BWF World Tour Finals 2018 Badminton Live: Sameer Verma vs Kantaphon Wangcharoen Live score & Updates | 14th December 2018

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Verma def Wangcharoen 21-9, 21-18


16:38 (IST)14 DEC 2018

This was Sameer's second win in three matches in the group stage.

He is in a strong position to qualify for the semi-finals.

The picture will be clear at the end of the day. 

16:31 (IST)14 DEC 2018

Sameer gets the job done.

Verma def Wangcharoen 21-9, 21-18

16:26 (IST)14 DEC 2018

Wangcharoen saves one at the net.


16:25 (IST)14 DEC 2018

Verma goes up to match points with a wondrous 62-shot rally.

16:23 (IST)14 DEC 2018

Wangcharoen is showing a lot more control at the net now.

Gets a couple of points.

Sameer 19-16 now

16:21 (IST)14 DEC 2018

Sameer's defence has been just top notch.

One of the biggest reasons why he has got a place at this prestigious tournament.

Sameer up 18-13

16:19 (IST)14 DEC 2018

A lot more calm and steady approach has helped the Indian.

16:19 (IST)14 DEC 2018

After the break, Sameer has gone up to 16-12

16:14 (IST)14 DEC 2018

It's 11-10 to Sameer at the time of the break

16:13 (IST)14 DEC 2018

This is a highly competitive match now.

It's 10-10 

16:11 (IST)14 DEC 2018

The Thai into the lead now, at 9-8

16:10 (IST)14 DEC 2018

The Sindhu and the Sameer match following the same pattern now.

Wangcharoen too has made a comeback and has slowed down Sameer's pace.

Sameer barely ahead at 8-7

16:07 (IST)14 DEC 2018

It's 7-2 to Sameer now.

Very smooth affair for the Indian so far.

16:05 (IST)14 DEC 2018

Sameer makes fabulous start to Game 2 and leads 4-0

15:47 (IST)14 DEC 2018

Just like Sindhu in the other court, Sameer too takes the opening game by an identical score of 21-9.

15:47 (IST)14 DEC 2018

19-9 for Sameer....two points away from taking the first game!

15:45 (IST)14 DEC 2018

17-9 for Sameer now

15:45 (IST)14 DEC 2018

Wangcharoen trying to disrupt Sameer's rhythm and gets two points of his own.

Still Sameer is comfortably ahead at 16-8

15:42 (IST)14 DEC 2018

Sameer quietly adding points to his is a 14-8 lead for him now.

15:40 (IST)14 DEC 2018

Verma looks very confident now....he is up 11-6 at the time of the mid-game interval.

15:37 (IST)14 DEC 2018

It's 9-5 for Verma...the points are long on the slower court

15:36 (IST)14 DEC 2018

Verma is steadily adding more points and has now built a three-point advantage at 8-5

15:34 (IST)14 DEC 2018

And now Verma has settled into this match.

He has gone ahead to 5-4

15:33 (IST)14 DEC 2018

Verma is now trying to inch his way back into the game...trails by 1 point at 3-4

15:32 (IST)14 DEC 2018

Wangcharoen makes a good start and opens up a 3-0 lead

15:32 (IST)14 DEC 2018

Can Sameer win this match and qualify for the semi-finals?

Let's find out
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