BWF World Tour Finals 2018 Badminton Live: PV Sindhu vs Ratchanok Intanon Live score & Updates | 15th December 2018

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Sindhu def Intanon 21-16, 25-23 in 54 minutes.


13:57 (IST)15 DEC 2018

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12:01 (IST)15 DEC 2018

Don't go anywhere as Sameer Verma will soon be in action.

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11:59 (IST)15 DEC 2018

What an absorbing second game it was!!!!!

Intanon put everything at Sindhu, brought forth her relentless aggression and body smashes. Sindhu got rattled to a certain extent but always managed to regroup.

11:56 (IST)15 DEC 2018

PV Sindhu enters the final for the second consecutive year!

She meets a Japanese this time too, but this year it is Nozomi Okuhara.  

11:54 (IST)15 DEC 2018

Final score: Sindhu def Intanon 21-16, 25-23 in 54 minutes.

11:53 (IST)15 DEC 2018

And Sindhu gets the win!

Epic rally ends with Sindhu rushing to the net and putting away the shuttle in the open court.

11:51 (IST)15 DEC 2018

Match point for Sindhu again.

11:51 (IST)15 DEC 2018

Intanon put the shuttle wide!


11:50 (IST)15 DEC 2018

Sindhu tried to return a down-the-line shot, but couldn't.

Intanon 23-22

11:48 (IST)15 DEC 2018

Body smash from Intanon!


11:48 (IST)15 DEC 2018

Match point for Sindhu!


11:47 (IST)15 DEC 2018

It's 21-21

11:46 (IST)15 DEC 2018

Sindhu sends the shuttle wide!

Intanon 21-20

11:46 (IST)15 DEC 2018

Huge round-the-head smash from Sindhu!


11:45 (IST)15 DEC 2018

Ratchanok finds the long forehand corner!

Game point!


11:44 (IST)15 DEC 2018

Relentless Ratchanok gets a vital point 

It's 19-19

11:44 (IST)15 DEC 2018

Ratchanok sends the shuttle long!

Sindhu 19-18

11:43 (IST)15 DEC 2018

Once again, Ratchanok finds her fighting spirit and attack!

It's 18-18

11:42 (IST)15 DEC 2018

But Intanon is now doing all that good work with an array of unforced errors.

Sindhu goes up to 18-16

11:41 (IST)15 DEC 2018

Intanon missed a down-the-line smash.

It's 16-16

11:40 (IST)15 DEC 2018

This is a display of the highest order from the Thai!

So fast, so aggressive!

She is into the lead at 16-15

11:39 (IST)15 DEC 2018

And she does!

It's 15-15

11:39 (IST)15 DEC 2018

Body smash from the Thai's racquet.

It's 15-14 for Sindhu

Will the Thai be able to draw level?

11:37 (IST)15 DEC 2018

Ratchanok's determination to stay rooted to the forecourt and put pressure to Sindhu is yielding her points.

Sindhu 14-13

11:36 (IST)15 DEC 2018

Comes up with superb down-the-line smashes 

Sindhu now at 14-11

11:35 (IST)15 DEC 2018

Sindhu looks to have settled into this after the break.

Up 12-11

11:34 (IST)15 DEC 2018

And Ratchanok goes into the lead with a slender 11-10 lead. She is playing so aggressively now!

11:32 (IST)15 DEC 2018

And Intanon's persistence pays off!


11:32 (IST)15 DEC 2018

Ratchanok throwing everything at Sindhu now!

What a rally! She ended the 29-shot rally with a huge body smash winner!

Ratchanok trailing 9-10

11:30 (IST)15 DEC 2018

Intanon wanted to take time away from Sindhu but the Indian was alert.

Sindhu 9-7

11:29 (IST)15 DEC 2018

What an aggressive display by Intanon! She is moving to every corner!

It's 7-7

11:28 (IST)15 DEC 2018

Intanon made it a one-point gap at 5-6 but Sindhu adds another attacking point to go up further to 7-5

11:27 (IST)15 DEC 2018

Ratchanok giving Sindhu a taste of her own medicine.

Huge smash and she is now trailing 4-6

11:26 (IST)15 DEC 2018

Intanon slowing starting to find her way back.

Trails 3-5

11:24 (IST)15 DEC 2018

Sindhu opens up a good lead in the second game.


11:21 (IST)15 DEC 2018

First game goes to Sindhu at 21-16

11:19 (IST)15 DEC 2018

19-16 for Sindhu now. She has been able to hold on to her three-point lead.

11:18 (IST)15 DEC 2018

What a return of serve from Sindhu!

It's 18-15 for Sindhu!  

11:16 (IST)15 DEC 2018

Another one goes close to the baseline!

Intanon missing these by just a whisker!

Sindhu 16-14

11:15 (IST)15 DEC 2018

Intanon charged to the net and sped up the rally. Sindhu stayed with her and her power forced Intanon to make an unforced error.

Sindhu now ahead 15-14

11:14 (IST)15 DEC 2018

After that brilliant show, Intanon made some error in judgement.

It's 14-12 to Sindhu

11:13 (IST)15 DEC 2018

It's quickly 12-12

11:12 (IST)15 DEC 2018

Sindhu found the corner!

Bang on the line. Intanon lost the challenge!

Sindhu 12-11

11:11 (IST)15 DEC 2018

What an acute angle from Ratchanok at the net!

Sindhu had no answer!

It's 11-11

11:11 (IST)15 DEC 2018

Sindhu up to 11-9 at the time of the midgame interval.

11:10 (IST)15 DEC 2018

Ratchanok used her angles really well to grab a couple of points and make it a one-point gap at 9-10

11:09 (IST)15 DEC 2018

Sindhu went up to 9-7 but Intanon went for a shot that saw the shuttle landing near the backline.

Intanon didn't challenge and the point went to Sindhu.

10-7 for Sindhu

11:07 (IST)15 DEC 2018

Sindhu made a couple of unforced errors, bringing the Thai back into this.


11:05 (IST)15 DEC 2018

Ratchanok going for body smashes to take away Sindhu's control.

Sindhu now up 6-5

11:03 (IST)15 DEC 2018

Intanon isn't going anywhere so soon!

It's 4-4
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