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Atletico Madrid vs Arsenal Live Score and Commentary, UEFA Europa League 2017-18

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 04, 2018 02:30 IST

Atletico Madrid 1-0 Arsenal (Costa 48')


02:30 (IST)4 MAY 2018


There will be no silverware for the Frenchman in his final season in charge at the helm of Arsenal Football Club. Not the fairytale ending everyone associated with Arsenal Football Club wanted. Simeone's Atletico move ahead into the Final in Lyon. They will be favourites to lift the trophy from here on in. It was a pleasure describing the game for you. As always. Until next time.

02:28 (IST)4 MAY 2018

94' Added time on top of added time.

02:28 (IST)4 MAY 2018

93' Arsenal take the throw and punt the ball forward. Atleti deal with it.

02:26 (IST)4 MAY 2018

92' The Wanda Metropolitano has found it's voice once again! They feel like they've done enough. Looking to take out the sting from the Arsenal attack with another substitution. Simeone will be delighted with his side's performance tonight.

02:25 (IST)4 MAY 2018

91' Three minutes of stoppage time. Another ridiculous ball into the box from Monreal. No reward.

02:24 (IST)4 MAY 2018

90' Into the final minute of regulation time. Arsenal in possession. All or nothing for the Gunners now.

02:23 (IST)4 MAY 2018

89' ALMOST 2-0!

Fernando Torres with an effort on goal. Ospina parries!

02:22 (IST)4 MAY 2018

88' Griezmann wins a corner and another opportunity to run the clock down. Minutes away form the final in Kiev now.

02:21 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Free-kick to be put into the box by Koke.

02:20 (IST)4 MAY 2018

87' Throw in for Atletico. No rush to take it. Understandably.

02:20 (IST)4 MAY 2018

86' Monreal with another shocking delivery with numbers in the box to aim at. Hasn't been his finest night tonight.

02:19 (IST)4 MAY 2018

85' Final five minutes remaining in the semi-final tie. Seems like it is going be no silverware in his last season incharge for Arsene Wenger. Barring a miracle.

02:18 (IST)4 MAY 2018

84' Arsenal need to be a lot more proactive than they are at the moment. No more legs remaining lads! GET IT TO IT!

02:17 (IST)4 MAY 2018

82' Diego Costa has gone done in the opposition half. Not sure why. He has asked to be subbed off though. On comes another familiar adversary in Fernando Torres. Costa has done a job against the North London side. AGAIN. 

What a beast.

02:15 (IST)4 MAY 2018

The game has opened up now. Athletic and Antoine particularly finding a lot of spaces with Arsenal looking for the away goal that will force extra time.

02:14 (IST)4 MAY 2018

80' Arsenal running out of time and it seems out of momentum. Atletico looking the more likely to score at the moment.

02:13 (IST)4 MAY 2018

79' Throw in for the home side. look to break in b=numbers. Comes out to Correa out on the right. Does brilliantly to get past his man and puts the ball in. Cleared away!

02:11 (IST)4 MAY 2018

77' Monreal wins the ball back for his side and looks to get his side moving the other way. Xhaka is fouled by Saul. Free-kick.

02:10 (IST)4 MAY 2018

76' Granit bundles Costa to the ground from the restart. Free-kick to the hosts.

02:09 (IST)4 MAY 2018

75' Welbeck with a piece of individual play to win a throw for the Gunners. Deep inside enemy territory.

02:08 (IST)4 MAY 2018

74' Inching towards the final 15 minutes of the game. Arsenal still in need of that away goal.

02:07 (IST)4 MAY 2018

73' Atletico looking to kill the game by countering, Fail to get their passing rhythm going in that instance. Throw in for the Gunners.

02:06 (IST)4 MAY 2018



02:05 (IST)4 MAY 2018

71' The hosts breaking up the play with such maturity. never letting Arsenal break or getting booked themselves.

02:04 (IST)4 MAY 2018

70' Corner in is headed away by the German centre-back for Arsenal.

02:03 (IST)4 MAY 2018

69' Costa bullying his way past Chambers and puts the ball into the box. Mustafi away!

02:02 (IST)4 MAY 2018


Greizmann and Costa should've made it 2-0 for the hosts. Costa fashioned an incredible opportunity after using his power and his guile to lay it off to the Frenchman who's shot is blocked and loops into the arms of Ospina.

02:01 (IST)4 MAY 2018

67' Long throw in from the touch-line from Atletico. Chambers clears.

02:00 (IST)4 MAY 2018

66' Lucas Hernandez with a speculative effort. Blocked.

01:59 (IST)4 MAY 2018

65' Atleti bypass the defence with simple balls in behind the defence but fail to match it with the appropriate finish.

01:57 (IST)4 MAY 2018


A vintage long distance effort from the Swiss. Awkward for the Slovenian in the Atleti goal. But deals with it.

01:56 (IST)4 MAY 2018

62' Arsenal building from the back. 

01:55 (IST)4 MAY 2018


The German reluctant to pull the trigger in a promising position! Ought to have.

01:54 (IST)4 MAY 2018

60' Ospina gives it away! AGAIN! He has been really poor in his distribution tonight. No harm done though.

01:53 (IST)4 MAY 2018

Greizmann over it. Reasonable distance. CLOSE!

01:53 (IST)4 MAY 2018

58' Wilshere looking to force the issue but has his pocket picked an now Atleti break! Monreal has to foul Antoine to halt the play. Gets booked.

01:51 (IST)4 MAY 2018

57' Ramsey wins Arsenal a corner.

01:50 (IST)4 MAY 2018

55'OOOOH Costa!

Costa almost manufactured another goal-scoring opportunity with a delightful touch inside to sell Mustafi. Calum Chambers of all people comes to Arsenal's rescue to get the ball off the Spaniard.

01:48 (IST)4 MAY 2018

54' Atletic getting a hold of proceedings now. Partey seeing a lot of it.

01:47 (IST)4 MAY 2018


Atletcio getting Arsenal's defensive jitters for a moment as they don't clear their lines. Aaron Ramsey almost makes them pay with just the keeper to beat. Connects with his thigh though. Goal-kick. Golden opportunity out of nowhere.

01:46 (IST)4 MAY 2018

52' Danny Welbeck with a divine touch to go past Diego Godin who has no choice but to foul him. Arsenal were away there had Danny boy managed to keep his feet. Free-kick.

01:45 (IST)4 MAY 2018

51' Koke with an effort.

No real pace or power behind it though. Never troubling Ospina in the Arsenal goal.

01:44 (IST)4 MAY 2018

50' Wilshere fouled by Gabi. Wilshere has taken over the role of captain for Arsenal following Koscielny's exit.

01:43 (IST)4 MAY 2018

48' Mustafi showing us he can tackle without conceding a foul. Concedes a corner instead. Costa on the end one the cross. Straight into the hands of Ospina. Should've done better the former Chelsea man.

01:41 (IST)4 MAY 2018

48' Ospina's turn to punt the ball forward in hope. No luck.

01:41 (IST)4 MAY 2018

47' Arsenal still jittery at the start fo the second. Gift a throw to their opposition. Arsenal will prove to be an amazing first date won't they?
Will put out for you and everything.

01:39 (IST)4 MAY 2018

46' The home side get things underway in the second.. If you don't yet know which goal they're attacking in the second, you don't deserve to know.

01:27 (IST)4 MAY 2018

48' Referee blows for half time! Right on the brink of half time and Arsenal concede another avoidable goal. Doesn't dramatically alter the course of the tie thought that, as Arsenal still need to score at least one goal.

01:26 (IST)4 MAY 2018


Arsenal's defensive frailties coming to fore again. Oblak with a clearance rather than a ball forward. They don't deal with it again. Mustafi heads it out to the opposition and they break in numbers with Costa finding himself with the goal at his mercy, Bellerin trying to bring him to the ground. Not happening. He just lifts it over the keeper with his left. Emphatic finish!

01:23 (IST)4 MAY 2018

GOAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL!! Atletico 1-0 Arsenal!
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