Chelsea vs Barcelona Live Score and Commentary, UEFA Champions League 2017-18 CHE vs BAR

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Full time: Chelsea 1-1 Barcelona (Willian 62', Messi 74')


03:11 (IST)21 FEB 2018

Having taken the lead, Chelsea will be gutted they couldn't see it out. A defensive mistake resulted in the equaliser and Conte will be livid with that. Willian will be pretty annoyed, though he scored, as he could have had a hat-trick! The 1-1 result means we could have another entertaining game at Camp Nou. Chelsea will have to score an away goal, so we'll see a more open game from the word go!

It was a pleasure bringing the game live to you! Until next time, this is Amit Mishra signing off...

03:07 (IST)21 FEB 2018

Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! Full time!

03:06 (IST)21 FEB 2018

90+3' Barca try to keep the ball and run down the clock, exactly what they should be doing right now. 

03:04 (IST)21 FEB 2018

90+1' The players look very leggy. Barca are making another change as Iniesta is off for Andre Gomes. 

03:03 (IST)21 FEB 2018

3 minutes have been added on...

03:03 (IST)21 FEB 2018

90' Yellow for Busquets for a tactical foul on Hazard. Cynical, that. Chelsea were on a break.

03:01 (IST)21 FEB 2018

89' Doesn't look good for Alba as replays show he twisted his ankle. A bit of stoppage here...

03:01 (IST)21 FEB 2018

88' It's end to end here as both teams are trying to get a goal. Barca look more likely as Chelsea are throwing more men forward, thereby leaving space at the back. 

03:00 (IST)21 FEB 2018

87' Barca break forward with Vidal on the right. He had Suarez to cross to in the box but it takes a deflection and loops up for a thankful Courtois. 

02:59 (IST)21 FEB 2018

86' Wasted. Chelsea play it short and Morata gets his shot away. It seemed to have taken a deflection but a goal-kick is given. The Spaniard is then booked for excessive appealing. Hmm...

02:58 (IST)21 FEB 2018

85' Hazard wins a free kick. A good position this to whip in a delivery. Willian on the ball...

02:57 (IST)21 FEB 2018

84' Danny Drinkwater is on for Cesc Fabregas.

02:56 (IST)21 FEB 2018

82' Alvaro Morata is on for Pedro.

02:56 (IST)21 FEB 2018

81' Willian makes another good run on the right and finds Hazard. The latter isn't able to make anything out of it as Barca get back in shape to shut out the move. 

02:55 (IST)21 FEB 2018

Rudiger is booked. Didn't look like a good tackle as the Barca players wanted more than yellow. 

02:53 (IST)21 FEB 2018

79' Chelsea have picked up their game since the equaliser. To be honest, they played a bit too deep after the opener. 

02:51 (IST)21 FEB 2018

77' Moses gets a chance to make something happen on the right but Alba is so quick to get back in position and make the block. A goal-kick is given. 

02:51 (IST)21 FEB 2018

That was a poor pass from Christensen. An outstretched Fabregas couldn't connect which resulted in Iniesta intercepting it. His vision to find Messi was something else though. And Messi calmly slotted it past Courtois. Barca have the away goal and it's 1-1. 

02:48 (IST)21 FEB 2018

74' GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! Messi! The hoodoo is over!

02:47 (IST)21 FEB 2018

74' Willian breaks and again, fails to find Kante! Rakitic made the recovery tackle there!

02:46 (IST)21 FEB 2018

73' Barca regain possession and again test the Chelsea defence. I count seven Chelsea players in their own half, including the keeper, and it isn't a set-piece. That's how hard it is for Barca. 

02:45 (IST)21 FEB 2018

71' Barca are still probing the Chelsea defence which is solid as ever. Suarez was found by Iniesta there but the striker's first touch lets him down as Chelsea collect the ball. 

02:43 (IST)21 FEB 2018

69' Chelsea counter and Barca barely hang on! Kante and Willian nearly combined for the one-two there. It was Kante who started the move and passed it to Willian, The Brazilian should have returned the favour but took too long as Umtiti return to make the block. Kante could have had a one-v-one situation on his hand had Willian found him!

02:41 (IST)21 FEB 2018

67' They finally get the ball to Vidal on the right but his cross is overhit. Disappointing end to the move. 

02:40 (IST)21 FEB 2018

66' Barca have managed to keep the ball since the ball but Chelsea are so narrow at the back! Barca need to stretch the backline a bit more here...

02:39 (IST)21 FEB 2018

Paulinho was replaced by Vidal in the 63rd minute. A bit more width perhaps. 

02:38 (IST)21 FEB 2018

64' Barcelona now need to reply. They've been in this situation quite a few times, so know what to do. But against a determined Chelsea side, it's not gonna be easy. 

02:37 (IST)21 FEB 2018

The Brazilian finally musters the perfect shot as he receives a short pass from the corner, shifts the ball to the right and bends it in! Ter Stegen was helpless there!

02:35 (IST)21 FEB 2018


02:35 (IST)21 FEB 2018

61' Chelsea concede a corner but thanks to Courtois, they start a quick counter and play a few neat passes. Fabregas tries to take aim but scuffs his shot. Luckily, it takes a deflection and Chelsea get a corner. 

02:33 (IST)21 FEB 2018

60' Nothing comes off the corner as Pedro doesn't have enough pace to trouble Sergi on the right. I've got be honest, the second half has been a slow burner. 

02:32 (IST)21 FEB 2018

59' Jeez. Suarez! Another brilliant turn on the left. But this time, Moses is there to clear it for a corner. 

02:31 (IST)21 FEB 2018

57' Chelsea will gladly take a 0-0 here and try to take the game to Barca away from home. As I say that, Hazard tries to prove me wrong by making a run down the middle, but comes up against a rigid Barca defence. 

02:30 (IST)21 FEB 2018

56' The game has become a bit scrappy now. A few fouls here and there as both teams are trying to create openings and are a bit too eager in doing so. A lot of misplaced passes. 

02:28 (IST)21 FEB 2018

54' Rudiger tried to channel his inner Ronald Koeman there by attempting to make a lung-bursting run after intercepting a Busquets pass. But he is no Koeman. Overran the ball and gave it away.

02:26 (IST)21 FEB 2018

53' Nice little move by Luis Suarez who shuffled the ball past Azpilcueta to get a shot away. The angle was against him, though, and Courtois makes a good save. 

02:25 (IST)21 FEB 2018

52' Though Chelsea have been good at the back, their passing has been a bit lax at times. Kante had the chance to pick a pass after intercepting in front of the box but misplaced it. 

02:24 (IST)21 FEB 2018

51' The Chelsea fans are irked as the ref gives a foul for Azpi impeding Iniesta. Good call by the ref. The fans are a bit frustrated, that's all. 

02:24 (IST)21 FEB 2018

50' Calls for a penalty from the Chelsea players as they felt Umtiti was holding Hazard in the box. A bit far-fetched. 

02:23 (IST)21 FEB 2018

49' There's the Barca counter-press. Messi, who usually doesn't lose the ball, is bailed out by Suarez who gets the ball back. 

02:22 (IST)21 FEB 2018

48' Chelsea have got to keep in mind that they can't overcommit when it comes to applying the press. Barcelona are just too good with their passing, so even the best press might fail. Barca in possession here. 

02:20 (IST)21 FEB 2018

46' Possession again for the away side. A bit more direct, though as Messi seems like he isn't going to hang about. And that's a scary prospect for the Chelsea side. 

02:18 (IST)21 FEB 2018

And we're back! The second half is underway! Barcelona get us started, kicking from right to left. 

02:04 (IST)21 FEB 2018

Well, we've had a good game here! Chelsea have had the clear-cut openings, but Barcelona controlled the majority of the half. Willian could have scored a brace but hit both the posts in what was a weird spell of play for the Brazilian. Hope we have a similar second half! Please join us for the second half!

02:03 (IST)21 FEB 2018

Peeeeeeeeeeeeep! Halftime! 

02:02 (IST)21 FEB 2018

44' Barca manage a spell of possession. Why? Cause Messi decided he's had enough. He was at the heart of it all there as he dropped deep to help out evade the Chelsea press...

02:01 (IST)21 FEB 2018

43' Barca are forced into passing the ball into their own half. This is sort of a role reversal all of a sudden. Barcelona are struggling to get out of their own half as Chelsea have applied the press. 

01:59 (IST)21 FEB 2018

42' Hazard on the Volley! Close! Again, they win the second ball after Pique clears a Fabregas free-kick. Hazard didn't waste any time there and went for it, just over! Chelsea in the ascendancy now... 

01:58 (IST)21 FEB 2018

41' WILLIAN HITS THE POST AGAIN! The left post this time! This is unbelievable, and sad! Barca were undone by a long pass that they failed to defend. Chelsea are doing well to win the second balls here...

01:56 (IST)21 FEB 2018

39' Fabregas nearly pulls something out of the blue! Hazard had made a good run but Fabregas just overhit his pass. Just couldn't exploit the gap. Barca back in possession.
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