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TNPL 2018: Chepauk Super Gillies Vs Ruby Trichy Warriors Live Score, Commentary & Live Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 14, 2018 23:01 IST

Ruby Trichy Warriors beat Chepauk Super Gillies by 31 runs and make it two wins in a row.


23:01 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Trichy Warriors make it two in a row

The last two overs of the Warriors' innings was where it all began. 45 came off that over and immediately they had the advantage and they never really let it go after that. They have C Ganapathy to thank as he picked up three wickets in his first two overs and eventually finished with figures of 5/19 to go with his 5-ball 26 that helped his side post 180/4. That meant that the defending champions began with a defeat and sent the Warriors to the top of the table.

22:48 (IST)14 JUL 2018

And it's all over. Ruby Trichy Warriors beat Chepauk Super Gillies by 31 runs.

22:46 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Can Ganpa get a five-for? There is a slight chance as the batsman goes for a slog but the Warriors captain goes running back and doesn't collect. But he gets there the next ball. A slog that goes straight into the hands of long off.

22:45 (IST)14 JUL 2018

No, they can't. The first ball goes for just two. A heave to mid-wicket and that should be that. But there is a slight delay as Ganpa has some work done to his fingers as he hurt himself trying to collect the throw.

22:43 (IST)14 JUL 2018

37 runs needed off the last over. Six sixes will get them a tie. Can they do it? Against the in-form Ganapathy?

22:43 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Despite a dropped catch to end the over, it just went for seven runs and the chase is slowing coming to an end.

Super Gillies 144/8 after 19 overs

22:40 (IST)14 JUL 2018

44 needed off the last two overs. DT Kumaran comes in to bowl the penultimate over.

22:40 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Ganpa's over ends with a dot ball. Although the over went for eight runs, it included two wickets and ended any hope that the Super Gillies might have had of winning.

Super Gillies 137/8 after 18 overs

22:38 (IST)14 JUL 2018

RUN-OUT! Ganpa can do no wrong today. Hit back to the bowler, he has a shy at the stumps and finds Vishaal backing up too far and short of the crease.

Super Gillies 136/8 after 17.4 overs

22:36 (IST)14 JUL 2018

SIX! First ball wicket and the second ball goes for a six as Vishaal deposits this ball over square leg. Is that too little too late?

Super Gillies 135/7 after 17.2 overs

22:34 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Yes, he can. Ganpa comes back into the attack and gets a wicket off the first ball of the 18th over to get rid of M Ashwin and that should be the game.

Super Gillies 129/7 after 17.1 overs

22:34 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Ganpa back into the attack. Can he add to his wickets tally?

22:33 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Despite a missed run-out, Sonu Yadav got rid of the dangerous B Rahul and all but sealed the game for the Warriors.

Super Gillies 129/6 after 17 overs

22:32 (IST)14 JUL 2018

OUT! B Rahul goes for a wild slog after getting to his fifty and all he does is give a simple return catch to the bowler Sonu Yadav, who gratefully accepts it. Will that be the end of the Super Gillies chase?

Super Gillies 128/6 after 16.5 overs

22:31 (IST)14 JUL 2018

FIFTY for B Rahul! An edge past the keeper gets Rahul to a fifty but he knows that the job is far from complete, despite a 42-ball fifty.

22:27 (IST)14 JUL 2018

60 needed off the last four overs. There was a final flourish to the Warriors' innings will we see something similar for the Super Gillies?

22:27 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Despite conceding a six, that wasn't a bad over from Lakshmi Narayanan as he went for just 11 runs. The run rate continues to climb after that over.

Super Gillies 121/5 after 16 overs

22:22 (IST)14 JUL 2018

71 runs needed off the last five overs. Do we have a thriller on the cards?

22:22 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Excellent over from K Vignesh, who finishes with figures of 2/30 from his four over. Although it went for nine runs, he got the crucial wicket of Sasidev, which looks to have turned the game in the Warriors' favor.

Super Gillies 110/5 after 15 overs

22:19 (IST)14 JUL 2018

M Ashwin walks in at No.7.

22:18 (IST)14 JUL 2018

OUT! K Vignesh get the big wicket of Sasidev and that will put a huge dent in Super Gillies' chances. Full and fired on the stumps, Sasidev goes for a wild slog and misses. The stumps are castled.

Super Gillies 102/5 after 14.2 overs

22:17 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Six overs to go, Super Gillies still need 80 to win. Can they get there? Here's K Vignesh.

22:16 (IST)14 JUL 2018

A couple of tight overs from the Warriors has brought the momentum back to them. Just four runs off that over from Suresh Kumar and so far the Warriors who have done well with the bat have done their bit with the ball as well.

Super Gillies 101/4 after 14 overs

22:11 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Excellent over from Sonu Yadav to stem the flow of runs. Almost capped off that over with a wicket off the last ball but a tough chance was put down at long on. Just eight runs came off that over.

Super Gillies 97/4 after 13 overs

22:08 (IST)14 JUL 2018

92 runs needed off the last eight overs. Can they get over the line? Here's Sonu Yadav to bowl the 13th over.

22:06 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Another good over for the Super Gillies as they pick up 13 runs off that over. Not a great start for Lakshmi Narayanan.

Super Gillies 89/4 after 12 overs

22:05 (IST)14 JUL 2018

In a carbon copy of the first three balls of the last over, Rahul gets a boundary to kick things off before getting a single and Sasidev gets a six to make it 11 runs off the first three balls of this over.

87/4 after 11.3 overs

22:04 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Lakshmi Narayanan comes into the attack. Can he break this partnership?

22:03 (IST)14 JUL 2018

16 runs came off that over. Will that turn the tide in the defending champions' favor? Whatever happens, they have finally got going.

Super Gillies 76/4 after 11 overs

22:01 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Some much-needed boost for the Super Gillies as the first three balls of Sanjay's over have gone for 11 runs. It began with a four from Rahul then it was a sweep that went for six from Sasidev.

Super Gillies 71/4 after 10.3 overs

21:58 (IST)14 JUL 2018

At the halfway stage, Super Gillies have managed just 60/4. Although nine came off that over, that is still well below the asking rate. The defending champions need to press the accelerator and they need to do it soon.

Super Gillies 60/4 after 10 overs

21:53 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Not many runs came off that K Vignesh over and the bowler has Sonu Yadav to thank for that. An exceptional fielding effort at long as he saves a certain six with an acrobatic effort at the ropes. Just six off that over and Super Gillies are yet to get going with the bat.

Super Gillies 51/4 after 9 overs

21:48 (IST)14 JUL 2018

DT Kumaran continues from the other end and he continues to tighten the grip the Warriors have on the game as he concedes just five runs off the over. Super Gillies are looking a little lost here.

Super Gillies 45/4 after 8 overs

21:44 (IST)14 JUL 2018

OUT! K Vignesh gets one to go through the gate and the Warriors celebrate as the well-set Ganga Sridhar Raju departs for 15. What a way to finish the over and the procession continues for Indrajith's side.

Super Gillies 40/4 after 7 overs

21:39 (IST)14 JUL 2018

At the end of the powerplay, the Super Gillies won't be happy with either their score nor the amount of wickets they have lost. But they have to consolidate before they can kick on here.

Super Gillies 37/3 after 6 overs

21:36 (IST)14 JUL 2018

DT Kumaran comes in to bowl the final over of the powerplay.

21:36 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Sonu Yadav continues from the other end and he goes for just five runs and the Super Gillies, who desperately need boundaries haven't been able to get too many.

Super Gillies 29/3 after 5 overs

21:31 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Another brilliant over for the Warriors as they are not only restricting the run flow but also picking up crucial wickets. The defending champions are in deep trouble early.

Super Gillies 24/3 after 4 overs

21:29 (IST)14 JUL 2018

OUT! Ganpa picks up his third wicket. What is happening here? S Karthik skies one into the inviting arms of S Aravind and the defending champions are in a world of trouble early on.

Super Gillies 23/3 after 3.4 overs

21:27 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Ganpa continues from the other end, can he continue his dream game?

21:26 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Sonu Yadav continued the Warriors' excellent start with the ball as he concedes just six runs off his first over and the Super Gillies are yet to get going.

Super Gillies 19/2 after 3 overs

21:21 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Two wickets and just one run off Ganapathy Chandrasekhar's first over. What a game he is having so far. After a 5-ball 26, this is a brilliant start to his spell.

Super Gillies 13/2 after 2 overs

21:20 (IST)14 JUL 2018

OUT! Ganpa's dream game continues. The Super Gillies captain has to depart as he goes for a slog and he misses only to see his stumps castled. Two wickets in four balls. What a game he is having.

Super Gillies 13/2 after 1.4 overs

21:17 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Ganga Sridhar Raju comes in at No.3

21:17 (IST)14 JUL 2018

OUT! Ganpa is into the attack and after a 5-ball 26, he gets a wicket off the first ball. This has been his game so far. The decision to promote Arun hasn't worked as a wild swipe results in a simple catch to the keeper.

Super Gillies 12/1 after 1.1 overs

21:14 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Back-to-back fours for Gopinath. The first one was down the ground and the second one was a flick over mid-wicket off a ball that was fired into the pads. A couple ends the over and it is a great start for the Super Gillies.

Super Gillies 12/0 after 1 over

21:12 (IST)14 JUL 2018

DROPPED! Arun Kumar goes for a big shot but that goes up in the air and the mid-on fielder running back misses it. Early chance for the Warriors.

21:10 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Spin to start the proceeding as K Vignesh starts off with his left-arm spin. Gopinath and Arun are the openers for the Super Gillies.

21:03 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Can the Super Gillies chase this down? Join us in a bit to find out.

20:59 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Warriors finish on 180/4 thanks to late fireworks

45 runs. That is how many were scored off the last two over and from looking like they would struggle to get to 150, Warriors finish on 180. That flourish will mean that the Super Gillies will have a tough task to overhaul this total. Although Suresh Kumar and Baba Indrajith did their job, it was Ganapathy Chandrasekhar's fireworks that helped the Warriors to an above-par total and put them in a great position to make it two wins out of two. 
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