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Bengaluru FC vs Hyderabad FC Live Score ISL 2020 Live Score & Commentary | BFC vs HFC Live

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 28, 2020 21:33 IST

Bengaluru FC take on Hyderabad FC in the 9th match of the Indian Super League 2020-21.


21:33 (IST)28 NOV 2020

So, that is it from me, Karthik Raj from this match. Join Sportskeeda's live coverage for the first-ever double header tomorrow.

21:32 (IST)28 NOV 2020

FULL-TIME: Bengaluru FC 0-0 Hyderabad FC

A pretty scrappy second half comes to an end with both the sides splitting the points from this encounter. There were only half-chances for both sides with Aridane Santana failing to make use of a fine cross from a Hitesh Sharma while Subrata Paul dropped the ball from a Cleiton Silva cross but his defenders came to the rescue. In the end, only Aridane Santana's powerful header which forced a brilliant save from Gurpreet Singh Sandhu seems to be a real chance at goal for both the sides. Bengaluru FC and Carles Cuadrat have a lot to ponder upon as they failed to create any opportunities while Manuel Roca will be happy with his team's defensive effort especially after losing two overseas players in the first-half.

21:23 (IST)28 NOV 2020

90+3" A free-kick in Hyderabad's favour near the corner flag. Could this be a killer blow for Bengaluru FC?

21:21 (IST)28 NOV 2020

90" The following corner-kick from Mohammad Yasir is too deep and the chance fizzles out.

21:21 (IST)28 NOV 2020

89" Liston Colaco receives the ball from Ashish Rai and goes on a fantastic run before passing the ball to Mohammad Yasir. Yasir comes up with a decent attempt at goal but Juanan is there to block it and the ball goes out for a corner kick.

21:18 (IST)28 NOV 2020

88" A nice ball from Leon Augustine but Deshorn Brown can't chest it down properly. Odei Onaindia need to be appreciated as he didn't Brown free.

21:16 (IST)28 NOV 2020

86" A fine cross from Cleiton Silva sees Subrata Pal fumble it with Deshorn Brown in close vicinity but the Hyderabad FC defenders close him down quickly and solve the issue.

21:15 (IST)28 NOV 2020

85" A brilliant ball whipped in by Hitesh Sharma but Juanan just blocked off any access for Aridane Santana. The Spanish striker got a touch on it but it is a harmless one.

21:14 (IST)28 NOV 2020

84" Halicharan Narzary is off the field as Manuel Roca pumps in some impetus in the form of Liston Colaco.

OFF: Halicharan Narzary
IN: Liston Colaco

21:13 (IST)28 NOV 2020

83" Khabra goes into the book for a nasty challenge on Halicharan Narzary. Khabra had to intervene after Juanan couldn't get the ball off the winger.

21:10 (IST)28 NOV 2020

78" Dimas Delgado comes up with a ball over the top to Ashique Kuruniyan but the winger loses the ball to Ashish Rai. Rai's mis-pass was then collected  by Erik Paartalu who dinks a pass to the box. However, no Bengaluru FC manages to get on the ball.

21:05 (IST)28 NOV 2020

74" Harmonjot Singh Khabra tries to find Leon Augustine but the young winger can't get hold of the ball and has to wrestle with Halicharan Narzary. In the end, the Hyderabad FC man wins a foul.

21:02 (IST)28 NOV 2020

72" Carles Cuadrat with another change as the young Suresh Singh Wangjam is removed out of play.

OFF: Suresh Singh Wangjam 
IN: Leon Augustine

21:01 (IST)28 NOV 2020

71" The ball bounces well following a long diagonal from Rahul Bheke but Sunil Chhetri can't find the target with his slashed atempt/

21:00 (IST)28 NOV 2020

70"  Joao Victor comes with a lovely through ball to Halicharan Narzary but the Assamese winger shoots high and wide.

20:59 (IST)28 NOV 2020

69" Dimas Delgado goes for a corner-kick to the edge of the box but Bengaluru FC can't make much of it and lose the ball.

20:58 (IST)28 NOV 2020

68" Suresh Singh Wanjam comes with a fantastic run from the right flank but his attempted low cross has been blocked out of play by a diving Joao Victor.

20:58 (IST)28 NOV 2020

67" Akash Mishra could have troubled Bengaluru FC but a poor touch sees him lose the ball to Rahul Bheke who then shepherds the ball out of play.

20:55 (IST)28 NOV 2020

65" Suresh Singh Wangjam tries to release Cleiton Silva into space but the Brazilian has been deemed to be off-side.

20:52 (IST)28 NOV 2020

62" A quality long-ball into the box from Erik Paartalu but the ball bounces beyond Cleiton Silva's reach.

20:51 (IST)28 NOV 2020

61" Carles Cuadrat makes two substitutions as Deshorn Brown and Rahul Bheke replace Fran Gonzalez and Udanta Singh respectively.

OFF: Fran Gonzalez
IN: Deshorn Brown

OFF: Udanta Singh
IN: Rahul Bheke

20:50 (IST)28 NOV 2020

59" Hyderabad lose the ball to Sunil Chhetri in a dangerous position but the BFC skipper's pass to Cleiton Silva is not handled well as the Brazilian loses it due to a poor first touch.

20:47 (IST)28 NOV 2020

57" Dimas Delgado's presence is Bengaluru FC pass better than they did in the first half. However, they are not creating any chances.

20:46 (IST)28 NOV 2020

55" Some neat passing in their half is followed by a pass to Aridane Santana and the Spaniard goes for a hopeful shot from outside the box. However, the ball goes way over the cross-bar.

20:44 (IST)28 NOV 2020

53" Manuel Roca is furious as Hyderabad FC are wasting their possession here. Nikhil Poojary's diagonal to Ashish Rai is too powerful and the ball runs out of play.

20:40 (IST)28 NOV 2020

50" Aridane Santana has come together with Dimas Delgado and the mid-fielder is slightly injured here. 

20:40 (IST)28 NOV 2020

50" Hyderabad FC are passing the ball comfortably but not in areas that is going to bother Bengaluru FC.

20:38 (IST)28 NOV 2020

48" A cracking run from Mohammad Yasir sees him follow it up with a pass to Akash Mishra but the left-back puts in a cross that is too deep.

20:36 (IST)28 NOV 2020

46" Bengaluru FC have made a substitution at half-time. Dimas Delgado has replaced Kristian Opseth.

OFF: Kristian Opseth
IN: Dimas Delgado

20:23 (IST)28 NOV 2020

HALF-TIME: Bengaluru FC 0-0 Hyderabad FC

Not many clear-cut chances but Hyderabad FC have dominated the proceedings so far. The possession seems to be equal but the Nizams troubled Harmanjot Khabra quite a bit on the left-flank. The only big chance that Hyderabad FC got was through a Aridane Santana header but Gurpreet Singh Sandhu came to Bengaluru FC's rescue with an amazing save. Bengaluru FC have to change their tactics as they have lost the ball quite a few times in the final third. The striker Kristian Opseth has been pushed off the ball quite easily so far.

Most importantly, Hyderabad FC lost two of their overseas injuries in Joel Chianese and Lluis Sastre to bad injuries. It remains to be seen how Manuel Roca adjusts his side in their absence. Chianese, in fact, caused a lot of trouble to Bengaluru FC before getting injured.

20:20 (IST)28 NOV 2020

45+2" An interesting set-piece routine from Bengaluru FC as Cleiton Silva looked to deflect the ball onto Kristian Opseth but the Norwegian couldn't reach it.

20:17 (IST)28 NOV 2020

45" A free-kick to Bengaluru FC as Ashique Kuruniyan has been fouled. Meanwhile,  Lluis Sastre has gone down after clutching his hamstring. This doesn't bode well for Hyderabad FC.

20:16 (IST)28 NOV 2020

44" Ashish Rai intercepts a mis-directed long ball from Gurpreet Singh Sandhu but the left-back has lost the ball in no time.

20:13 (IST)28 NOV 2020

41" Erik Paartalu is clutching his ankle but the replays show that there wasn't much contact by a Hyderabad FC player in the box!!

20:12 (IST)28 NOV 2020

40" An amazing diagonal from Mohammad Yasir releases Halicharan Narzary into a lot of space but the following cross has been handled by Nikhil Poojary. The referee spots it and gives away a free-kick to Bengaluru FC

20:10 (IST)28 NOV 2020

39" Nothing much comes out of the set-piece opportunity as the ball has been cleared away.

20:10 (IST)28 NOV 2020

38" Mohammad Yasir releases the ball to Halicharan Narzary and the winger dribbles a bit before going for a shot. The ball has been deflected off a Bengaluru FC defender and it is time for a corner-kick.

20:09 (IST)28 NOV 2020

37" A hopeful cross from Halicharan Narzary but Juanan is there to intercept

20:06 (IST)28 NOV 2020

33" Bengaluru FC have been forced to kick the ball out as Joel Chianese has rolled his ankle. He has to walk off. Mohammad Yasir is getting to come in.

Off: Joel Chianese
In: Mohammad Yasir

20:02 (IST)28 NOV 2020

30" Sunil Chhetri releases Udanta Singh into space and the winger whips in a fine low cross but Lluis Sastre has cleared it just over the cross-bar. In fact, Subrata Pal had to get a fist and punch it above so that the ball didn't enter the net

20:01 (IST)28 NOV 2020

29" Good work from Cleiton Silva to switch the ball to Ashique Kuruniyan but Hyderabad FC are compact and force BFC to push back

19:59 (IST)28 NOV 2020

27" Joel Chianese with a mazy run into the box before cutting the ball in for a Hyderabad FC player but Suresh Singh Wanjam intercepts and kicks the ball out for a corner-kick

19:58 (IST)28 NOV 2020

25" A superb free-kick is delivered into the box and Aridane Santana gets the better of Juanan and heads the ball on target but he has been denied by a superb save from Gurpreet Singh Sandhu.

19:56 (IST)28 NOV 2020

23" Halicharan Narzary skips past Harmanjot Khabra but he has been brought down by Erik Paartalu in a rash manner. The referee brandishes the yellow card.

19:55 (IST)28 NOV 2020

22" Suresh Singh Wangjam does superbly to create a nice combination play with Udanta but the winger's attempted forward pass had too much power. Suresh can only see the ball roll out of play!

19:53 (IST)28 NOV 2020

20" Wow! So close!! It is a long ball from Odei Onaindia to Joel Chianese but the referee has ruled the Australian to be off-side. After seeing the replay, it is evident that Chianese timed his run superbly and was infact on-side.

19:52 (IST)28 NOV 2020

19" Most of Hyderabad's positive movements have come through the left flank. However, they have not found a sizeable chance to threaten Gurpreet Singh Sandhu

19:50 (IST)28 NOV 2020

18" Bengaluru FC have not been able to hold the ball for a long time in the final third. The striker Kristian Opseth is getting pushed off the ball quite easily

19:48 (IST)28 NOV 2020

16" Odei Onaindia brought down Kristian Opseth but the referee waved off all the appeals for a foul. Meanwhile, Carles Cuadrat has gone crazy on the touch-line.

19:47 (IST)28 NOV 2020

15" Hyderabad FC go on a counter-attack but Halicharan Narzary's cross into the box was pushed out by Juanan
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