUG 2018

One of the main reasons for India's success has been their ability to serve and block well. The lead is now 11.

16:09 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Now the gap is up to 10 points and it is looking like it is just going to be a matter of time before India take the win.

16:06 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Now it is India's turn to go on a run and that has swollen the lead up. India 15 - 8 Hong Kong

16:03 (IST)29 AUG 2018

But any hopes Hong Kong had of a comeback is being kept in check by India, who continue to lead by 4 points.

16:01 (IST)29 AUG 2018

It is still very close and Hong Kong are hanging on here. India lead 8 - 6

15:58 (IST)29 AUG 2018

The third set starts with India in the lead after a close start. 4 - 3

15:52 (IST)29 AUG 2018

India win the second set 25- 16

15:51 (IST)29 AUG 2018

It was only a matter of time and it is all over. India take a 2-0 lead now.

15:46 (IST)29 AUG 2018

No comeback likely here as India extend their lead to eight points and are inching closer to taking the second set. India leads 20 - 12

15:43 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Hong kong tries to bounce back but India still leads by 6 pts.

15:38 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Honh Kong are doing their best to bring it to just three points. Can they use this momentum and take the lead? India leads 12 - 9

15:36 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Hong Kong try to mount a comeback but the Indians have managed to keep them in check. India leads 10- 5

15:30 (IST)29 AUG 2018

India leads in the second set by 6 - 1. A strong start from India who won the first set courtesy of an incredible comeback.

15:28 (IST)29 AUG 2018

India takes the first set 25- 18

15:27 (IST)29 AUG 2018

And it is all done dusted as India take the final point.

15:24 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Hong Kong tries to comeback but India still leads and stays the first.

15:21 (IST)29 AUG 2018

But India manage a stirring comeback and are now in pole position to claim the first set. India lead 20 - 15

15:12 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Hong Kong lead 13-9

15:12 (IST)29 AUG 2018

India try to comeback but even they aren't able to string a lot of good moves together.

15:11 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Hong Kong increase their lead to three after 9 minutes. But they haven't been able to go on an extended run just yet.

15:09 (IST)29 AUG 2018

With just over six minutes done in this encounter, Hong Kong have a slender 7-6 lead.

15:07 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Just as I say that, Hong Kong race to a 7-4 but it doesn't take India long to bounce back and cut that deficit down to just one.

15:06 (IST)29 AUG 2018

It has been fairly routine so far and no side has really been able to go on a run, either with some stellar defence or some impressive spikes.

15:05 (IST)29 AUG 2018

India serve and get off the mark immediately courtesy of a fault from Hong Kong but they do well to immediately bounce back take a 2-1 lead.

15:00 (IST)29 AUG 2018

We are just minutes away from the start of the clash between India and Hong Kong.

14:15 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Hello and Welcome to Sportskeeda's LIVE coverage of the 2018 Asian Games Jakarta-Palembang! Next up, the Indian Indian volleyball team will be live in action in the Semifinal for 9 - 12 against Hong Kong. 

14:14 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Day 10 proved to be India's best day in the competition so far, as medals flew in from left, right, and center.

Archery won India two medals as both the Compound Men's (Abhishek Verma, Rajat Chauhan, and Aman Saini) and the Women's (Jyothi Surekha, Madhumita Kumari, and Muskan Kirar) team won the Silver medal.

PV Sindhu bagged a historic silver in Badminton Women's Singles as she went down against World Number 1 Tai Tzu Ying in the final.

The Indian Men's TT team (Sathiyan Gnanasekaran, Anthony Amalraj, Achanta Sharath Kamal, Manav Thakkar, Harmeet Desai) won a historic Bronze in the Team Event. There were also a couple of medals won in Kurash -- Silver and Bronze -- by Pincky Balhara and Malaprabha Yallappa Jadhav, respectively.

The big winner of the day was once again Athletics, as Manjit Singh and Jinson Johnson grabbed a medal each in Men's 800m. Singh finished with a Gold, while Johnson won Silver. The Indian Mixed 4x400 team (Muhammed Anas, Hima Das, MR Poovamma, and Rajiv Arokia) also won the Silver medal.

Day 11 had a slow start but gradually picked up!

Indian pugilists Amit Panghal and Vikas Krishan won their quarterfinal bouts against Jang Ryong Kim and Tuoheta Erbieke Tanglatihan, respectively, to assure at least a Bronze each for India. The two will be in action in the semifinals tomorrow!

Meanwhile, another medal was assured as The Indian Women's squash team of Joshna Chinappa, Dipika Pallikal, Sunanya Kuruvilla, and Tanvi Khanna defeated China and secured a place in the Semifinals of the event.

Volleyball action continues on Day 11. The Indian team is set to face Hong Kong in the Semifinal for 9 - 12. 

Here are the line-ups of the two teams:


Anju Balakrishnan
Rekha Sreesailam
Sruthi Murali
Anusree Kambrath Poyili
Jini Kovat
Priyanka Khedkar
Anusri Ghosh
Aswani Kandoth
Minimol Abraham
Anjali Babu
Ruksana Khatun


Eu Eu Chan
Wing Lam Chim
Tsz Yan Fung
Wing Yan Fung
Kin Yiu Ho
Hoi Lun Helen Ip
Yung Yung Koo
Yee Ting Lam
Ho Fung Thyllis Law
Wing Lam Pang
Sze Nga Tsang
Ka Yee Tsui
Sau Mei C Yeung
Ying Chi Yu
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