BWF World Tour Finals 2018 Badminton Final: PV Sindhu vs Nozomi Okuhara live score & updates | 16th December 2018

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Sindhu def Okuhara 21-19, 21-17 in 1 hour 2 minutes.


12:07 (IST)16 DEC 2018

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12:06 (IST)16 DEC 2018

Final score: Sindhu def Okuhara 21-19, 21-17 in 1 hour 2 minutes.

11:56 (IST)16 DEC 2018

Viktor Axelsen won his biggest career title right at this tournament after losing a handful of finals. It sent his career graph soaring and he won the World Championship next year and became the World No. 1.

Could this title win trigger this for Sindhu as well?

11:53 (IST)16 DEC 2018

This is undoubtedly one of the biggest achievements for Indian badminton and Indian sports!!!!!!

11:49 (IST)16 DEC 2018

Sindhu is the first Indian to win the season-ending championships!!!!!!

Previously Gutta-Diju and Saina Nehwal have reached the final. And, of course, Sindhu herself reached the final last year!

11:47 (IST)16 DEC 2018

This is the biggest title of PV Sindhu's career and her 14th

11:46 (IST)16 DEC 2018

She finally wins a final after losing seven consecutive finals!!!!!!!!!

11:45 (IST)16 DEC 2018

Sindhu wins her first title of the season in the last tournament of the season!!!!!

11:44 (IST)16 DEC 2018

Sindhu gets it with smash winner!!!!!

11:44 (IST)16 DEC 2018

Sindhu gets the letcord!

Match point!


11:43 (IST)16 DEC 2018

Okuhara outsmarts Sindhu at the net.

Trails 17-19

11:42 (IST)16 DEC 2018

Short lift by Okuhara duly smashed down by Sindhu!

Up 19-16

11:41 (IST)16 DEC 2018

Okuhara's racquet string breaks!

Sindhu gets the point and leads 18-16

11:40 (IST)16 DEC 2018

And Okuhara is never down and out!

She finds the sideline!

Trails 16-17

11:40 (IST)16 DEC 2018

Okuhara gets one point after Sindhu went up 17-14

She trails 15-17

11:39 (IST)16 DEC 2018

It's 16-14 to Sindhu now after the Japanese throws in a few unforced errors.

11:38 (IST)16 DEC 2018

And Okuhara is winning the physical battle now.

Sindhu 15-14

11:37 (IST)16 DEC 2018

The two play the longest rally of the match -- a 48-shot rally, that saw Sindhu finishing it exhausted while Okuhara gets a crosscourt smash right.

Sindhu still up at 15-13

11:34 (IST)16 DEC 2018

Another quick point at the net to go up to 15-12

11:34 (IST)16 DEC 2018

This time, Sindhu wins the net battle!

Up 14-12

11:33 (IST)16 DEC 2018

Okuhara cleverly going for body smashes to cut out the angles.

She trails 12-13

11:32 (IST)16 DEC 2018

Okuhara takes a couple of points since resumption.

It's 12-11 to Sindhu

11:29 (IST)16 DEC 2018

Good shot to leave!

It lands long, as confirmed by the Hawk-eye and it is 11-9 to Sindhu at the time of the midgame interval.

11:27 (IST)16 DEC 2018

It's 10-9 to Sindhu after Okuhara gets a point through a challenge.

11:26 (IST)16 DEC 2018

Sindhu kept varying the placement of the shuttle.

Finally the Japanese sent the shuttle wide, unable to time her shot on the short forehand corner.

11:25 (IST)16 DEC 2018

And the rallies are getting longer once again, which automatically means advantage to Okuhara.

She now trails 8-9

11:24 (IST)16 DEC 2018

Sindhu has taken a couple of points since then to move ahead once more.

9-7 to Sindhu

11:24 (IST)16 DEC 2018

Just kept relentlessly going at Sindhu until the Indian broke down

11:23 (IST)16 DEC 2018

But, of course, it doesn't a long time for Okuhara to get back into contention.

She storms back to 7-7

11:21 (IST)16 DEC 2018

Okuhara helping Sindhu with her rushed shots that are ending in errors.

Sindhu 7-4

11:18 (IST)16 DEC 2018

It's 5-3 to Sindhu now.

The Japanese hasn't yet settled into this.

11:18 (IST)16 DEC 2018

Okuhara trying to rotate her shots.

Went for down-the-line and then smashed it directly at Sindhu's body.

Sindhu up 4-2

11:16 (IST)16 DEC 2018

A confident Sindhu has since gone up to 3-0

11:16 (IST)16 DEC 2018

Second game starts with a challenge and it shows Okuhara did indeed put the shuttle out.


11:13 (IST)16 DEC 2018

Lovely angle from Sindhu to cut down the path of the shuttle and let it drop in the forecourt.

First game to Sindhu at 21-19

11:11 (IST)16 DEC 2018

Sindhu has one game point left

11:11 (IST)16 DEC 2018

Okuhara saves two!

Isn't that what you always expect from the Japanese?

11:10 (IST)16 DEC 2018

And Sindhu has it easy now. Gets a smash in the long forehand corner of Okuhara.

Game points!


11:10 (IST)16 DEC 2018

But after all that superb play, Okuhara makes two smash errors to send Sindhu up to 19-17

11:09 (IST)16 DEC 2018

The pace of the match has considerably slowed down ever since Okuhara got back into it.

11:08 (IST)16 DEC 2018

 Again Okuhara targeting the backhand side of Sindhu and is getting rewarded!

It's 17-17

11:07 (IST)16 DEC 2018

Finally one error from the Japanese!

Sindhu let it go and it was good judgement!

Sindhu 17-16

11:06 (IST)16 DEC 2018

And Okuhara puts the shuttle within the backline after yet another long rally.

It's 16-16

11:04 (IST)16 DEC 2018

It's just a one-point gap between them now!

Sindhu 16-15

11:03 (IST)16 DEC 2018

Sindhu got one vital point but Okuhara was soon back in it as Okuhara smashes down a short lift of Sindhu

Okuhara 14-16

11:02 (IST)16 DEC 2018

Okuhara has since wrested control of this match. The last few points have all been Okuhara

She trails 13-15

11:00 (IST)16 DEC 2018

It's still a four-point gap between the two.

Sindhu 15-11

10:58 (IST)16 DEC 2018

Okuhara targeting short backhand corner of Sindhu to expose her weakness.

Okuhara now 10-14

10:57 (IST)16 DEC 2018

Okuhara finally gets a couple of points and trails 8-14

10:56 (IST)16 DEC 2018

The placement from Sindhu has so far been pitch perfect!

Up 14-6
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