ATK Mohun Bagan vs Bengaluru FC LIVE Commentary and Score, AFC Cup 2021

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FT: ATK Mohun Bagan FC (Krishna, Bose) 2-0 Bengaluru FC.


18:27 (IST)18 AUG 2021

18:26 (IST)18 AUG 2021

FULL TIME: ATK Mohun Bagan FC 2-0 Bengaluru FC

ATK Mohun Bagan script a comfortable win over Bengaluru FC in an all India-clash in the first game of the AFC Cup. The Mariners went ahead with a Roy Krishna header in the first half followed by an impeccable Subhasish Bose finish in the second half. The Blues had a lot of the ball but never managed to cause problems for the ATKMB defence. 
Bengaluru FC will now need to go all ends out and get a win over Basundhara Kings (Bangladesh) in their second game while ATK Mohun Bagan FC will face Maziya S&RC next. (Maldives). Thank you for tuning into Sportskeeda's AFC Cup coverage. This is your host, Sayak Dipta Dey, signing off. Good Night!

18:22 (IST)18 AUG 2021

90+3' ATKMB are defending deep and are happy to see the remaining few minutes on the clock run out.

18:17 (IST)18 AUG 2021

90' Additional TIme: 4 Minutes.

18:16 (IST)18 AUG 2021

88' Substitution. (ATK Mohun Bagan FC). Seikh Sahil replaces Roy Krishna.

18:14 (IST)18 AUG 2021

87' Ajith Kumar with an attempt that flies over the ATKMB goal.

18:14 (IST)18 AUG 2021

84' We are in the final few minutes of the second half. Bengaluru FC have been playing well and have not really allowed the Mariners any space at the back except that one goal right at the start of the second half. However, the Blues have not been anywhere close to the quality they need to overcome the ATKMB defence.

18:05 (IST)18 AUG 2021

79' Substitution. (ATK Mohun Bagan FC). Liston Colaco replaces David Williams.

18:05 (IST)18 AUG 2021

77' Cleiton Silva has a shot on goal from a free-kick but the Brazilian's attempt is wide.

18:02 (IST)18 AUG 2021

74' Bengaluru FC have a chance to get one goal back with Bidyasagar Singh getting on the end of a throw-in but his shot is blocked for BFC corner. The corner is then swung in by BFC only for ATKMB to defend it with ease.

18:00 (IST)18 AUG 2021

72' Substitution. (ATK Mohun Bagan FC). Bidyananda Singh replaces Hugo Boumous.

17:58 (IST)18 AUG 2021

69' Substitution. (Bengaluru FC). Parag Srivas replaces Roshan Singh.

17:56 (IST)18 AUG 2021

67' Bengaluru FC doing everything they can by using the wings to their advantage. However, the crosses from both the flanks have not been quite accurate and ATKMB have had no problems dealing with those.

17:48 (IST)18 AUG 2021

61' Bidyasagar Singh is straightaway involved in the game. He tries to find Chhetri with a cross in from the right but Amrinder Singh collects.

17:46 (IST)18 AUG 2021

59' Substitutions. (Bengaluru FC). 
Ajith Kumar replaces Sarthak Golui. 
Bidyasagar Singh replaces Udanta Singh.

17:44 (IST)18 AUG 2021

57' Jayesh Rane goes for goal with the outside of his boot. He scuffs the ball but BFC keep the ball.

17:42 (IST)18 AUG 2021

55' Hugo Boumous goes low and hard from deep inside the BFC half but the shot is wide.

17:40 (IST)18 AUG 2021

53' SAVE! Cleiton Silva with a clean and powerful strike and Amrinder Singh makes a save.

17:38 (IST)18 AUG 2021

50' Jayesh Rane goes for a chip to find someone inside the BFC box but there is no one at the other end to make use of that floating ball.

17:35 (IST)18 AUG 2021

47' GOAL! ATK Mohun Bagan FC. Subhasish Bose.

An impeccable finish from Bose after he is played a decent cross from David Williams inside the BFC box. Bose gets a good touch on the ball, twists turns and shoots with conviction as Sandhu can just stand and watch. Bose was being marked by substitute Danish Farooq who was too late to react. ATKMB lead 2-0. 

17:32 (IST)18 AUG 2021

46' Substitution at half-time. (Bengaluru FC). Danish Farooq replaces Ajay Chhetri.

17:32 (IST)18 AUG 2021

46' Second-half kicks-off.

17:23 (IST)18 AUG 2021

17:16 (IST)18 AUG 2021

HALF TIME: ATK Mohun Bagan FC 1-0 Bengaluru FC

Bengaluru FC have had a lot of ball throughout the game but have failed to muster any meaningful attack so far. They are not able to find spaces in the final third. ATK Mohun Bagan are not playing with the ball but have been very clinical on counterattacks and deservingly lead at the break. The Blues to be flexible tactically to get anything out of the game in the second half. 

Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for the next 45 minutes.

17:15 (IST)18 AUG 2021

45' Additional Time: 1 Minute.

17:15 (IST)18 AUG 2021

42' Bengaluru FC have a lot of the ball but have lacked the precisive final ball to crack open the ATKMB defence, while the Mariners may not have had more of the ball but have created the better chances so far with quick transitional play and deservingly have the lead. 

17:12 (IST)18 AUG 2021

39' GOAL! ATK Mohun Bagan. Roy Krishna.

The Mariners get a corner swung in by Hugo Boumous. The corner finds Subhasish Bose whose header is glanced on by Roy Krishna into the BFC goal. ATKMB lead 1-0.

17:07 (IST)18 AUG 2021

35' Wasteful from Udanta on the right side. He had a chance to go inside the BFC box with ATKMB clearly not having the numbers there but he makes a wayward pass outside and makes no use of a good position.

17:03 (IST)18 AUG 2021

32' SAVE! Roy Krishna whizzes past the BFC defence and gets in a low cross towards Manvir Singh who fails to get to the ball. However, the loose ball finds Hugo Boumous in front of the goal who strikes it in a thunderous fashion, but Sandhu stands strong between the sticks to make a big save. It stays goalless.

17:00 (IST)18 AUG 2021

31' David Williams cuts inside and goes for goal, Gurpreet Singh Sandhu saves.

16:58 (IST)18 AUG 2021

29' Jayesh Rane has been taking a lot of long-distance shots after his goal against Club Eagles but has not really managed to make a clear connection as of yet.

16:56 (IST)18 AUG 2021

26' Bengaluru FC get a set-piece delivered with from Cleiton Silva, Alan Costa comes rushing in to get a glance in but the ball goes straight to Amrinder Singh.

16:54 (IST)18 AUG 2021

24' CHANCE! A peach of a ball from Hugo Boumous towards Roy Krishna is not dealt properly with the Fijian and he never manages to get a clean shot on goal and ATKMB miss out on another opportunity to take the lead.

16:52 (IST)18 AUG 2021

23' The resultant ATKMB corners results in a shot from Manvir Singh inside the BFC box which is well wide.

16:52 (IST)18 AUG 2021

22' SAVE! ATKMB hit BFC on counter as Hugo Boumous takes on a couple of ATKMB defenders and goes for goal to force Sandhu with a save. He had Manvir Singh on the left side to play on but the Moroccan went for goal himself.

16:51 (IST)18 AUG 2021

21' Roshan Singh's corner is headed away by McHugh yet again. The clearance is straight to Sarthak Golui who skies it away.

16:50 (IST)18 AUG 2021

20' Udanta gets a good whipped ball inside the ATKMB box after a brilliant link-up play between Sunil Chhetri and Ajay Chhetri. Carl McHugh gets it out for a BFC corner.

16:49 (IST)18 AUG 2021

19' A poor corner from Hugo Boumous is straight to the hands of Gurpreet Singh Sandhu at the BFC goal.

16:45 (IST)18 AUG 2021

14' Bengaluru FC have the lion's share of possession so far and are stressing out the ATKMB defence with swift passing. However, they have not found the spaces around the danger area yet. However, Habas won't be bothered much since the Mariners were not a team which really played with the ball in the ISL 2021-22 but more on the counters.

16:42 (IST)18 AUG 2021

12' Alan Costa has a chance to head on to the goal from a Bengaluru FC cross but Amrinder Singh makes the collection.

16:40 (IST)18 AUG 2021

10' Cleiton Silva is booked for a foul on Manvir Singh inside the ATKMB half.

16:39 (IST)18 AUG 2021

8' Bengaluru FC looking dangerous and quick with the ball but lack the final ball inside the ATK Mohun Bagan box. Udanta Singh makes a darting run this time and has lots of options to pass to around the ATKMB box but he gives away possession with a loose pass.

16:36 (IST)18 AUG 2021

6' Bengaluru FC race away with the ball inside the ATK Mohun Bagan half but Cleiton Silva runs out of options in either of the sides and the Mariners get the ball back.

16:34 (IST)18 AUG 2021

4' Jayesh Rane goes for goal from distance but he never gets the venom on the ball and it rolls away from the ATK Mohun Bagan goal.

16:32 (IST)18 AUG 2021

3' Boumous floats in a free-kick from inside the Bengaluru FC half to find Deepak Tangri, the youngster heads it well wide of the target.

16:30 (IST)18 AUG 2021

1' KICK-OFF! Bengaluru FC in white get us underway while the Mariners have donned their traditional green and maroon colours.

16:27 (IST)18 AUG 2021

The teams are walking out to the middle amidst the AFC anthem.

16:18 (IST)18 AUG 2021

The players have warmed up ahead of the game. It is extremely hot here in Maldives and it is going to take the fitter team to win the game.

15:58 (IST)18 AUG 2021


ATK Mohun Bagan:
Bidyananda Singh, Ashutosh Mehta, Avilash Paul, Ricky Shabong, Abhishek Dhananjay, Seikh Sahil, Kiyan Nassiri, Liston Colaco, Arindam Bhattacharya (GK), Engson Singh

Bengaluru FC:
Pratik Chaudhary (GK), Danish Farooq, Wungngayam Muirang, Rohit Kumar, Ajith Kamaraj, Bidyasagar Singh, Oarag Srivas, Lalthuammawia Ralte (GK), Leon Augustine, Siva Sakthi
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