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NFL Week 8 LIVE updates: injury report, standings, scores, live updates, news and more

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 31, 2022 13:54 GMT

Welcome to Sportskeeda's LIVE coverage of the Week 8 games from the 2022 NFL season!


13:54 (GMT)31 OCT 2022

Thank you for tuning in to Sportskeeda NFL's live coverage of the Week 8 games from the 2022 season.  

13:52 (GMT)31 OCT 2022

19:34 (GMT)30 OCT 2022

19:19 (GMT)30 OCT 2022

17:02 (GMT)30 OCT 2022

16:34 (GMT)30 OCT 2022

16:34 (GMT)30 OCT 2022

Denver holds on! Russell Wilson gets the win in London as the Jaguars now fall to a 2-6 record under HC Doug Pederson. The Broncos have had a tough start, but this win could prove to be a foundation for their playoff dreams. 

#Broncos 21-17 #Jagaurs (final)

16:30 (GMT)30 OCT 2022

16:23 (GMT)30 OCT 2022

And now it's the Broncos coming back! Wilson hands it of to Latavius Murray who rolls into the endzone without much challenge. The resulting kick is good. Game on! 

#Broncos 21 - 14 #Jaguars

16:21 (GMT)30 OCT 2022

16:15 (GMT)30 OCT 2022

The Jaguars have pulled it back! Travis Etienne with the TD and what a season he's having. 

Playing his first full season after being out with an injury through his rookie year, the running back is putting the Jags on the map.  

#Broncos 14-17 Jaguars

16:11 (GMT)30 OCT 2022

16:00 (GMT)30 OCT 2022

The Broncos vs Jaguars game has recorded an attendance of 86,215. This makes it the largest crowd in the history of the NFL International Series in the UK per league insider Dov Klieman.

15:57 (GMT)30 OCT 2022

15:56 (GMT)30 OCT 2022

Still a one play game as we the fourth quarter in London. The Jaguars have possession of the ball and need to find a spark fast. The Broncos defense has once again been stellar. Then it'd be down to Russell Wilson to run out the clock. 

#Broncos 14-10 #Jaguars

15:33 (GMT)30 OCT 2022

The Jaguars now find themselves down by 4 with 3 minutes remaining in the 3rd quarter of this NFL game live from London 

#Broncos 14-10 #Jaguars  

15:31 (GMT)30 OCT 2022

15:31 (GMT)30 OCT 2022

And the Broncos take the lead! This time it's Melvin Gordon who runs the rock in for a TD. His first for the season

15:30 (GMT)30 OCT 2022

15:03 (GMT)30 OCT 2022

14:48 (GMT)30 OCT 2022

14:48 (GMT)30 OCT 2022

And the Broncos are back in it right before half-time! Russell Wilson hands over the ball to Jerry Jeudy who runs it into the endzone. The resulting extra point is good.

#Broncos 7-10 #Jaguars 

14:29 (GMT)30 OCT 2022

Etienne goes Beast Mode in London!

14:19 (GMT)30 OCT 2022

14:09 (GMT)30 OCT 2022

14:09 (GMT)30 OCT 2022

Russell Wilson is still so far struggling to get into the groove of the game. With an interception already against his name, Mr. Unlimited needs to switch gears fast 

13:55 (GMT)30 OCT 2022

The Broncos find themselves behind early thanks to a threaded pass from Trevor Lawrence to find Even Ingram in the endzone. The resulting kick for an extra point is good to take the lead.

#Broncos 0-7 #Jaguars 

13:53 (GMT)30 OCT 2022

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