Calcutta Football League 2018: Mohun Bagan AC vs Calcutta Customs, Live Score, Updates, and Commentary

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Mohun Bagan VS Calcutta Customs: The first half ended 2-0.


18:31 (IST)12 SEP 2018

Thank you for joining the live blog of Mohun Bagan VS Calcutta Customs. My name is Mohak and I bid you a goodbye!

18:26 (IST)12 SEP 2018

Mohun Bagan defeat Calcutta Customs 2-0 and wrap up the league title with one match remaining. The team and management would be very happy to win the trophy and would be hoping that this signals the end of domination of East Bengal in the league.

18:24 (IST)12 SEP 2018

Mohun Bagan is just 1 minute away from winning the Calcutta Premier Division after a gap of 9 years.

18:21 (IST)12 SEP 2018

3 minutes added by the fourth referee.

18:21 (IST)12 SEP 2018

Mohun Bagan make their final change with Darren coming on for D'Silva.

18:20 (IST)12 SEP 2018

Customs make  a change with Nirmal Singh Bisht coming on for Roy.

18:19 (IST)12 SEP 2018

88': An excellent through ball from Customs is just knicked by Sankar.

18:16 (IST)12 SEP 2018

84': Shilton sets up Sourav whose shot is easily saved.

18:13 (IST)12 SEP 2018

82': Pintu Mahata concedes a corner which is crossed in by the Customs player but Sankar punches the danger out.

18:12 (IST)12 SEP 2018

75': Customs No.11 exchanges a slick one-two and shoots at the goal but misses by a whisker.

18:05 (IST)12 SEP 2018

No.44  Ranawade coming on for Abhishek Ambekar as Mohun Bagan make their second change of the evening.

18:02 (IST)12 SEP 2018

71': Henry earns a corner with a good run but the Mariners waste the chance with a header that was always soaring above the goal.

18:01 (IST)12 SEP 2018

70': Azhar dribbles past the Customs left back but produces a weak shot at the goalkeeper which is easily saved.

17:57 (IST)12 SEP 2018

The home crowd is ecstatic and already celebrating by bursting crackers and playing variety of musical instruments like they have already won the league.

17:56 (IST)12 SEP 2018

65': Sankar makes an excellent save from a Customs header.

17:54 (IST)12 SEP 2018

62': The away side creates another opportunity but Stanley fails to convert yet another chance. Not a good day for forwards.

17:51 (IST)12 SEP 2018

59': Long ball from Customs' defense finds their forward clear and one-on-one with the Sankar who is chipped but the ball fails to find the target.

17:50 (IST)12 SEP 2018

58': Arijit exchanges a one-two with Pintu Mahata before delivering a cross in for Azharuddin who has just come on and hits the post with his first contact with the ball. Big chance. Missed.

17:48 (IST)12 SEP 2018

Britto PM comes off and Azaharuddin comes on as Mohun Bagan make their first change.

17:48 (IST)12 SEP 2018

56': Slick passing from Pintu leads to a Dicka chance who misses another sitter in the match.

17:45 (IST)12 SEP 2018

54': Customs get another free kick and the set-piece taker delivers a good ball in the box but the goalkeeper, Sankar is fouled and Mohun Bagan gets a free kick.

17:43 (IST)12 SEP 2018

51': Customs get a free kick for a foul on their forward by a a Mariner. They waste the free kick as they fail to convert the chance.

17:41 (IST)12 SEP 2018

Mohun Bagan starts a fast counter but are caught offside in the 50th minute.

17:39 (IST)12 SEP 2018

Customs have started the second half on a good note with neat passing among the midfielders

17:37 (IST)12 SEP 2018

Barman is coming on for Piate for Calcutta Customs at the start of the second half.

17:37 (IST)12 SEP 2018

Hi, the first half of Mohun Bagan VS Calcutta Customs has ended with Mohun Bagan in the lead virtue of an early goal from their No.9. In the 41st minute, Dicka missed an easy chance to add to the home side's lead. The first half ended with Mohun Bagan in a 2 goal lead.
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